Chatbots: Let’s See What They Are And The Benefits They Bring To Companies

Chatbots help companies in many activities. Let’s see together the six main advantages. The relationship between the company and the customer passes through customer care, providing timely responses and support to the user.

What Are Chatbots

Often on websites and in apps, it happens to interface with chatbots. Chatbots are software that can maintain a written conversation with a human being. The best known are found on Skype, Facebook, Messenger, and Slack. Some chatbots work for keywords. They analyze the text the user sends to choose one of the preset responses. Instead, others are more sophisticated, taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to process human language and create ad hoc responses. 

AI-based chatbots integrate better with Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms since they can draw on more information, even that provided by the users themselves, thus managing to bring the user a unique and personalized experience. Chatbots are tools to improve customer-brand communication. The benefits produced by these systems are many. For the company, they mainly consist in reducing customer service costs and in being able to guarantee numerous advantages to customers with a single tool.

Let’s See The Operational Benefits Of Chatbots

24-Hour Customer Service

Chatbots can be active 24 hours a day, thus eliminating interruptions and pauses without creating blocks in customer research. When browsing a website or an App and seeking clarifications, there is an urgency to have immediate answers without long waiting times or to avoid wasting time on the phone to “not lose priority acquired.”

More Serene Customer Journeys 

Chatbots can present themselves on product pages by providing additional information and accompanying the customer in the purchase process, for example, by promoting products, shopping campaigns, coupons, or even simply supporting the customer step by step.

Less Stress

Market researchers have reported that traditional customer support through call centers is lived in a stressful way by the user. For this reason, using chatbots simplifies the contact and information-gathering process by always being available and active. Absolute attention to customers, especially without waiting times!

Brand Personification

Chatbots have a very flexible structure, so you can program them to respond to customers by your brand image. You can then set the response style, the tone to maintain during the conversation, and the so-called “personality” of the chatbot.

Reinvent Forms

Instead of submitting long (or even short) but not very user-friendly forms to customers, chatbots can collect all the necessary information without the customer having to bother and be discouraged when filling out a form.

They Reduce Human Error

Chatbots are programmed to have access to a vast amount of information to answer customer questions accurately. They can remember everything or get bored with customer questions.

However, it is essential to remember that although interaction with chatbots is pleasant and appreciated by users, it cannot completely replace human interaction. It is always necessary to offer customers a more traditional communication channel with an operator to whom they can submit more delicate or complex issues.

Here Are The Best Companies To Develop Them

WATSON from IBM offers different solutions suitable for every need. You can choose between chatbots for Customer Care Agent Assist, Customer Care Virtual Agent, Customer Care Voice Agent, and Customer Care Transformation Services.

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