Further Training Of Employees – Creating Explainer Videos Is An Excellent Opportunity

The increasing digitization of our society brings many exciting corporate structures and development opportunities. Many processes can be simplified and accelerated, which leads to enormous resource savings. This is precisely why the appropriate further training of employees, for example, by having companies create explanatory videos, is becoming increasingly important. In this article, you will find out what options there are for this.

Make Explanatory Videos Yourself – A Particular Form Of Company Training

For your employees to be able to deal with the growing tasks and challenges associated with the advancement of mechanization and digitization of the company, they must continue their education. As an employer, you can promote this by offering special courses or training courses on the relevant further training topics. There are many different media: Multiple choice tests or explanatory videos can be created, for example, which is well suited for explaining complicated facts in a simple way or for being able to query the level of knowledge in an uncomplicated and anonymous way.

What Are Explainer Videos?

In an explanatory video, a process, facts, or another operationally relevant topic is illustrated and explained in a way understandable for lay people. Videos are the most popular medium for people who want to learn more about a topic or get an overview. When reading texts, especially on the Internet, these are often only skimmed over – this increases the risk that complicated facts are not understood or are misunderstood. This can be avoided by using explainer videos. It has been proven that moving images trigger emotions in the viewer and thus positively affect their concentration. Explanatory videos can be designed as a short film or extensive training and shown to the employees once or, if necessary, several times.

What Other E-Learning Methods Are There?

In addition to the explanatory videos, there are also numerous other media in the field of e-learning, which are continuously being optimized and further developed. This includes presentations, group tasks, and self-learning methods, which can be combined or use explanatory videos as required. To determine how much of the training content your employees understood or remembered, there are various testing tools on modern e-learning platforms, such as B. the multiple-choice test. The participants must select one or more correct answers from a predefined set of answers and then submit them electronically.

In this way, any number of employees can be tested simultaneously, or one after the other, and the test results can then be evaluated. This can also be done anonymously if you wish. In this way, employees can avoid being embarrassed in front of their employer due to insufficient knowledge, and at the same time, you can see which learning content has been internalized less well and where there may still be some catching up to do. With the help of the various e-learning methods and tools, you can make employee training in your company efficient and easy, and explanatory videos ensure that most employees understand it more efficiently and are in a good mood, which also helps to internalize what they have learned.


In addition to the right software and hardware, the operational training of employees is the be-all and end-all in every successful company. E-learning methods such as creating explanatory videos or multiple-choice tests help you get the most out of the internal training courses. This way, the learning content is conveyed in a way that is easy to understand and can be queried quickly and anonymously if necessary.

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