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Smart Home – From Niche To Trend

A few years ago, what was considered a gimmick for higher earners is now finding its way into private households more and more – in the broader mainstream. We are talking about so-called smart home components, which are becoming more affordable and promise more comfort in your own four walls. But what exactly can innovative building technology do today, and what are the advantages for the average consumer?

If You Want A Smart Home With Individual Components

Almost no one can ignore the topic of smart homes these days; more than a third of German consumers are already using corresponding solutions, and the trend is rising. Reasons for the advancing expansion of apartments and houses with intelligent technology are, on the one hand, the ever-lower purchase prices and, on the other hand, the increasing media presence. A few years ago, a costly niche product was mainly thanks to devices such as Alexa or Google Home that a smart home can be set up with a comparatively low budget.

In addition, it is no longer necessary to buy a complete system; your own four walls can be easily converted into a more intelligent home with individual components. Components that meet your own needs and requirements can be installed.

It Can Be Designed Individually.

Which innovative components should be used always depends on the individual ideas. The possibilities are many. The cornerstones of a smart home include, for example:

Saving Energy

One might think that more technology also goes hand in hand with increased energy consumption. However, this is not the case; instead, the opposite can be achieved with the appropriate components. Clever home automation can ensure, for example, that all lights, heaters and other consumers are switched off as soon as you leave the house/apartment. Intelligent thermostats, sensors and other components can also effectively save energy and reduce additional costs in the long term.

Increase Security

Smart alarm systems, consisting of cameras and smoke detectors as well as networked window and door protection, increase security in your own four walls enormously. Digitization also makes it possible to have appropriate warnings sent directly to the smartphone. Remote monitoring of your apartment while on vacation is also conceivable by accessing the surveillance cameras with your smartphone and getting a picture of the situation at home at any time.

Creating Intelligent Lighting

An intelligent, innovative home lighting system can enormously increase the comfort in your own home. The use cases are diverse. Smart light can no longer be operated exclusively with the light switch but conveniently from your smartphone. On request, appropriate end devices such as Alexa or Google Home can dim the light in the living room or switch it on in the kitchen by voice command. Corresponding light sources can be found in well-stocked lamp shops or at gluehbirne.de on the Internet.

Intelligent Household Appliances For More Convenience

There are already many different household appliances that can be easily connected to an intelligent home network. For example, the coffee machine can be set with a corresponding app so that the morning coffee does not have to belong in coming. A smart refrigerator can monitor the shelf life of food and can draw attention to it if necessary. Even the independent ordering of food that has run out is no longer a dream of the future. It can be assumed that the number of available household components will increase significantly in the coming years.

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Huge Growth Market – Also For The Self-Employed

For some time now, more and more self-employed entrepreneurs have also been recorded in the innovative home sector. The need for consultants and technicians who help the sometimes overwhelmed consumers with the selection and installation of the appropriate components will continue to increase in the future. 

With the right business idea, you can found a start-up in the innovative home sector. In particular, intelligent home maintenance services with a comprehensive service can benefit from the massive growth market in the future. In addition, a whole range of other services will be created, whether in the field of building technology, intelligent home artisans or with newly emerging additional services.

Anyone who closely follows the current developments in the smart home market and becomes aware of gaps in the market has a good chance of developing a business model geared to the needs of smart home users and will develop into a popular industry in the coming years. In addition to services, there is certainly also the opportunity to enter the market with intelligent products. Be it the development of apps or individual intelligent home components, the need for appropriate solutions is always there.

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