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YTS Or YIFY | YTS Proxy Sites Working List In 2023 & Find Best Alternatives

YTS, otherwise called YIFY torrents or YIFY movies, is a famous torrent website launched in 2010 dedicated to providing high-quality movies, video songs, subtitles, etc. If you are looking for a torrent site that can easily download the latest classic film in the desired quality, the perfect solution is yts.Ag.

Unfortunately, YTS torrents were shut down in 2015 due to illegal issues like any other torrent site. Regular visitors of YTS, movie lovers were heartbroken after they banned the site. The massive content is thought to have been destroyed along with the shut down of the main website. 

But, to everyone’s surprise, and delight, the content is shifted to the proxy sites of YTS. The content is now freely watched and downloaded on YTS proxy. 

History & Origin Of YTS/YIFY Torrent Site

YTS was created 11 years ago by an Auckland-based web developer called Yiftach Swery, whose torrent is also known as YIFY. YTS/YIFY is a peer-to-peer file-sharing website that indexes magnet links and torrent files of movies in different languages, music videos, and other entertaining content.

YTS was initially launched worldwide, but its current status is non-functional and runs through proxy/mirror sites. YTS became very popular by 2013 and was recognized as one of the top 200 torrent sites. The movies on this torrent index can be downloaded using the BitTorrent protocol. 

Majority of the movie lovers flock to YTS websites and their proxies as they provide distinguishing features, readily available content in HD quality, and a simple interface. Users fed up with the degraded video quality of movies on other sites genuinely appreciate the same content on YTS, which is of superior video quality. 

Before downloading a movie, you can go through a few details of that particular movie, such as video quality, file size, a brief description of the film, subtitles, aired date, rating, etc., and choose them according to your wish. Movies of different genres such as action, adventure, drama, horror, thriller, documentaries, and many more are available.

The best part of the website is it doesn’t charge any money to access the website. You can enter the website without the process of registration. The homepage is unique and straightforward.

You will find a search bar to type the title, click on the thumbnails of movies, or browse the categories to see the latest movies, old movies, dubbed movies, etc.

YTS Proxy Sites 100% Working In 2023

The content on YTS can now be accessed with the help of YTS proxies, which are the most convenient means. A proxy server acts as the intermediary between the main website and the user.

It hides the user’s online activity and the unique IP address of the user, thus enabling a hassle-free browsing experience. A proxy server also circumvents the ISPs and other trackers from monitoring you.

After the ban of the YTS website in 2015, many proxy sites of varying capabilities have emerged to satisfy the needs of torrent fanatics and divert the heavy internet traffic. It is a fact that most of them cannot be easily located.

Moreover, you do not feel that you are visiting another website when using YTS proxies as they are similar to the main website, and the content is also precisely the same. So we carried out a deep survey to make them available readily to you.

  • https://yts.unblockit.biz/  
  • https://ytss.unblocked.si/ 
  • https://yts.unblocked.vet/https://yts.pm/
  • https://yts.unblocked.vet/
  • https://www.yifytorrent.xyz/
  • http://yify.live/
  • https://ytss.unblocked.ms/
  • https://yts.unblocked.gdn/

Is It Safe To Use YTS Proxy?

It is safe as long as you browse the website with the help of a VPN which conceals your online activity. Otherwise, you may fall prey to anti-piracy teams or cybercriminals, or hackers

Brief Illustration Of Premium YTS Proxy Sites


This proxy is prominent for downloading the content quickly. YTS torrent users widely use it. It has a vast range that includes motion pictures, songs, tunes, etc. This intermediary acts as the top website of YTS.


This is a famous proxy site that is well utilized. If you are looking for blockbuster movies in HD quality, then this intermediary can serve you the best. The UI interface is user-friendly and unique.


If you are searching for a YTS proxy that lets you navigate the website easily, then this is a perfect choice. This proxy site works very quickly and accurately. It is not short of all the fantastic features of the main website.

Yes.Ag Movies Official

Here comes the best of all the YTS proxies and is used everywhere. All the content on the website is fresh and regularly updated. Along with vast features, the website also provides motion pictures. If you can get your hands on this site, then there is no turning back. You will be more than satisfied if you surf this proxy site.

Few more top-quality torrent sites may come to your help in times of need. They are listed below for your reference. 

  • https://yts.am/
  • http://www.yify-movies.net/
  • https://www4.yify.is/
  • https://yify.ac/
  • https://yts.mrunlock.pro/
  • https://yts.nocensor.icu/
  • https://yts.123unblock.info/
  • https://yts.p4y.club/
  • https://ytss.unblocked.is/
  • https://yifymovies.me/
  • https://www.yifytorrent.xyz/

Role Of A VPN When Using YTS Or YTS Proxy

Even though you use any proxy, as mentioned earlier, to either stream or download the content, you must procure a safeguarding mechanism that protects your data and devices.

Proxy sites may not completely conceal your online activity, and you may have the risk of data leakages and cyber frauds. The best reliable technique is to install a good VPN service available in the market to escape this danger.

A VPN provides many services and benefits. Although it costs a few bucks, it is worth buying. A VPN is a private network that works across the public network. You can visit public domains without revealing your identity, which means your unique IP address and geolocation with which your activities are monitored can be altered. 

A VPN service protects you, secures your data, encompasses your online activity, safeguards your device, blocks unwanted intrusions. VPNs also block unnecessary ads, thus preventing harmful malware that enters your devices through third-party ads. What more do you require to have a trouble-free browsing experience?

 The following are the VPNs that are reliable, feasible, and compatible with most of the devices. 

  • https://nordvpn.com
  • https://www.tunnelbear.com
  • https://www.vyprvpn.com
  • https://www.ultravpn.com
  • https://www.hotspotshield.com
  • https://privatevpn.com
  • https://www.cyberghostvpn.com

Step By Step Process To Download A Movie From YTS Proxy

It would help if you had third-party software like Bittorrent or Utorrent clients that help share or download data from torrent sites. Then install a VPN service and enable it before starting the downloading process.

Step 1: If you are all set to download a movie, now start by opening any one of your favorite YTS proxies on your web browser.

Step 2: Next, browse the website for the movie you want to download by searching the search bar or the categories.

Step 3: When you find your favorite movie, select the video quality such as 720p, 1080p, ultra-HD quality, Blue-ray of your interest. Also, select the file size.

Step 4: Then click on the torrent, and you will be directed to the BitTorrent or Utorrent application. Now click on the download button for the movie to be downloaded.

What Are The Best Legal Alternatives For YTS Proxy?

If you are unwilling to choose the torrent site, stamped as illegal, there are many successful and satisfying legal substitutes for YTS proxy. Legal reserves cannot be accessed freely and ask for a subscription charge to browse the site, unlike torrent sites. 

The subscription plans are different for different places, and you can choose the convenient one. These are nothing but the OTT platforms which can be accessed on all android and IoS devices. They protect your identity and are also available in the form of an application. The most famous are

Best Torrent Alternatives For YTS/ Website

There are thousands of torrent websites available in the market but not all work to satisfy their visitors. We mention below a few of the top torrent sites that are extensively visited by millions of users all around the world.

The Pirate Bay

 In short, TPB or also referred to as Pirate Bay is the earliest website launched two decades ago and was one of the leading torrent sites with exclusive and premium content.

You can find additional content on this site like tv shows, web series, games, software, and movies. The area experienced a ban and was immediately available in the form of a proxy/mirror site. Users can use this in place of a YTS proxy.

  • https//pirateproxy.space/
  • https//tpbproxypitrate.com/
  • https//piratebay.Liv/

Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents, also called KAT, have many unique features like a free download, different genres like action, adventure, comedy, thriller, etc., in varying video quality. This was founded in the year 2008, since then, it has been visited by millions of visitors worldwide.

It has a huge database collection of more than 10 million torrent files and links. There is a dedicated section through which you can find hidden torrent files or links to particular movies. 

  • https://thekat.info/
  • https://kickass.cm/
  • https://kickass.cd/


LimeTorrents provides the content of all genres and is primarily known for the health bar, which tells you whether to watch the content or not. This ever-emerging website updates itself regularly and satisfies its users entirely without risks. This can be another best alternative for YTS proxy.

  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.cam/
  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.pub/
  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.vet/

Similar Other Alternatives To YTS Torrent

Numerous torrent websites contain pirated content available for free. There are thousands of torrent websites available in the market but not all work to satisfy their visitors. The websites have user-friendly interfaces and prominent features of the Yts torrents. Some of them are mentioned below.

Wrapping Up YTS Torrents

We want to reiterate that the sole purpose of this article is to pass on the information regarding the torrent site. We, in any way, do not encourage or support piracy and related websites. YTS is one such website that contains content with copyright infringement

If the law is violated, the culprit may serve a jail sentence of 5 years or a fine of 10 lakhs. So beware while using this illegal website. The best way to browse the website anonymously is by installing and enabling a VPN service that protects the data.

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