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Using its digital platform, Unacademy, a well-known EdTech (Education Technology) startup in India, offers online education and learning. Since its founding in 2015, Unacademy has become the go-to option for students nationwide. Here are some essential Unacademy facts:

Students can access recorded videos, interactive tests, live classes, and other educational materials on Unacademy. Additionally, students can communicate with professors through discussion forums, one-on-one mentorship sessions, and doubt-clearing sessions. The Founders Hemesh Singh, Roman Saini, and Gaurav Munjal established Unacademy.

Unacademy net worth is projected around 3 billion approximately as of 2023. The company’s recent funding rounds, which raised a sizable sum of money from investors, are the basis for this valuation.

Unacademy recorded revenue of almost $400 million in 2022, more than double that of the year before. Concerns have been raised, meanwhile, regarding the business it has huge operational losses, which rose to 80–85%. The price of Unacademy’s shares is in the range of Rs. 1700 and Rs.1800.

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Founders Of Unacademy Total Assets

The CEO, Gaurav Munjal, is estimated to be worth $700 million. Roman Saini, a co-founder, is considered worth $150 million or more. Co-founder Hemesh Singh’s estimated net worth is $120 million.

The secret to Unacademy’s success is its creative fusion of modern technology and conventional teaching techniques, which proved notably useful during the COVID-19 pandemic when more students resorted to online education due to college and school closures. Millions of students in India and throughout the world still find it to be an invaluable resource. 

Courses That Unacademy Offers

Unacademy offers a wide range of courses across various domains. Here are some of the key courses available on Unacademy:

UPSC CSE (Civil Services Examination)

For aspirants preparing for India’s prestigious civil services, Unacademy provides comprehensive courses covering history, geography, politics, economics, and more.

IIT JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)

Unacademy offers courses to help students crack the IIT JEE, the gateway to top engineering colleges in India. These courses cover physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

NEET-UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Undergraduates)

Aspiring medical students can find NEET-UG preparation courses on Unacademy. These courses cover biology, physics, and chemistry.

Bank Exams

Unacademy provides courses for various bank exams, including IBPS, SBI, and RBI. These courses cover topics related to banking, finance, and general awareness.

SSC Exam (Staff Selection Commission)

For candidates preparing for SSC exams, Unacademy offers courses covering subjects like quantitative aptitude, reasoning, and general studies.

GATE & ESE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering & Engineering Services Examination)

Unacademy has courses for engineering graduates preparing for GATE and ESE exams. These courses cover technical subjects specific to various engineering disciplines.

State PSC (Public Service Commission)

State-level civil services aspirants can find relevant courses on Unacademy. These cover state-specific subjects and general knowledge.

NDA (National Defence Academy)

Unacademy offers courses for NDA aspirants, covering subjects like mathematics, general ability, and English.

CAT (Common Admission Test)

MBA aspirants preparing for CAT can access courses on Unacademy. These cover quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and data interpretation.

CA (Chartered Accountancy)

Unacademy provides CA courses for those pursuing a career in accounting and finance.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

For individuals aiming to study or work abroad, Unacademy offers IELTS preparation courses.

CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

Unacademy has courses for CMA aspirants covering management accounting and related topics.

NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)

Unacademy provides courses for NTSE, a scholarship exam for school students.

These are just a few examples, and Unacademy offers many more courses across different fields. Learners can choose courses based on their goals and interests and benefit from top educators’ live classes, mock tests, and doubt-clearing sessions.

Top Educators At Unacademy 

Top instructors at Unacademy have had a big influence on students in a variety of subject areas. Here are some noteworthy examples:

Gamini Singla

A skilled teacher at Unacademy, Gamini Singla scored an AIR-3 in the UPSC CSE 2021. Many applicants have benefited from his skills in subjects relating to civil services preparation.

Aishwarya Verma

Another well-known instructor at Unacademy, Aishwarya Verma, achieved an outstanding AIR-4 in the UPSC CSE 2021. Her methods and ideas have helped many kids succeed in the classroom.

Utkarsh Dwivedi

In the same UPSC CSE exam, Utkarsh received an AIR-5 score. His Unacademy classes have been very helpful for people getting ready for the civil service.

Chaudhary Yaksh

Yaksh Chaudhary, ranked AIR-6, is another outstanding teacher. His advice has been really helpful for UPSC aspirants.

Muhammad Sir

Mohammad Sir, a stellar IIT JEE faculty member, has won the Best Teaching Award. Over the past ten years, he has guided over 6000 AIRs.

Jindal Brijesh

Brijesh Jindal (BJ Sir), well-known for his proficiency in Physical Chemistry, has coached many top-100 rankers, including an AIR-1. With his fifteen years of experience, he is a highly sought-after teacher.

These teachers and many others greatly contribute to Unacademy’s success by offering learners excellent content and direction. Students are motivated to meet their academic objectives by devotion and hard work. 

Some Exam-Specific Success Stories On The Unacademy Platform

Apart from the UPSC CSE success stories I previously discussed, Unacademy has been instrumental in helping students accomplish their objectives in several other competitive exams. Here are a few more success tales relevant to exams:

Toppers in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) at IIT Unacademy has guided many students to get excellent scores in the IIT JEE. Students who achieved amazing ranks, such as AIR-1 and AIR-10, are among the success stories shown here.

Backgrounds: With the aid of Unacademy’s online courses, students from various backgrounds, including small towns and rural areas, have successfully passed the IIT JEE.

Subject Matter Experts: With backgrounds in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, Unacademy’s instructors offer thorough preparation for this difficult test.

Medical Aspirants: Unacademy has assisted medical aspirants in their NEET-UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Undergraduates) preparation. Students who aspire to become physicians have accomplished amazing feats.

Faculty Impact: Inspiring NEET-UG candidates and educators at Unacademy have shared their personal stories of transitioning from medical college to teaching.

Bank Examinations (IBPS, SBI, RBI): Clerks and POs: Candidates who completed courses at Unacademy could pass bank exams for roles like clerks and probationary officers (POs).

Quantitative Reasoning and Aptitude: Specialized courses in general awareness, reasoning, and quantitative aptitude are available on the platform.

Examining candidates for engineering and engineering services (GATE & ESE):

Engineering Graduates: Graduates of engineering programs hoping to pursue further education or government employment can enroll in Unacademy’s GATE and ESE courses.

Technical Subjects: Teachers teach subjects unique to different engineering specialties.

MBA hopefuls can enroll in CAT (Common Admission Test) preparation classes at Unacademy. Through these classes, students have attained excellent percentile scores.

Public Service Commission (PSC) at the state level: Unacademy assists candidates in civil service examinations. Success stories include applicants getting hired by the state’s administrative services department.

Defense Aspirants: The National Defense Academy’s NDA courses prepare students for the difficult NDA entrance exam. Cadets who went on to join the Indian Armed Forces are featured in success stories.

Accounting professionals can further their education towards becoming chartered accountants by taking advantage of Unacademy’s CA (Chartered Accountancy) courses.

Additional tests: Unacademy offers preparation for various tests, such as the CMA, NTSE, SSC, and Railways. Students from a variety of backgrounds have passed these tests.


The effects of unacademy on learners in rural areas go beyond the classroom. It helps create a more inclusive learning ecology, democratizes education, and gives students greater authority. These success stories demonstrate the value of Unacademy’s elite instructors and their dedication to enabling learners to succeed in their competitive endeavors. 

The secret to Unacademy’s success is its creative fusion of modern technology and conventional teaching techniques, which proved notably useful during the COVID-19 pandemic when more students resorted to online education due to college and school closures. Millions of students in India and throughout the world still find it to be an invaluable resource.

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