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AZMovies is a free online movie streaming platform that lets its users access unlimited entertainment content. AZ Movies provides a variety of films in many genres. The site offers various new and old films in HD resolution. It has a neat user interface, a vast library of movies, tv shows, web series, etc, and a superb layout. Let’s find out more about AZ Movies in this article.

What Are AZMovies?

Asterisk created the AZ Movies website. It is an unauthorized website. The BlueStacks app allows users to watch their favorite content on mobile devices like phones and tablets enjoyably. In the past, it has illegally released a lot of films. However, this is a pirated site that offers stolen content. We advise exercising prudence when you decide to move forward.

How Do AZMovies Work?

AZMovies gathers all of the links to the entertainment content from the broadcasting providers with official rights to upload them on their platform. By looking at preview sections when browsing the site, you may choose TV shows and films more quickly. A proper search function on the homepage makes finding the film you want to watch easy.

What Are The Available Genres On AzMovies?

Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Foreign, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller, Western, War, Romance, Music, History, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Animation, Action.

Is AZMovies Site Safe and Legal?

AZMovies is an illegal site. These torrent sites offer pirated material, which involves copyright infringement. It is illegal to access content from illegal sites secured by copyrights. Therefore, you must use a good VPN to appear on these platforms that protect you from cyber threats.

Why Do You Need VPN For Using AZMovies?

You will need a VPN to securely and privately access the content on this illegal website. The government, data providers, and other organizations will monitor your online activity. Customers’ original site addresses are easily exposed, and the web pages are regularly monitored when using illegal sites. 

Your IP will be covered by a VPN, enabling you to stay anonymous online and not be tracked. Additionally, a VPN can help users get over geo-restrictions and allow worldwide broadcasting at all hours and from anywhere. The two best VPNs suitable for testing are shown below:

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Unblock AZMovies Using NordVPN

The finest VPN service and software is NordVPN, which lets you connect to the internet privately, safely, and reliably. Watching banned broadcasting channels, global Netflix, and encrypted sites are also accessible with NordVPN. In the first place, NordVPN’s primary goal is to offer safe browsing. 

You can surf the internet with hacker-proof, anti-malware, private, and encrypted access by using NordVPN. Provides double-encrypted servers for more excellent safety and privacy. 24/7 customer service is available (through live chat, email, and ticket system). It is secured by modern technology against malware, hackers, and ad-tracking. It is effortless to use. Overall, the connection is quick and reliable.

Unblock AZMovies Using ExpressVPN

The VPN service from ExpressVPN offers a constant fast connection, allowing undisturbed viewing of foreign Netflix, Media Set Play, RaiPlay, football matches on foreign relations, and other banned websites. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy reliable connections on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android devices in various locations. 

ExpressVPN boasts over 160 servers spread through 94 nations, all connected to an excellent client network offering perfect desktop and mobile user support. You will be protected from all hacker attacks by setting up ExpressVPN. Expressvpn is the master in these 5 points:

  1. There are over 160 servers that you can connect to.
  2. More than 3000 servers are now available.
  3. More than 30,000 IPs are in use.
  4. Five different gadgets may use Express VPN.
  5. A total of 94 available countries.

Is an App Available for AZMovies?

No. For AZMovies, there has yet to be an official application. You won’t find the AZMovies app anywhere since this site is illegal. You could find an app on the Google Play Store, but not the official one, because it has yet to be officially authorized. Other torrent support, such as FMovies, GoStream, etc., don’t have an official application either.

How to Fix When AZMovies Are Not Working?

With the help of these solutions, you can quickly fix any problems with AZMovies that you discover to be faulty.

  1. Check if there’s enough internet bandwidth to watch the films.
  2. To avoid obstruction, restart the page and clear the cache from your browser.
  3. Make sure that the site is still active before accessing the content.

Features Of AZmovies

  1. The user experience is evident and easy to use.
  2. You can access the content that is available without sign-up.
  3. You do not have to pay money to view the site; it’s free.
  4. It has a vast collection of movies.
  5. You can see many films, programs, series, etc.

How To Download AZMovies?

  1. Users can buy films, but not at no charge. Clients have to pay a small cost in exchange for a good HD movie with translations. Film downloading is simple.
  2. Go to www.azmovies.net for AZ Movies’ web page.
  3. Select the movie you want to save from the categories on the home page or enter the title in the search box.
  4. You can view films online from various places; pick which one you like and follow the instructions on the screen.

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How To Setup AZMovies From A CRX File?

  1. Get the CRX file at AZMovies Get Free Films.
  2. Users’ capacity to get CRX files from sites like the Chrome site is sometimes blocked by browsers. In this case, extracting the ZIP file might be needed.
  3. In the URL search bar, enter chrome://extensions.
  4. Turn the developer mode on.
  5. Drag and drop the CRX file onto the Extension page of AZMovies Get Free Films.
  6. Click Add extensions when wanting to set up AZMovies Gets Free Cinema.

How To Setup AZMovies From A ZIP File

  1. AZMovies Gets Free Films ZIP file must be downloaded and unpacked to the correct directory.
  2. Go to chrome://extensions via the Chrome browser.
  3. Turn up developer mode.
  4. It is necessary to hit the “Load Unpacked” option.
  5. The directory with the unzipped AZMovies Get Free Films ZIP files in Step 1 must be chosen. Your browser was recently loaded via AZMovies Get Free Films.

Pros & Cons Of AZMovies


  1. Users will have access to HD-watching films.
  2. The site offers excellent design and simple usability.
  3. You can watch films from an extensive selection.
  4. The site remains mobile-friendly.
  5. Excellent playtime.
  6. Hundreds of new and classic films are available to stream.
  7. Several servers.


  1. There are no Subtitles of languages.
  2. It could significantly improve their search tool and performance.
  3. There aren’t any TV series to stream; it just provides films.
  4. The playback screen has to be improved.
  5. The site itself offers a lot of ads.
  6. The site detects ad blockers. The video can’t be observed if you utilize an ad-blocker.

10 Best AZMovies Alternatives In 2024

1. Vmovee

Without creating an account, Vmovee provides many excellent films from different genres. The use of subtitles work is what defines this website, among others. It allows viewers to understand what happens in a movie so they can get the most fun out of it.

2. Hotstar

The largest video-watching site in India is Hotstar, and it provides a wide range of high-quality videos from various genres, including science fiction, romance, and horror. The vast collection of this choice, including Bollywood films and all else in between, offers fantastic enjoyment.

3. 1Movies

Whatever your age or what country you are from,1movies is an excellent source for stuff due to its wide range of films and TV series in multiple languages, including Hindi and Chinese, along with its fantastic collection of anime cartoons.

4. Popcornflix

If you want to see child-friendly films without worrying about adult themes, Popcornflix is an excellent choice. It offers a terrific selection of comedy, cartoons, and family-friendly movies which will interest audiences five years old and over.

5. SolarMovie

Compared to other watching sites, SolarMovie offers the best video quality today. You can watch the most current blockbuster films or look into various indie songs and foreign films because of SolarMovie. That’s more than just free.

6. Flixtor

Many excellent video clips on Flixtor contain everything from new films to popular cable television programs. Also, it offers a great collection where visitors may narrow down the search results by language, genre, and even launch date.

7. Spacemov

An excellent spot for intense Asian film lovers is Spacemov. It not just offers a broad range of films from different genres all over the world. Still, it additionally offers the public a unique chance to put a grip on some hidden gems from countries like Japan, Thailand, and South Korea which could be tough to obtain online.

8. Bflix

Bflix may have fewer titles than other watching services but still provides quality material. This allows people to appreciate the effort placed into picking the films among the hand-picked worldwide classic hits.

9. Cmovieshd

To help movie fans see more about their loved films, CmoviesHD offers its viewers intense film reviews. Also, a VIP service gives users extra benefits, including events and special deals.

10. Primewire

If you’re looking for a website with many features and sections, Primewire is a good alternative. It is rising in popularity worldwide as it broadcasts films without collecting a subscription fee.


Azmovies is a movie enthusiast’s paradise. But as it is a pirated site, you must be careful before using it. We, in any way, do not encourage or support piracy and related websites. Azmovies is one such website that contains content with copyright infringement

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