5 Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business

Digitalization has changed how businesses operate. Digital marketing, mainly social media marketing, is helping numerous businesses reach a global audience and generate more leads. One of the most popular social media mediums for business advancement is WhatsApp. Statistics show that Whatsapp has over two billion monthly active users and almost 100 billion messages sent daily. WhatsApp is used across 180 countries. To help businesses take full advantage of their global reach, WhatsApp has launched a specific application for business applications called WhatsApp Business. Here are a few ways this app can help a business grow.

Reach People Instantly

WhatsApp business is an excellent communication channel for companies who want to reach customers across the world. WhatsApp users read 80% of their WhatsApp messages within the first five minutes. This response is a stark comparison against emails that remain unread for days. WhatsApp businesses’ Marketing messages ensure a higher chance of grabbing the attention of potential customers and generating a lead. 

Attracting Customers

You can also create a custom business profile on your WhatsApp business. It has essential information about your business, like the location, email address, and website. A business profile provides customers with all the relevant information they need on your products and services. Since it also mentions your website, it helps create traffic. After creating a WhatsApp business account, get it verified. This tool builds credibility for your account and encourages more customers to make sales from you. 

Personalized Messaging

WhatsApp Business allows direct messaging, which is ideal for personalized offers and individualized customer service. A business can conveniently send customers personalized order confirmations, receipts, and feedback forms through WhatsApp. The app is also vital for personalized customer assistance. 

You can also use WhatsApp API designed for enterprises to customize your communication process and gain information on customer profiles. Personalized messages will make customers feel valued. And they will be more willing to consider your marketing strategies and make purchases from your business. 

Interactive Communication

WhatsApp Business makes marketing content more interactive and innovative. The application’s features, like lists, CTAs, links, images, videos, GIFs, and attachments, encourage potential customers to interact with messages rather than view them. Unlike SMS, WhatsApp Business allows you to send longer messages. It also enables you to send personalized messages to customers. 

WhatsApp business allows you to use interactive messaging to establish two-way communication. Your customers can directly reply to your marketing campaigns through the WhatsApp chat and contact you if they need assistance. These features improve your accessibility and help establish customer trust and loyalty to your brand. Directly messaging customers improves sales chances by 53%. And this feature can also help you generate more long-term leads in and customer relationships.

Automated Responses to Business Queries

WhatsApp offers easy automation. You can create a generalized response for similar queries. The software will interpret the questions and automatically send the given answer. This feature speeds up the response time, improving your customer support process. Consider incorporating this tool for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and customer feedback requests. This will also improve the overall communication between your customers and your business and ensure that no queries go unattended.

End Note

WhatsApp is a great platform to market your product and reach a global market. WhatsApp businesses can help reach people instantly, send personalized messages, curate interactive content, and encourage two-way communication. You can automate your customized marketing efforts through WhatsApp API and customer support facilities. Through WhatsApp business, you can easily tap into international markets and expand into local ones.

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