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About Smartphone: For a long time, everyone called their portable phone “cell phone” – and suddenly everyone says smartphone. We’ll show you what a smartphone actually is and how it works exactly

  • A smartphone is a mobile phone that has numerous other technical functions in addition to making calls. A smartphone is a mixture of a cell phone, a computer, and a game console.
  • The classic cell phone can only make calls, write text messages, start simple games, and set an alarm clock. A smartphone can be compared to a small computer in your pocket.
  • Outwardly, you can recognize a smartphone by its large touch displays.

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  • Compact phones
  • Curved displays 
  • Foldables
  • High refresh rate displays
  • Fast charging standards
  • Computational photography
  • Better software experience
  • Slowing down the specs race
  • Bolder designs
  • Location-based technology
  • Augmented reality
  • Syncing wearable technology with mobile devices
  • Revenue from mobile applications
  • Mobile devices syncing with homes
  • Enhanced mobile security
  • Small business mobile apps

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