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Robots In The Private Sphere, Humanizing Technologies.

In the private sphere, robots have long since established themselves in our society – this is clear from the Temi robot. Humanizing Technologies gives an insight into the world of robotics for private use.

The popular vacuum cleaner robots are an ideal example—many extended for such little “helpers” in everyday life. We are grateful when relief is created, and we have someone who does monotonous tasks for us and does them autonomously. This is precisely where robots such as temi and Pepper can be used. They are suitable as “little helpers” and are particularly good at performing simple, repetitive tasks, thus offering real added value in everyday life.

This Becomes Clear On The Temi Robot:

Temi is the ultimate robot assistance that can control all functions related to online content, video communication, and smart home devices. Temi is equipped with innovative breakthrough technology that enables flawless autonomous navigation and has integrated advanced AI and top video and audio experiences. The robot can be operated very intuitively using simple voice commands. It offers a rich user experience that uses cutting-edge technology to foster a deeper human connection. Its autonomy can be used flexibly and quickly adapted to different circumstances, be it in the office, at home, or on the go. Temi moves autonomously, recognizes and understands the user. As a personal assistant, he can be a DJ, acting as a media hub, or taking photos. These application scenarios make temi the ideal helper in everyday domestic life. 

In addition to the classic “capabilities” of the robot, such as playing music, weather reports, or the latest news, the robot’s autonomous navigation is a crucial advantage. He can save spatial conditions on a map and find his way around on his own. For example, it can accompany people from A to B or drive independently to one of the stored locations on command.

Furthermore, the connection to Alexa is a central component of the robot, which makes it versatile. Thanks to Alexa, Temi can be coupled with smart home devices and enables the devices to be controlled via the robot. Smart home devices can be easily connected to the system via the open interfaces integrated into Humanizing Technologies software. 

Humanizing Technologies Showroom Office

In the new showroom office of Humanizing Technologies, various robots are presented to visitors and customers. As a technology company, HAT attaches particular importance to making all processes digital and, therefore, more efficient.

The showrooms are equipped with various smart home devices, such as lamps and a smart lock door lock. The robots can use their cameras to see who is at the door and open the door by activating the Smart Lock. Such application scenarios are in great demand and arouse particular interest among visitors and customers. This is an excellent way of illustrating everyday life with a robot.

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About Humanizing Technologies

Bringing “humanity into robotics” and “people into technologies” is a central focus at Humanizing Technologies. The interaction between humans and robots plays a fundamental role in this.

Humanizing Technologies sells the robots Pepper, Double 3, Temi, and fur hat and develops suitable software solutions. The robots are internationally accepted social robots and are used as assistants. Their fields of application are diverse and can be individually designed.

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