SASSA Status Check [Complete Guide In 2024]

On behalf of the South African Department of Social Development, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) or SASSA Status Check is in charge of managing and allocating social funds. These social handouts are an essential source of income and financial support for millions of South Africans.

The special Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award was created in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 epidemic to offer short-term financial support to jobless people who have no other source of income.

Given the large number of people who apply for and are awarded the R350 SRD grant as well as other social grants, it’s critical to know how to SASSA Status Check online.

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What Is The SASSA Status Check?

An online tool called the SASSA status check was created to make it easier to track the status of grant applications and the distribution of funding. With the ease and openness this service provides, recipients may ascertain promptly if their application has been approved, denied, or necessitates more action.

An easy transition from approval to payment is made possible by frequent updates and the flexibility to change banking information, which demonstrates SASSA’s dedication to responsiveness and beneficiary assistance.

Millions of people in South Africa get social assistance thanks in large part to the work of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). It makes a variety of awards possible, such as the SRD R350 grant, also known as the Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant. Because of the pandemic’s economic repercussions, applicants now need to regularly verify the status of their grant applications and payments to manage their government financial aid successfully.

Recognizing SASSA & What Does It Offer?

An essential organization for giving social assistance to the most disadvantaged groups in society is the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). This section examines SASSA’s overall responsibilities, the range of funds it oversees, and its critical role in historically significant events like the COVID-19 epidemic.

How To Do A SASSA Status Check?

Your SRD R350 grant application’s status can be found out via an SASSA status check. Possible states for you are: 

  • Accepted: We’ve successfully processed your application. Payments ought to begin to arrive for you. 
  • Pending: We are currently examining your application. 
  • Rejected: We’ve had trouble processing your application. You can file an appeal.

An Overview Of The Social Security Agency In South Africa

A government organization called the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is in charge of allocating several social subsidies meant to reduce poverty. It is in charge of making sure that eligible recipients nationwide receive social assistance. This includes managing applications, handling payments, and ensuring specific social assistance regulations are followed.

About The Website Of SASSA

 The following are detailed instructions:

  • Visit to access the SASSA online portal and enter your 13-digit South African ID number. 
  • Enter the mobile number you provided while submitting your grant application.
  • Your application status will appear on the screen when you click “Submit.”
  • Your application’s status will indicate its current state, including whether it is pending, authorized, refused, or in any other state. 
  • Each status has an explanation explaining what it signifies and what you need to do underneath it.
  • Please go into your account to change any inaccurate information or provide any necessary papers if your status is pending or denied.
  • Verify the payment dates for applications that have been granted and make sure your banking information is accurate. 
  • Additionally, by choosing a prior month from the drop-down box, you may examine historical statuses.

Different Ways To SASSA Status Check

Here are the significant methods for checking your SASSA SRD grant status: 

 SASSA website: 

  • Enter your South African identification number. 
  • Enter the mobile number you provided while submitting your application. 
  • When you click “Submit,” you will receive an SMS with your status. 
  • Save the SASSA WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) in your contacts. 
  • Open WhatsApp and send a message with your ID number. 
  • You will receive a response indicating your status. 

Telephone Call: 

 Call the SASSA toll-free hotline at 0800 60 10 11. 

 Please provide your ID number to the representative for a status update. 


Dial *120*3210# on your phone. 

To check your SASSA R350 status, follow the directions.

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How Are SASSA SRD Payments Made?

SASSA employs a variety of techniques to disburse the R350 grant payments: 

Direct Bank Deposits: If you supplied your bank account information during the application process, money will be directly paid into your account. 

Cash Send: SASSA collaborates with select banks to enable cash withdrawals without a bank card. When your payment is available, you will be notified by SMS with a coupon.  If you need a bank account, you can collect your grant from a South African Post Office branch. SASSA works with several supermarkets, including Pick & Pay, Boxer, and Shoprite. If you pick this option, you can receive your gift at a till point.

Different Types Of Social Grants Are Available

SASSA oversees numerous sorts of social subsidies that benefit various groups of people in need. The primary social grants are: 

  • Child Support Grant: For primary caretakers of children under 18. 
  • Old Age Pension: This program provides a monthly salary to persons above a particular age. 
  • Disability Grant: For those who can’t work due to a disability. 
  • Care Dependency Grant: For caretakers of severely disabled children. 
  • Foster Child Grant: This program assists foster parents who are caring for children who have been placed in their care by the court.

About SASSA Application Process

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers several social grants to help those in need. The application process for these funds is available through a variety of channels, each geared to provide a seamless registration and application process.

A Comprehensive Guide To Applying For Grants

Applicant personal information must be registered to be considered for SASSA grants. The first step is to access the SASSA website or make use of other available channels. People are required to provide their contact details and South African ID numbers on the portal. After completing the registration process, candidates are given an application reference number.

Grant Payments And Status Checks

To make sure they are aware of when and how they will get their money, prospective beneficiaries may quickly and easily verify the status of their SASSA awards and obtain clarification on payment schedules. 

How To Check The Status Of A SASSA?

Applicants for SASSA grants can use their phone number from the application procedure and their South African ID number to check the progress of their application online. If an application is granted, pending, refused, or canceled, it will be made clear by the status check. To obtain the correct status, the entered facts must be accurate.

Comprehending The SRD Grant And Qualifications

For South African citizens, permanent residents, and refugees listed in the Home Affairs database who are unable to provide for the necessities of their families, the SRD grant offers a short-term solution. To be eligible for this award: 

  • Candidates have to be between the ages of eighteen and sixty. 
  • They shouldn’t be entitled to any more social grants. 
  • Applicants cannot live in an institution that receives funding or subsidies from the government. 
  • It is necessary to provide evidence of low or nonexistent income, unemployment insurance benefits, or eligibility for any of them.

Understanding The Causes Of Decline

SASSA may reject your R350 grant application for several reasons, such as: 

You could not be eligible for the award if you don’t fulfill the requirements for income, residence, or other factors. 

  • Inaccurate or Missing Information: There might be errors or missing information in your application. 
  • Technical Problems: During the application procedure, there could have been system issues. 
  • Changing Circumstances: You may no longer qualify if your financial status has improved.

Launching The SASSA Appeal Procedure And Appeal Portal

Go to, the official SASSA appeals webpage. 

  • Add Information: Both the phone number you used to apply for the grant and your South African ID number should be provided. 
  • Make a PIN request: An SMS with a one-time PIN will be sent to you. To continue, enter this on the website. 
  • Choose a Month: Select the particular month that you are submitting an appeal for. 
  • Give Your Justification: Give a detailed explanation of why you think SASSA made a bad judgment. If required, include any supporting documentation or proof. 
  • Send in and Wait: Following the submission of your appeal, SASSA will examine your case and notify you of their findings.

Procedure For Updates On SRD Status And Payment

There are several ways that recipients can verify the status of their SRD grant and payment information provided by SASSA: 

  • Reach Out Center: People can find out the status of their grant application by calling the SASSA contact center. 
  • Local Offices: You may find out the status and payment information by going to the SASSA office in your area where the application was submitted. 
  • Online Platforms: Grant recipients can check their grant status, including information on acceptance, payment schedules, and probable denial reasons, by utilizing SASSA’s online services.

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Options For SASSA Self-Service 

The safe SASSA site not only lets you see your status but also provides you with helpful self-services: 

  • Update your personal information. 
  • Change your contact details 
  • Report a new bank account to SASSA 
  • Examine and get payment receipts. 
  • Get a digital grant voucher. 
  • Monitor the status of SRD vouchers. 
  • File complaints 
  • Send in papers and comments. 

How To Get Your SASSA status Check Over The Internet?

A quick and easy method to keep track of the specifics of your SASSA grant and perks is to check your status online. To verify your SASSA status check online, follow these steps: 

  • To begin, go to the official SASSA website to learn about SASSA grants. 
  • Seek out the prompt labeled “Application Status.” 
  • Provide the required details, including your ID number, after clicking the link. 
  • After completing the necessary fields, press the “Check Status” button. 
  • As the system processes your request and shows your SASSA status, please wait.


If your SASSA status check is either declined or in the pending stage, you have 30 days to file an appeal. SASSA staff are available to assist you in your time of need, so they will manage and resolve any obstacles that may be keeping you from receiving your award.

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