OTT Platforms: Centralize Your Business Content

Audiovisual production has become a very powerful way of transmitting valuable content. If you consider sharing videos with your audience, OTT platforms are an excellent alternative. 

Increasingly common, OTT platforms are video streaming services over the Internet and have allowed companies and content producers to create their streaming, thus gathering a community around their productions. 

Can you imagine leveraging your business results and improving your content strategy by creating your own Netflix? This is the idea of ​​OTT platforms. Let’s understand more about how they work below. Check out. 

OTT Platforms: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

OTT is the acronym for over the top, which means above the top, and refers to transmitting video content over the Internet without the need for standard transmission carried out by cable television.

It may even be that, suddenly, you have never heard of the term; however, you have certainly used and still use several OTT platforms, and we are going to prove it to you: you must have an OTT service at home, where you love to spend your time binge watching series, documentaries, and videos. Who subscribes to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Star Plus, HBO, or any other streaming, uses an OTT platform.

OTT platforms use video streaming technology to present content directly to the end user. Unlike transmissions via cable, satellite, and broadcasting, OTT does not need intermediaries such as operators, hence the idea of ​​over the top. 

Why Are OTT Platforms So Successful?

Users soon embraced and accepted video transmission services due to their ease, excellent cost-effectiveness, and diversity in content search. 

Imagine that, just a few years ago, even as a subscriber to a cable television service, you were at the mercy of the programming imposed by the grid. When you wanted to watch a movie, you had to be in front of the TV at that moment. Otherwise, you will miss the transmission. 

Despite the reruns, which are very common in cable subscription services, the user had to adapt to the schedules and the content grid, and not the other way around. Then OTT platforms arrive and completely change the relationship between service and user. 

In addition to offering much broader, diverse, and rich content, with options for movies, documentaries, shows, dramas, true crime, and series, streamings allow the user to watch any time.  

Besides, there is still the issue of mobility. While a cable television service is restricted only to the residential environment because a television set connected to the cable is required, OTT platforms can be accessed by smartphones, tablets, computers, and notebooks. 

Traveling and don’t want to miss your episode of The Last Of Us? Just watch on your phone or tablet. Was the arrival of streamings a true revolution or not?

Opportunity For Content Producers

As we saw in the previous topic, OTT platforms have revolutionized the audiovisual and content production market. It is also important to point out that this platform encompasses both video and audio streams when we talk about OTT services.  

Investors, entrepreneurs, and content producers targeting the audiovisual and video classroom sector have great growth opportunities with OTT platforms. 

According to data from a report by Mordor Intelligence, the global Over the Top market is expected to grow by 14.23% over the next 5 years.

A study carried out by Allied Market Research estimates that, by 2027, the OTT sector should reach a value of 1.039 trillion dollars. This annual growth rate of 29.4% shows an extremely positive scenario for those flirting with the streaming market. 

A good part of the transformations related to the sector is mainly due to the behavior of the user, who started to consume more content made available by OTT platforms. 

This new trend, accelerated even by the pandemic, translates into opportunities for content producers and companies that would like to create, for example, a community around their content, increasingly strengthening the brand. 

How To Create An OTT Platform?

Some development companies have ready-made technology and offer full support in creating a personalized OTT service. With that, you can have your platform and take advantage of all the resources and benefits of this market, which is in great growth. 

With the ease of the Internet and new technological tools, any company or independent content producer can currently have a streaming platform and profit from it.

For companies, for example, an OTT service helps work on the business’s content strategy and brings together an entire community in a single place. Especially companies in the education sector have even more advantages in investing in their platform to transmit educational content, video classes, and training, among others, all with the possibility of monetizing the content. 

Therefore, if you want to create an OTT platform, the first step is to chat with an expert in the field., we have already developed streaming platforms for some clients, and we have a team of developers to get your project off the ground.

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