Digital Marketing Forecasts And Trends For 2021

In this new year, marketing will have to focus mainly on three aspects: digital transformation, ethics in data processing, and reaching consumers who spend much more time at home. Without forgetting inclusive communication and the fall of some taboos.

30% of customers accept that the purchase experience will never return to be like before the pandemic. From this we understand that it is more important than ever for retailers to seize this new growth opportunity, the risk of falling behind the competition is very risky in a market that has changed completely even in a year.

Digital Transformation Of Small And Medium-Sized Companies

Small and medium-sized companies have been among the commercial realities most affected by the consequences of the pandemic. These were faced with the need to completely rethink the management of physical interactions with their customers.

During the first lockdown, Wematica conceived and created a fast and immediately ready solution for local companies: Local e-commerce.

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A New Era For Data Ethics

The more individuals utilize the internet, the more protecting their privacy and data becomes a key issue. Over the last two years alone we have produced 90% of the available data, a significant figure that demonstrates how important an increasingly regulated treatment of the same is. Users expect companies to protect their data and communicate its use.

In companies there are more and more ethical profiles that enter the daily life of the company, representing a real competitive advantage

We can affirm that the positioning of the company on the market is no longer based only on the affirmation of the corporate identity, but extends to the communication of corporate values including ethical profiles.

In this new year, more and more importance will be given to privacy-centric measurement systems, as marketers will find themselves using sophisticated techniques such as conversion models to quantify the performance of their digital campaigns.

Reaching Home-Confined Consumers

Users are increasingly using online videos to inform themselves and have fun. In 2022, more than 80% of consumer online traffic will be generated by videos. It must be borne in mind that in this very particular historical period, consumers will have an undefined and certain behavior until reaching a new “normality”. The task of the companies will be to guide the consumer in this new reality.

Business Applications

Downloading an app is an important demonstration of interest in a company. The app users tend to be more loyal customers, in the case of physical stores it has been seen that these tend to spend three times more than other customers using mobile devices. As this trend will continue to be present in 2021, companies need to rethink their strategy, thus converting apps into a value-added channel for their customers.

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Equality Also In Marketing

The discourse on racial equality took a big step forward in 2020 but in 2021 people are expecting more. The communicative approach must be more natural and authentic, not addressed to a single reference target: each category must be an integral part of all communication.

Less Taboo In Communication

Many companies have chosen to contribute to the end of some taboos in communication, shedding light on topics that have never before been addressed for what they are, as they are. The menstrual cycle is just one of the many themes that many companies, including Pantone and Luvenia, are bringing to light. A transparent and direct approach that has found recognition in the public, demonstrating that dialogue and discussion on important issues such as this allow their normalization.

L ‘ listening by companies of their target is essential. Listening to the requests, needs, needs, and desires of your target audience, allows you to create communication campaigns that will be approved and shared. Creating a connection, making consumers believe in the company allows the company not only to grow but to consolidate its identity and strength on the market over time.

2021 promises to be an important year in communication many issues will be cleared through a coherent and inclusive language to represent realistically what you are talking about, calling him by name with no way out.

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