Ok Google Lumos : Know How To Activate Lumos | How To Use “Harry Potter” Spells

What Is A Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s version of a voice assistant similar to other known voice assistants like IOS Siri or Amazon Alexa. Initially launched in 2016, it was an extension of Google now, but after its removal, the Google Assistant can perform all the tasks Google Now could. 

With its ever-increasing scope and potential, it can put forth a variety of voice-controlled tasks and can support both voice-control and text-based entries just as well as the others. It has wake words that can be used for its activation. 

The words include ‘OK GoogleLumos or ‘Hey Google,’ and it will allow you to perform various tasks, from controlling your devices to your music. It can perform various tasks, including making appointments or reading your notifications to you; the list is very long. 

Google Assistant was initially launched on the Google Pixel smartphone and Google Home. Still, now it can be downloaded and used on almost any compatible device, including smart TVs, Android Phones, and even IOS phones, although it has a few restrictions.

What Is Harry Potter?

The wizarding world of Harry Potter isn’t unheard of; Harry Potter, the series of novels written by the author J.K.Rowling in the fantasy genre, is something every kid has come across at some point in their life. 

The novel is based on the life of a boy named Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley at the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The series has become immensely popular, even releasing a series of movie adaptations based on the storyline followed in the books.

 It is further expanded and explored in the sister series ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.’ After its immense popularity and success, all the fans and admirers who call themselves ‘Potter Heads‘ have immersed themselves in the wizarding world, wanting to become a witch or a wizard themselves.

What Are Spells?

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, witches have their way of getting things done, unlike the ‘muggle‘ way rather fascinating, by using spells! While it is fiction and limited to Harry’s world, using spells is integral to being a witch or a wizard. 

These spells are words or phrases that, when recited in a certain way, with the correct attitude, can perform magic! And honestly, who doesn’t want to try magic? There are many spells that a witch or a wizard should be aware of, and if you are a potter head, then you might also recall a few of these popular spells.

Wingardium Leviosa! Can you recall when this spell was first recited? While we can’t master it like Hermione, this is the levitation spell to make things levitate. While we have the more risky spells like obliviate, the famous Avada kedavra, and Petrificus Totalus, there’s another charming little spell with a rather enlightening purpose; yes, it is Lumos! The Wand-Lighting spell is an ever-handy charming little spell that can make your wand light up like a torchlight, bringing forth illumination whenever there is a need for it; quite Handy.

What Is Hey Google Lumos Or Ok Google Lumos?

All the potter heads wishing to be a witch or a wizard casting spells can now rejoice! With the new update after the ‘Harry Potter 20th Anniversary’, anyone can cast neat spells without the need for actual ‘magic,’ which means that now you cast spells using only your smartphone.

After the new update, android users can use Google Assistant to switch on the flashlight by chanting a spell! It is as simple as follows.

Open your Phone and navigate to Google Assistant, or simply use the voice command to do so After Google Assistant is active and listening, say ‘Lumos‘ or ‘Lumos Maxima’ This will trigger an action that will turn the torchlight on. The command, in particular, would go as ‘Hey Google Lumos‘ or ‘Ok Google Lumos Maxima’.

Similar to the command ‘Ok Google Lumos,’ there are a few other spells that can be used to perform functions using the voice assistants; for example, one can use the spell Nox to turn off the torchlight, that is, after using the command ‘Hey Google Lumos‘ or ‘Ok Google Lumos’ one can use ‘Hey Google Nox’ in an attempt to switch off the torchlight. 

Other spells or commands include ‘Silencio‘ is another spell from the wizarding world of Harry Potter that can be used to mute the Phone’s ringer and notifications when needed.

Alohomora‘ is another excellent spell or command that allows us to access and unlock any device that uses an intelligent lock. Name the object with the smart lock Alohomora, and you can use the command’ Lock Alohomora’ with Alexa.

All these functions or commands can also be performed in IOS devices using the IOS voice assistant Siri with the voice command ‘Hey, Siri spell the name, and Siri would perform the related action. For example, for Lumos, it would go as ‘Hey Siri Lumos,’ or for Nox, it would go as ‘Hey Siri Nox’ and turn off the torch light.

What All Devices Does It Work For?

To use the Google Assistant, you’ll need an Android 5.0+ with at least 1.0GB of available memory. Android 6.0+ with at least 1.5GB of available memory. Or you would need a Google app with a version of 6.13 or higher.

If your device meets the requirements for Google Assistant, you can use the voice command to act or, in this case, a ‘spell.’

Hence, by using simple commands or ‘spells’ like ‘Hey Google Lumos,’ or or ‘Ok Google Lumos’ one can stretch the possibilities of what can be achieved throughout smartphones and use other similar spells that perform other functions similar to the ‘Hey Google Lumos‘ or ‘Ok Google Lumos’ function that allows a user to switch on their torchlight through a command.

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