Know About “USER NOT FOUND” On Instagram 

People active on Instagram know well about the phrase ‘user not found.’ It means you cannot find their Instagram account when you search for an Instagram profile by typing the name of a desired person in the search bar. 

Instead, you see a message or phrase ‘user not found’ indicating that the app could not find the profile you are searching for in its database or there has been no such Instagram profile with that name. Many of us find the phrase ‘user not found’ on Instagram while searching for somebody. 

For many reasons, you come across the keyword or the phrase ‘user not found.’ While searching for your friend’s profile or a well-known person’s profile, you may have typed the wrong name, or they might have changed the username, or they have blocked you, or their account has been suspended from Instagram are some of the valid reasons to come across the user not found phrase on Instagram. 

We explain more about the phrase User Not Found on Instagram in this blog post. We disclose many possible reasons for the occurrence of the ‘user not found’ key phrase on Instagram in this article with examples. So, stay tuned.

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Introduction About Instagram

Instagram is the most popular app, which has millions of users. It’s a powerful tool for connecting friends and sharing content with friends and the public. It is also an excellent base for growing business ventures. 

Many celebrities use this to connect with fans, promote their movies, etc. Many ordinary people turned into celebrities through Instagram. This social media application brings everyone to the same stage. 

Daily, millions of users search for their friends or celebrities on Instagram. Users get disappointed if they can’t find the profiles of the searched ones and even more when they find other users with the same name with slight differences but the actual one. People may use multiple Instagram accounts or profiles. 

In that case, finding the original profile is easier if they send you a request. Many Instagram users use and change different usernames regularly, so finding an exact match-up profile takes a lot of work.

When Do We Come Across A “User Not Found” On Instagram?

Suppose we search for any user with their name in the search bar; we get a result of a profile having that name. However, sometimes you do not get any results; instead, you get the message’ user not find’ on the search page.

The reasons for the ‘user not found’ are as follows.

  • The user might have changed their username. 
  • You might have made an error in typing the username. 
  • The user might have temporarily deactivated the Instagram account.
  • The users might have permanently deleted the account. 
  • The account is no more available.
  • The user has been suspended from Instagram for violating the terms and conditions of Instagram.
  • The users might have blocked you. 

These are the main reasons for Instagram’s phrase ‘user not found’. Let’s detail everything about the error user not found on Instagram.

The Instagram User Might Have Changed Their Username

Instagram provides various features to its users. Many are aware of this feature and will frequently change their username. Sometimes users change their usernames daily. Some people do not use their name or surname. Instagram users add odd/weird names to their usernames. 

Therefore, people find it difficult to get the actual account of the desired user. If users change the username today, from the next day onwards, it becomes impossible to find the user with the old username. 

The Instagram User’s Account Might Have Been Deactivated

Instagram sometimes deactivates your account or even suspends it if the details like mobile number, email id, etc., provided are unfair when verified. Instagram can deactivate their user’s accounts if the furnished information is fraudulent. Instagram also might suspend the account with incomplete details. This is one of the reasons to come across the phrase user not found while searching for a profile.  

The User Might Have Deactivated The Account

Instagram allows users to deactivate their accounts temporarily or permanently. Users sometimes feel too much time is wasted on Instagram or want to keep themselves out of social media. So, they deactivate their accounts so that when they deactivate their account, you cannot find their profile. Then you will come across the user not found phrase.

Instagram User’s Account Might Have Been Banned

Some users violate the terms and conditions of Instagram. Users, who use abusive language, post explicit content, behave indecently with women, and post controversial statements regarding political or any sensible issues face a ban or deactivation of their accounts. 

If people report against them, Instagram quickly acts against them by blocking their accounts. Instagram notifies and warns such users. Sometimes the ban stays up to 48 hours. Users must follow the rules and shouldn’t violate them. Such users can’t be seen while searching for their usernames during the banned period. Then you see the message the user not found. 

Instagram Users Might Have Deleted Their Accounts

Instagram allows users to delete their accounts at any time. People who don’t want to use Instagram anymore can delete their accounts. If the user intentionally deletes his account, then his username can’t be found. 

In this case, if an Instagram user deletes their account, someone can use the same username because the user deleted their account, so the user name no longer exists. If we search for the username after the user deletes the account, users will find the error Instagram user not found.

Instagram Users Blocked Your Account

Instagram has such a feature that users can block strangers or annoying people they don’t want to add to their friend list. In such cases, users can’t find the username or profile of the person searching for, so they get the result not found on Instagram.

Typing Error In The Search Bar

You should be careful while typing the username without committing typing errors. If you mistype the username, you won’t get the required result. A few Instagram users don’t use common names as usernames. Search with the exact username or contact them, ask for their username, and type the spelling correctly in the search bar unless you find the phrase user not found. 

What Happens If A User Blocks Your Account?

Suppose a user blocks your account; you cannot find their account when you search for them with their username. You cannot see them in search space, friends list, or chat DM list. If a technical glitch is there, then you can see them, but you can’t be able to contact them.

How Come Sometimes A “User Not Found”, But The Bio Is Visible?

This happens due to technical issues. Suppose someone blocked your account but you can still see and read the profile’s bio but can’t DM or add them.

What Happens If The Users Don’t Update Or Use The Latest Instagram Version?

Users must install and update the latest versions of Instagram. If you have not updated Instagram for a long time, you can’t access the full features of Instagram, and the old version will lag and hang sometimes.


‘User not found’ on Instagram is the search result you get due to various reasons such as mistyping the username, the user changing the username, or the user blocking your account due to a technical glitch; if the user’s account id is banned or blocked or deactivated or deleted, etc. 

Various factors account for the error user not found on Instagram. One should follow the rules and agreements of Instagram and should not violate them to secure their accounts. Also, use the updated versions of Instagram. We hoped our article served our readers with a proper explanation and reasons why we sometimes come across the phrase ‘user not found’ on Instagram.

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