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Bharti Airtel is one of the top telecom providers in India, and it is always coming up with new ideas to improve the consumer experience. Its numerous projects include the Airtel Payments Bank, the Airtel Thanks app, and free data offerings.

Airtel has persisted in offering a range of methods in 2024 for its subscribers to get free data through different coupons and promotions. These techniques are very helpful for people who want to consume as much data as possible without going over budget. 

This article explores the Airtel free data code, the main Airtel Thanks app features, how to use the app to acquire free data, and the advantages of utilizing Airtel Payments Bank.

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Airtel Free Data Code

Users of Airtel are occasionally given free data tickets as a promotional offer. Free data can be obtained by using these codes, which is very useful for those who need more data but don’t want to pay extra for it.

How To Use Airtel Free Data Codes?

  1. Check For Valid Codes: Airtel refreshes its promotional codes often. Pay attention to Airtel’s official correspondence, which includes emails, SMS, and app notifications.
  2. Dial the Code: Once you have a working USSD code, dial the designated USSD code on your Airtel line. *121*51# is a frequently used code; however, this could change depending on the ongoing promotions.
  3. Follow Instructions: To activate your free data, dial the code and then follow the on-screen directions.

Dialing Codes For Free Data

Airtel provides several dialing codes that users can call to receive free data.

Dial 5999555 for 10GB of Free Data: This is a toll-free number. When you dial this number from your Airtel SIM, the call will be disconnected, and you will receive a message confirming the activation of 10GB of free data, typically within two hours. 

Dial 51111 for 10GB Free Data: Another method involves giving a missed call to 51111. This will also result in 10GB of free data being credited to your account if you are eligible

Using the Airtel Thanks App

One useful tool for getting access to a variety of free data deals is the Airtel Thanks app.

2GB Free Data Coupon: The Airtel Thanks app allows you to obtain a 2GB free data coupon by recharging your Airtel number. You will receive the voucher in addition to particular recharge plans like ₹65, ₹98, ₹265, and others.

Refer and Earn: You may also recommend friends to the Airtel Thanks app. By introducing a friend to Airtel Prepaid, Postpaid, or other services, you can receive various benefits, such as coupons for free data.

Promotional Offers And Coupons

Airtel regularly works with companies to provide promotional data packages.

Kurkure and Lays Codes: You can get 1GB of free data by entering the codes included in Kurkure and Lays packets. To do so, use the Airtel Thanks app’s “My Coupon” area to input the 12-digit code found on the snack pack.

Airtel TV App: Users can get a three-day, 1GB free data coupon by downloading and registering on the Airtel TV app.

Postpaid User Offers

Postpaid users have exclusive offers for free data.

SURPRISE to 121: Postpaid users can send “SURPRISE” to 121 to receive up to 60GB of free data over six months. This typically involves receiving 10GB per month.

Airtel XStream App: By downloading the Airtel XStream app and using a valid Airtel postpaid number, users can often find promotions for additional free data.

Special Regional Offers

Certain offers are available only in specific regions or for certain user segments.

Airtel VoLTE Beta Program

In regions like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and West Bengal, users can join the Airtel VoLTE Beta program to receive 5GB of free data by verifying their number and following the eligibility check process.

Awoof Data Plans

In Nigeria, Airtel offers Awoof data plans, which provide affordable data bundles.

1GB for N100: Dial *312*562*1# to activate this plan.

2GB for N200: Dial *312*562*2# for this offer.

3GB for N300: Dial *312*562*3# to avail of this package

Wynk Apps Free Data

Users can download various Wynk apps to earn free data.

1.2GB Free Data: Downloading Wynk Music, Wynk Movies, Wynk Games, and My Airtel App can cumulatively give users 1.2GB of free data (300MB per app). This data is available for use between 12 AM and 6 AM.

Key Features Of The Airtel Thanks App

The Airtel Thanks app is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the user experience with a range of features.

  1. Account Management: Users can view information about their accounts, such as balance, data use, and remaining plan validity.
  2. Recharge and Payments: The app makes it simple to pay utility bills and recharge cell and DTH service accounts.
  3. Exclusive Offers: Recharges, data packs, and other services are discounted, and personalized offers are given to users of the Airtel Thanks app.
  4. Airtel Xstream: The Airtel Xstream service gives users access to a wide range of content, such as live TV, movies, and shows.
  5. Airtel Store Locator: Look up nearby Airtel locations if you need any in-person assistance.
  6. Customer care: Users can submit and follow up on service requests with the app’s round-the-clock customer care.

Procedure To Get Free Data From The Airtel Thanks App

Airtel often runs promotions that allow users to earn free data via the Airtel Thanks app. Here’s how to avail of these offers:

  1. Download and Install: Ensure the Airtel Thanks app is downloaded and installed on your smartphone.
  2. Login: Open the app and log in with your Airtel mobile number.
  3. Check Offers: Navigate to the ‘Offers’ section on the home screen or under the ‘Rewards’ tab.
  4. Claim Free Data: If there’s an offer for free data, you will see it listed here. Follow the instructions to claim your free data. This might include specific actions like recharging your account with a particular plan or inviting friends to join Airtel.
  5. Confirmation: Once claimed, you will receive a confirmation, and the data will be credited to your account.

Airtel Payments Bank And Its Benefits

Airtel Payments Bank is a unique digital banking initiative that offers a range of financial services:

  1. Instant Account Opening: Open an account instantly using an Aadhaar card with zero minimum balance requirements.
  2. Convenient Banking: Access banking services anytime, anywhere through the Airtel Thanks app.
  3. High-Interest Rates: Enjoy attractive interest rates on savings deposits.
  4. Digital Wallet: Use the digital wallet for quick payments and transfers.
  5. Secure Transactions: Enhanced security measures ensure safe and secure transactions.
  6. Utility Payments: Pay utility bills, recharge your phone, and make other payments seamlessly.
  7. Cashless Transactions: Leverage the convenience of cashless transactions across a wide network of merchants.

How To Use Airtel Payments Bank?

Account Setup: To start a savings account, launch the Airtel Thanks app, go to Airtel Payments Bank, and follow the instructions.

Add Funds: You can add funds to your Airtel Payments Bank account using debit or credit cards, UPI, or net banking.

Make Payments: Pay for bills, recharges, and internet purchases with the digital wallet.

Withdraw Cash: You can take cash out of your Airtel Payments Bank account at any Airtel Payments Bank location or via affiliated ATMs.

Hidden Insights On Airtel Free Data Codes

Airtel’s free data codes offer users an opportunity to access additional data without extra costs, often as part of promotional campaigns. Here are some lesser-known details about these offers.

Targeted Promotions

Airtel occasionally sends personalized free data offers to selected customers via SMS. These offers are usually based on usage patterns and loyalty.

My Airtel App Benefits

The Airtel Thanks app not only provides free data through recharges but sometimes includes special promotions for app users, such as bonus data for referring friends or participating in app-based activities.

Airtel’s Surprise Offers

During festive seasons or company anniversaries, Airtel has been known to roll out surprise-free data offers. These are often time-limited and communicated through SMS or the Airtel Thanks app.

Partnered Promotions

Airtel frequently collaborates with streaming services and app providers. For example, free data might be offered as part of a promotion with video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition or Disney+ Hotstar.

Bundled Plans

Many Airtel prepaid plans come with complimentary data benefits. For instance, specific plans may include a certain amount of free data for a limited period after recharge.

Service-Based Rewards

Users who engage in certain activities, such as setting up a new Airtel Payments Bank account or using the Airtel Xstream service, might receive free data as a reward.

Network Upgrades

When Airtel upgrades its network infrastructure in a region, it sometimes offers free data to users in that area to encourage them to experience the enhanced services.

Customer Feedback Initiatives

Occasionally, Airtel offers free data as a thank-you gift to customers who participate in feedback surveys or pilot testing programs for new services.

How Do You Stay Updated And Avail Yourself Of Airtel Free Data Codes?

Regular Checks

Regularly check the Airtel Thanks app under the ‘Offers’ or ‘Rewards’ sections for any new free data promotions.

Official Channels

Keep an eye on Airtel’s official website and social media pages, where new offers are frequently announced.

Airtel Store Visits

 Visiting an Airtel store can sometimes reveal exclusive in-store promotions, such as free data offers, as part of certain transactions or upgrades.

Customer Support

Contacting Airtel customer support can also provide information on any ongoing free data offers you might qualify for.

By staying informed through these channels, users can maximize their chances of availing free data from Airtel, enhancing their overall experience with the service provider. For the most current and specific offers, it’s always best to refer to Airtel’s official resources or contact their customer service directly.


With its wide array of free data offers, Airtel meets the needs of its users in many ways: through straightforward dialing codes, app-based promotions, or exclusive regional programs. 

By utilizing these offerings, users of Airtel can enjoy high-speed internet services and drastically save their data costs. To optimize your benefits, always be sure to verify the eligibility and terms attached to each deal. Visit the official Airtel promotional pages and the Airtel Thanks app for comprehensive instructions and the most recent updates.

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