What is Cloud Marketing & How It Works?

By now, all companies have adopted cloud-based systems and services. Even more, the growing digitization of the last period is taking clouding to basic levels. Smart working requires a sharing of data and materials, which digital archiving allows.

Not only that, the Cloud can speed up many activities and create many new opportunities for growth and innovation, especially in the field of marketing, where data collection is a truly precious resource.

Marketing Cloud What It Is

Cloud marketing is a strategy based on a platform that provides various tools that aim to productively manage the interaction between the brand and potential or already acquired customers.

This new tool allows you to implement marketing automation strategies. The company will thus be able to promptly contact the user promptly and use the channel it deems most appropriate:  SMS, email, social media, etc., and thus increase customer acquisition and sales.

Not only that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, marketing campaigns can be optimized using machine learning. In this way, we would be able to make predictions on customer behavior and personalize advertising messages.

There is a close relationship between technological evolution and marketing. Often new digital tools have influenced sales strategies. Let’s think of proximity marketing and Bluetooth. Even more so today that companies process a large amount of data every day, the Cloud is becoming the most excellent tool for connecting with customers. That’s why clouds are often used to promote a brand or build loyalty.

Why Do Cloud Marketing?

The reasons for doing cloud marketing are different, and we have already listed some of them. In the meantime, installing a cloud-based CRM platform is much simpler than the old solutions adopted. Any promotional activity, for example, can be performed within minutes of starting the system. In short, the Cloud ensures an immediacy that is fundamental in contemporary marketing.

Furthermore, this solution is economically advantageous. Many providers have a pay-per-use (subscription-based) formula and allow their customers to pay only for the services they use and the transactions they make. Furthermore, the Cloud does not require maintenance, thus drastically reducing operating costs.

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Furthermore, thanks to Cloud Computing, the loss of physical data is drastically limited. It is a protected system with the highest security standards. Not only that, cloud technology providers ensure effective processing of sensitive data to marketing customers and immediate access to this information at any time and wherever they are.

We add to these advantages the fact of being able to manage big data, customize the offer (as already mentioned), and the possibility of increasing loyalty management by involving more channels for better business results in the short term.

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CRM And Cloud Marketing

CRM means Customer relationship management. Through digital customer relationship management platforms, the company can acquire, manage, store and divide data relating to their customers and sales, closed or lost.

This essential tool allows, therefore, to have a direct and continuous relationship with the consumer. In this way, it is possible to analyze the user’s behavior more precisely and imagine their behaviors.

Unlike CRM, with cloud marketing, it is possible to automate some activities that are replicated over time. We are talking about following the behavior of those who visit the website, creating dynamic emails and forms, managing campaigns, and carrying out a reporting activity.

One does not exclude the other. Indeed the combination of Cloud Marketing and CRM is the ideal condition for optimizing business flows. Not only that but the relationship with the customer will also be strengthened and enhanced, with the result that he will be more loyal.

He will feel pampered, listened to, and indulged in his needs, but above all, he will feel that he has a direct relationship with the brand that will also grasp his possible requests.

Cloud Marketing What Can Technology Do?

AI, machine learning, and cloud computing are tangible examples of how technological evolutions have changed the face of marketing.

Not only have they expanded the opportunities, but they have also made it more “human,” offering the possibility of getting closer and closer to the customer to almost grasp his “thoughts.”

How not to be left behind? Opening up to new digital tools to have the unique opportunity to experience the revolution of contemporary marketing. The figure of the consultant is of fundamental importance in this case.

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