6 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Digital Content

Types, errors, and suggestions on the content you produce for the web help you communicate with your audience.

Today, everyone produces digital content, but how many are helpful and quality?

And, above all, do you want to risk that there are also those of your project among the low standard contents?

No, right? Let’s analyze what is best to avoid creating content that is always up to the situation.

What Is Digital Content?

Digital content is the foundation of the web world.

Anyone who wants to communicate through this channel must know how to produce good content. 

Companies, in particular, have become increasingly aware of whether or not the success of a project depends on these contents. 

To be successful, digital content must be of high quality, follow a standard that meets the needs of the web and, of course, be error-free.

Digital content very often has characteristics similar to advertising content.

Unlike the latter, it is characterized by a much more personal aspect. 

The strength of internet communication lies precisely in the possibility of breaking down specific barriers and expressing oneself spontaneously. 

What Are The Types Of Digital Content?

In a varied and dynamic world like the web, digital content could not be outdone. 

Here are some types of content:

  • Text. We can consider digital content texts of all kinds, from posts, articles, guides, news, e-books, etc. The important thing is that it is a textual product that follows specific rules of setting and dissemination;
  • Pictures. They are among the most important creations and also include gifs, memes, logos, and all the visual material;
  • Video. Whether you work on YouTube, Instagram stories, or other channels, producing tutorials, webinars, or live streams allows you to communicate spontaneously and reach your audience. In short, there is an increasing preference in the digital world;
  • Applications. You can work on any application, tool and tool born to support the web world, to create something unique that is supportive for your customers;
  • Site and blog. Although spaces host digital creations, they can also be seen as accurate digital content in their configuration.

Each of these elements requires specific attention and preparation. 

Even if, in some cases, as happens with YouTubers, you can think of starting from scratch and then creating a simple format to push your business, you cannot think of going by trial and error.

The risk is to waste time and money on unnecessary mistakes.

For this reason, it is preferable to rely on professionals.

Content created by an expert is coherent, focused on the objective and not a jumble of elements put together. 

An example? Just think about video shooting.

Preparing the text avoids being forced to cut mistakes and too long pauses and blunders.

As well as, the equipment will be better, and the shooting and editing will be of higher quality.

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In addition to the accuracy of the information you provide, great attention must also be paid to the form. 

It is often simply a matter of small precautions that make a difference for you and for the image you offer. 

Content with errors is not only ugly to look at but expresses negligence, inability and even a total ignorance of the world of the web. 

So let’s look at what is always good to take care of in your digital content.

The Grammar

The most unbearable errors found on the web are grammatical ones.

Even just a grammatical mistake can make you miss a lot of points. 

If you have a blog or a site full of articles, grammatical errors on the homepage or in digital content created specifically for business promotion can be disastrous for the reader.

But also beware of typos that can be found here and there.

Our advice is to proceed with rereading and correction of any published text, even better if by someone who has not written the text.


A big mistake is creating content and thinking about publishing it as it is on all social networks and platforms. 

Each platform requires a creation adapted to its standards in the format, language, and content management.

Of course, you can readjust the material you have prepared to make it consistent with the different channels you choose to use.

Beware Of Self-Centeredness

Being too focused on yourself and not thinking about the audience can be very damaging.

The risk is to create content that does not reach the user, is too personal, too descriptive, and too much about you and little about them.

In addition, you may be inappropriate, causing the prospect to leave.

The Videos

Avoid the thought: I use my cell phone; it’s the same.

Unfortunately, this is not precisely the case. Inadequate technological support can lead, for example, to a grainy video, dark and with low and incomprehensible audio.

So, make sure you have a phone that guarantees good quality standards if you really can’t give up this option.

For good shots, we recommend getting a continuous light, a tripod for the camera and maybe a tiny microphone. 

But that’s not all: make sure you have a suitable location, prepare the station, and eliminate unnecessary elements. 

On the other hand, if you want to produce something more complex, we advise you to equip yourself properly and contact professionals. 


As for the images, pay attention to quality, resolution and framing. 

A more common mistake than you think is making “crooked” photographs.

Take a moment and straighten the images. You don’t need too much time.

Just use the built-in image editing application on your phone to rotate the photo. 

Do Not Copy

On the internet, it is easy to copy and be influenced by others; try to avoid it.

It’s okay to be inspired, but copying, in addition to giving a bad image to your company, does not allow you to be original, and the risk is being boring and repetitive.

Find your style and, if necessary, also break the rules and standards imposed. 

If you build an audience-facing project where the audience plays a predominant role, you must produce great digital content.

Start with these simple tips to set up your strategy and avoid falling on those details that will make a difference for your image, the quality of your content, and your communication effectiveness.

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