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Why Your Website Should Be Designed For Mobile?

Your Company website is undoubtedly one of the leading showcases of your business. After all, this is where consumers find information about the product or service you offer, payment methods, how to use it, and contact details, among others.

For this reason, ensuring that the user experience is satisfactory is essential to prevent the purchase flow from being hampered or interrupted. In this sense, creating websites must be done with research and planning.

But, have you ever wondered why your website should be designed for mobile? The truth is that, nowadays, it is possible to access the internet and its pages through the most varied devices, and the navigation quality must be maintained.

Do You Know What A Responsive Website Is? And A Mobile Template?

Have you ever heard of a responsive website? Know that it is nothing more than a website designed to adapt to any resolution and, consequently, any device (desktop, notebook, smartphone, tablet, among others) without distortions.

In other words, a responsive design can identify each device’s width, the available space, and how the page will be presented on the screen and adjust the dimensions of images, fonts, and other elements that make up the page.

On the other hand, the mobile template is like a separate website, made exclusively to be opened on certain types of devices. Be that as it may, ensuring that the browsing experience of a website on mobile is positive is essential for several reasons.

User Experience

Whatever the reason for a user to access your website, ensuring that they have a good browsing experience (good loading speed, no crashes, images, and fonts with good resolution, among other aspects) makes them trust your brand and the potential of your products and services.

Bounce Rate

Do you know those users who enter and leave your site without interaction? The so-called bounce rate is one of the main reasons for low conversion rates. It can be caused by different factors, including a negative browsing experience, whether on desktop or, especially, on mobile.

Search Engine Ranking

Nowadays, it is on the internet that people look for most of the information about the most varied subjects, products, and services. In this sense, many brands and companies invest in creating relevant and qualified content to meet this demand. And to appear in the first search results, quality content and SEO techniques are not enough: having a responsive website designed for mobile also contributes to ranking results.


Imagine that your customer accesses your Company’s website to make a purchase. However, pages take a long time to load, low-quality product or service images, and smartphone access is very complicated. What are the chances of him completing the purchase? Low, isn’t it? Nowadays, many people use their cell phones for everything, including shopping. In this way, having a website designed for mobile is also the key to increasing sales.

And now you must be wondering: how to make my Company’s website more friendly, responsive, and mobile-friendly?

How To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

We live in a digital age. Our increasingly connected society uses different types of screens, often simultaneously, whether for work or leisure. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this new reality when creating a website.

You have already realized that the importance of investing in creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites is undeniable. But how to do this in practice? Think that the main thing is eliminating any type of error or situation that could harm the user experience.

Crashes, low quality and resolution images, broken pages, content that doesn’t fit or adapt to smaller screens, all these and other situations can increase bounce rates and harm the purchase process.

For this reason, it is ideal to plan and creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites by hiring a specialized Company made up of designers, developers, copywriters, and SEO (search engine optimization) specialists.

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