uMobix Complete Review | Advanced Mobile Phone Spy App For Parents

uMobix is a fantastic spy tool for urban parents to monitor their kids’ activities on smart devices. uMobix is the most trusted phone tracking software for modern parents who want to monitor their kids’ smartphones and daily activities. 

uMobix is an essential tool for parents who want to check their kids’ social interactions, and it is not because they do not trust their kids but because they do not want their children to be misled or go wrong.

uMobix is a spy app compatible with IOS and Android versions. Once installed on a kid’s phone, this spy software will not be visible to the kids. 

Parents can monitor all the activities like incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, social media interactions, gallery, etc. Deleted chats and calls can also be seen with this uMobix software.

This spy software does what it claims, tracking every kid’s movement, what your kid does with the phone, who they interact with, etc. Everything will be notified. 

The features of uMobix are unmatchable to any other spying app. The only motive for this software is to help parents protect their kids from cyber-crimes because Kids may fall into some online predators and get polluted by some explicit content.

 Few people use this spy software to monitor the activities of their friends and partners on social media platforms and to check their calls, chats, gallery, and locations. 

Let us get into the detailed review of this splendid spy tracking software uMobix.

Best Features Of uMobix

uMobix has many interesting features. Let us first check the menu of uMobix. The following are the categories under the uMobix menu.

  • General

Call logs, contact list, text messages, GPS location, key logger, remote control settings, auto-update, social media online status, 

  • Messaging apps

WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, zoom, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, skype, hangouts, Kik, Line, signal messenger, google duo.

  • Social media

Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Redditt Inder, dating apps.

  • Media

Photo and video tracker.

  • Internet

Record of browser usage, browser history, browser bookmarks, mailbox scanner

  • Streaming

Camera Snapchat, video stream, audio stream.

  • Deleted info

Deleted messages, deleted calls, deleted contacts, renamed contacts. 

  • Control

Delete unwanted apps, restrict apps, block websites, block Wi-Fi, block devices, turn off messages, restrict calls, additional apps for parents, and regulate data storage.

Let us elaborate on each category. 

  • Specifications

  Free Trial: No

  Free Demo: Yes

  Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days

  Monthly price: $49.99/ month

 Supported Operating System : Android & iPhone – Yes Works Without Rooting or Jailbreak

  Spy Drill Rating – 9.3/10  

How To Set Up uMobix?

We will show you how to set up uMobix on your target person’s device. Follow these simple steps. 

First, visit the website, search the keyword uMobix in your search engine, and click on the suitable URL, as it will redirect you to the official website,

  • After the website is opened, check the top right-side corner. There you can find ‘Try it now.’
  • The main page itself is featured with the mobile phone tracker service.
  • Click on Try it now. 
  • After that, a page on your screen says, Create an account.
  • Here you must enter a valid email to create an account on

Registration On uMobix In Four Simple Steps

Step 1

Create an account with a valid email id.

Step 2

Open the uMobix website, where you will find two options, Android: phone or tablet and iOS: iPhone or iPad. Choose the target device which you want to monitor and click on it.

Step 3:  

Then choose the subscription plans according to your requirements. A monthly pack of Rs. 4095/month, the 3-month pack for Rs. 2457/month, and the 12-month pack for Rs. 1023/month. Click on the best suitable option.

Step 4: 

The chosen subscription plan is added to the cart with the total subscription price. You are asked to enter your personal information such as first name, last name, PAN card number, phone number, city, billing address, and mode of payment (Crypto, Paytm, and phone pe). 

Alternative methods are also available. You can pay the subscriptions with UPI transactions. Fill in all the requested details and then click ‘Submit Order’. 

Note: Coupons are available for subscriptions with up to 75% discount. 

After the payment is made, you are registered with uMobix. Now you will get the official username and password for your uMobix account with the registration code to your email id.

Click on the URL or go to the uMobix website and log in with your credentials, such as username and password. After the login is completed, an instruction page may appear in front of you. Take the target device with you, as both iOS and Android devices ask for many security permissions.

Installing uMobix On The Target Device

The installation process is lengthy. If you know how to install spyware, you may find it extremely easy. If you do not know how to install the uMobix spyware on a smartphone or some other device, check the following steps. 

How To Turn Off The Play Protect Option?

This process is for the Android version.

  • Go to the Google Play store.
  • Click the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the Menu page. A list of options will float, then turn off the play protect option.
  • After clicking the play protect option, you may find the settings button, which says protect settings. You will find two options, Scan apps with Play Protect and Improve harmful app detection.
  • Now turn off the scan apps with Play Protect. After turning off the play protect option, return to the browser and download the uMobix file, which is compatible with your device, and then install the spyware app on the target device. 
  • There might be five permission pages to which you should agree. The end-user licence agreement page is open here. You must agree to all the terms and conditions.
  • Just tap on the Agree option to proceed to the uMobix spyware.
  • The next one is a keylogger, which is for Android smartphones. Just tap on the enable button.

How To Set Up uMobix Automatically Or Manually

Permission setup is further completed as follows. You may have two options.

Setup Automatically

  • It is an effortless way to proceed. Most of the process is done automatically on your behalf.
  • You are asked to fill security captcha to activate in device admin apps.
  • The next page is casting or recording. You must tap on start now and click on enable display recording.
  • The last page is to hide the app from the device. To do this, you need the registration code you received on the registered email id while creating the account. By using the code, hide the application.
  • Thus complete the registration.

Manual setup

Manual setup is not so complicated. Check out the following steps.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Tap on allow to install from unknown sources. 
  • The next one is to call/block the target phone. 
  • The next one is to stop the optimized battery usage.
  • Tap on Prevent Uninstall and tap on Activate. 
  • Enable phone locking. 
  • Now add the registration code here and complete the registration.

How To Install The uMobix App On IOS Devices?

The installation process is like Android. The only difference is that you need access to the target phone to install the uMobix. Physical access to the iCloud credentials of the target phone is needed to install uMobix. Apple provides two-factor authentication features. 

Due to this feature, uMobix spying software or any other software cannot take full advantage of the tracking. Two-factor authentication is enabled on iPhone or iPad. Due to this, we need physical access to the target device to activate it.

We need iCloud credentials of the person’s iPhone to track it, like username and password.

Does uMobix Record Calls?

No, uMobix does not record calls. It only shows the call duration, caller id, and other information like call records and timings.

Does uMobix Show Deleted Messages?

Yes, uMobix shows you the deleted messages. You can check the target mobile and the deleted messages, which will be highlighted with distinct colours. Numerous people have tested this feature, and it does it perfectly. The tracking software will show even the blocked messages from blocked contacts, like text messages.

Is uMobix A Perfect Spying Software?

Yes, uMobix is one of the leading and most efficient spying software for urban parents who want to take control of their kids’ social platforms and smartphones.

Does uMobix Spy On Social Media?

Yes, it does perfectly. It covers all the social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many more.

Does uMobix Monitor The Media Of The Target Device?

One of the major features of uMobix is it shows the target phone’s media files like photos and gallery. The gallery’s latest additions can also be seen.

Does uMobix Show The Browser History?

Yes, uMobix shows all the browser’s history and downloads. Kids are polluted by browsing unnecessary and explicit content for their age. So, parents can control their activities and block such content on their smartphones.

Can umobix Be Traced?

No, the target phone’s owner cannot trace that their device is being monitored. The uMobix software works efficiently. It will not leave any traces on the device it has been tracking.

What Are The Benefits of uMobix?

uMobix benefits parents who want to protect their kids from spamming, cyberbullying, etc. It monitors all the chats and social media interactions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

uMobix tracks the GPS location of the target device so that you will know your kid’s whereabouts. Sometimes people who have doubts about their partners might be cheating also use the uMobix software to confirm it.  

Is It Safe To Use The uMobix Software For Spying?

Yes, it is safe to use this tracking software, but we must not mention that everything is reliable. It may track or copy all your data and media. So, beware of it.

Does uMobix Track GPS location?

Yes, it also tracks the GPS location of the target device and its whereabouts.

Does uMobix Interfere With The Ongoing Chats Or Calls Of The Targeted Smartphone?

No, it does not interfere with the current chat or calls. It can access the chats which are live or already happened.

What Does The Dashboard Of The uMobix App Display?

  • The dashboard shows the locations and last visited sites of the kids. 
  • Most frequent calls
  • Frequent SMS
  • Last added contacts
  • Browser bookmarks
  • Websites visited.
  • The most frequently used social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.


uMobix is the most famous and fantastic spy software urban parents use to track their kids’ smartphones. A few people use this spy software to track their girlfriend or boyfriend’s social media interactions. There are benefits as well as drawbacks to using this software. We want to tell our readers to trust your people and respect their privacy.

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