The 4 basic important blog SEO tips

SEO is something you cannot avoid in the case of E-Commerce. For digital marketing, it is an inseparable part. Moreover, you must take special care to satisfy the needs of the viewers. 

Now for your betterment of understanding SEO services Sydney and how you can help your site to grow through SEO optimization. Here we have blog content where we will be giving you various tips and guidelines on how you can boost your site with SEO optimization. Go through the important points to understand the topic in detail. 

1) Use 1-2 long-tail keywords 

You cannot incorporate keywords too many times. Optimization of the keywords is essential to make your content relevant. But these days this is hurting your SEO as the search engines are said to be stuffed with keywords. It includes different keywords as many as possible with the main purpose that helps you to rank high in the organic search. 

It also does not make a good experience for the reader but the ranking factor that the search engines now prioritize makes sure that you are answering the way your visitors want. Hence you should also use the keywords in your content in a way that does not feel unnatural. One of the main rules is that you should focus on one or two long-tail keywords as per the blog post.

However, you can also use more than one keyword in a single post but you also need to keep the focus on the specific goals for your audience. Like that long-tail keyword which is “how to write a blog post” is very powerful in terms of the SEO rather than the short keywords like that of “blog post”. 

The website visitors search for long-tail keywords are read more than the whole post and then take more information from you. In other words, they can also help you to generate the proper traffic visitors who convert.

2) Use keywords that are strategically set throughout the blog post. 

Now that you have got about one or two keywords, now it is also time to incorporate them in your blog post. But now you might be thinking, which is the best place to get your terms on so that you can have a high rank in the search results? 

You must keep your keyword present in some specific places of the content. These include the title, URL, meta description, header and in some places of the body. 

3) Title tag

The title represents the headline of your blog content. It will also become the title for the search engine as a person types the keyword on the search box. Moreover, it happens to be the reader’s first step to determine the relevancy of your content. So that you also can include a keyword. As per Google, you should refer this as the “title tag”. 

You also need to make sure that you are including the keywords within the first 60 characters of the title which is also about where Google cuts the title off on the SERP. Google considers the pixel width. It does not take into account the character count. For organic search results, recently, the search engine has increased the pixel width. It is around 500 to 600 pixels which are nearly about 60 characters. 

4) Headers and body 

You need to mention your keyword throughout the body of your post and in the headers. That also means that you need to include your keywords in your copy but in a natural way. So before you start with your content you need to probably think about how you can incorporate your keywords in the post. That again should not be your only focus and not your primary focus. 

So whenever you want to create your content your main goal should be on what matters to your audience and not about the times of keywords you have included in the content. You need to focus on answering what questions your customers might have asked to arrive at your post. 


So now you can naturally optimize for the relevant and related keywords. Furthermore, you must focus on the type of keywords you write and the type of content you give out. SEO services Sydney will give you the chance to learn the specialties of digital marketing. If you want to make the website more compelling, take help from serious experts. An experienced digital marketing professional can understand what you deserve and deliver the proper services. 

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