Truecaller Unlist: Simple Guide To Unlist Your Phone Number

Truecaller is the most excellent caller ID software available for iOS and Android, and it is the most widely used accurate number-searching service globally. We will talk about the Truecaller Unlist Feature today, as well as how to take a number off of the True Caller number search list. 

Every smartphone user, whether on an iOS or Android device, has the Truecaller software installed. However, these days, filtering unexpected calls and even blocking spam calls that might annoy people continuously are more beneficial.

It won’t be removed if someone has previously stored your number in their contacts under a specific name or tag. That name or tag will still be linked to your number in their searches even if they utilize Truecaller. This is so because the caller ID feature of Truecaller depends on how specific users save phone numbers in their contact lists.

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What Are The Characteristics Of Truecaller?

Caller ID: Truecaller makes it simpler for you to choose whether or not to answer incoming calls from unknown numbers. 

Spam Blocking: It lets you keep your inbox clean and organized by blocking unsolicited phone numbers. 

Community-Based Spam Reporting: Users may report spam in real-time to help safeguard themselves from fraud, telemarketers, and scams. 

Auto-Block Spam Calls and SMS: Truecaller keeps spam calls and texts from getting through to you by automatically blocking them. 

Safe and Effective Communication: Truecaller ensures safer encounters by making informed communication decisions.

How Does Truecaller Include Your Number In Their Database?

  • Truecaller uses a broad database of phone numbers and caller profiles to supply real-time recognizable proof of approaching calls and messages. When anyone looks for your number on Truecaller, the app looks at its whole database of numbers, and in case your number is accessible in their database, it appears your title and subtle elements approximately you on the app.
  • All the clients who made an account on Truecaller will be included in the Truecaller database and can be searchable utilizing their title or number. In any case, clients without a Truecaller account can moreover be included in the database in case a companion or family part is on Turecaller and they have your contact spared on their mobile.
  • Usually, the most significant privacy concern is for a typical client who doesn’t want to be recorded on the Truecaller app. Luckily, You’ll be able to
  • Remove your number from the database. Truecaller app offers a few ways to unlist your portable number from its database. 
  • You can remove your number straight from the Truecaller website if you don’t currently have an active caller account. Before removing your number from the Truecaller app, you must cancel your account if you currently have one.

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How To Unlist Your Number From Truecaller?

To remove the number from the Truecaller search list, you may occasionally want to Unlist the Truecaller Number or contact data from Thus, by following the Truecaller unlisting phone number instruction, we will now examine how to unlist a number from the service. 

You must be aware of the following before moving forward: if the number is removed from the Truecaller database, it will no longer be searchable or visible to other users when you call. 

You should only erase the phone number if necessary since the Truecaller phone number search online free feature aids users in rapidly determining who they are and so helps them avoid spam calls.

How To Remove A Number From The Listing?

Deactivating the Truecaller account for the number you want to remove from the list should be your first step. Assume the phone number you wish to have taken from the Truecaller list or deleted is already linked to your Truecaller account. It would help if you disabled it first. Take these measures to achieve it. 

Step 1: On your phone, launch the Truecaller app. 

Step 2: Select the menu from the upper left corner. 

Step 3: From the list, select the settings option. 

Step 4: Next, select the Privacy Center by clicking. 

Step 5: Select the Deactivate option from the newly displayed page. A new window for the confirmation will now open. Press the “Yes” button. You will now have your Truecaller account deactivated.

You can go to the following step by going to the unlist page after the Truecaller account has been deactivated.

Go to to access the website using your desktop or mobile browser.

There are two alternatives on the page. The first is to remove the number from the list, and the second is to change the name. Two buttons will be shown to you. I wish to unlist and change my name. Select “No” by clicking. To unlist is my desire.

In the past, after choosing the nation on the TrueCaller website, all you had to do was input the phone number or cell number in the designated space. However, as of right now, the phone number and country code must be manually entered. 

Thus, delete the phone number from TrueCaller by following the pattern that consists of the + sign or 00, the country code, and the actual phone number. 

To remove a US phone number from TrueCaller, such as 234 567 7890, you must enter +1234567890. This will remove the US phone number from the TrueCaller system. Similarly, provide the number with the Indian country code as +919012345678 if you are unlisting an Indian number, such as 9012345678.

Here, the international formatted country codes for the United States and India are, respectively, +1 and +91. As a result, in your situation, you must supply your country code (the nation to which the number belongs) appropriately.

For verification, select the “I am not a robot” option after entering the number. You will also see one question about feedback. From the options, you may choose the appropriate response. In the end, press the Unlist button. 

 An OTP request confirmation box will now show up. Truecaller will send one OTP to your unlisted number by the recent modification. Proceed after entering the OTP. 

 At last, another popup will appear with a message stating that TrueCaller will delete the number in the following 24 hours from the database. 

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After Removing Your Number From, Name And Number Still Displayed? 

It will take some time for the update to take effect if you remove a number from the Truecaller database. For instance, after the number is deleted from the Truecaller, no name will appear in the caller ID screen. In that scenario, the name displayed previously will not be visible for Truecaller’s caller ID; just the number will. 

But keep in mind that you will need to enter a name when registering with Truecaller if you use the same number in the future. If so, that name will appear on the Truecaller’s caller ID going forward.

Why Is It That TrueCaller Numbers In IOS And Android Applications Cannot Be Unlisted?

As previously stated, to remove a number from the TrueCaller database, we must first remove the TrueCaller account from either the iOS or Android app. After that, we can only deduct the number from the Truecaller website. As such, it is not feasible to remove a Truecaller number from an iOS or Android device. As a result, the only choice left was to delete the number from the official TrueCaller website.

The main features of the TrueCaller software for iOS and Android are Caller ID, Call Blocking, Instant Messaging, Audio and Video Calls, etc. For instance, the mobile app for the TrueCaller messaging service can conceal the last seen if you utilize it. 

Can My Truecaller Number Be Removed From My Android Or iPhone? 

You must request through the Truecaller website to remove a number from the list. Let’s take an example where you are attempting to remove the actual caller number from an Android, iPhone, or iPad. 

The Truecaller unlist number process must be started by visiting the website using any browser. It is not possible to remove a Truecaller number from the Truecaller mobile app for Android or iPhone.

Do We Need Truecaller Premium or Truecaller Gold Subscription To Remove A Number?

Both Truecaller Premium and Gold subscriptions provide additional features and an ad-free experience on the Trucaller app. For instance, you can remove a number for free from the Truecaller database without requiring a subscription.

Verify Whether the Truecaller App Has Your Number Listed or Not 

You may verify if your phone number is on Truecaller in a few different ways. The easiest and most practical way is to use the official Truecaller bot. 

Suppose you don’t have a true caller account. In that case, you may attempt other approaches like accessing the official Truecaller website, which needs account creation or verifying your number straight on the Truecaller app from a buddy who is an active user.

  • Locate the official Truecaller bot by opening the Truecaller app on your phone.
  • After giving the bot a tap, select Start.
  • To search the Truecaller database, enter the mobile number. 
  • The app will show your name and SIM provider if your phone number is still listed on Truecaller. 
  • You will get a notification stating that details are not discovered if your number is removed from the Truecaller database or is not available.

Why Is The Truecaller Unlisting Page Asking For OTP?

For the sake of security and preventing service abuse, the OTP verification for true caller unlisting was implemented. In the past, anyone could unlist any number from the Truecaller database since it was possible to do so without using an OTP. Misuse may result from this. One may now only unlist their actual caller number when using OTP verification.

What Will Happen If I Uninstall The TrueCaller App Without Unlocking The TrueCaller Number? 

Nothing special will happen if you remove the Truecaller app from your phone without delisting your number. However, when you receive calls, you won’t get any Truecaller-based notifications, such as spam alerts, caller IDs, and data about unknown callers.

Other accurate caller users will still be able to view your number, name, and associated information, though, since you still need to remove your listing. This occurs because your data is still accessible to the public and saved on the Truecaller server.

Advantages Of Removing Your Number From Truecaller’s List 

In the current digital era, it is crucial to take precautions to protect your data because personal information is exchanged online and through mobile applications more and more. Removing your phone number off Truecaller’s list is a valuable method for regaining control over your data and limiting access to information such as your cell number. Removing your phone number from Truecaller’s database might offer many privacy advantages.

How To Deactivate A Truecaller Account To Unlist Your Phone Number?

Truecaller allows you to quickly erase your number by canceling your account. To deactivate your account, adhere to the procedures below. You will need to specifically choose not to have your number shown in the Truecaller app’s settings if you want to keep utilizing the service.

  • Turning off Truecaller on an Android phone
  • To access the Settings menu, click the three dots.
  • Launch the Truecaller app on your mobile device. Verify that the Truecaller app is currently on the most recent version.
  • After swiping down, tap the Privacy Center.
  • To deactivate your Truecaller account, click Deactivate. The activity will require your confirmation twice. To confirm the activities, click on Yes.
  • Your number can automatically be listed again if you restart Truecaller after deleting it. This implies that your name and other information connected to your phone number can be visible to other Truecaller users.


Truecaller does not promise that the number will be permanently removed; it will be unlisted within 24 to 36 hours. It won’t be removed if someone has previously stored your number in their contacts under a specific name or tag. That name or tag will still be linked to your number in their searches even if they utilize Truecaller. 

This is so because the caller ID feature of Truecaller depends on how specific users save phone numbers in their contact lists. You should regularly verify if your name and phone number have been removed from the directory.

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