E-Commerce: 7 Trends To Watch Closely In 2021

Conversational commerce, the growing weight of social networks, the hybridization of retail … Focus on 7 trends that will impact e-commerce in the months to come.

The marketing sector has been particularly disrupted last year, in particular a dazzling digitalization for many companies.

On this occasion and to anticipate the coming months, the SaaS company Uberall takes stock of the marketing trends not to be missed in 2021.

1. E-Commerce Hits New Records.

After a particular year that has shaken up the way millions of consumers buy, e-commerce is expected to reach 18% of total retail sales in Europe in 2021

2. The Line Between E-Commerce And Physical Selling Is Blurring.

If the two channels have been opposed for a long time, their complementarity no longer needs to be demonstrated.

The success of businesses depends on the careful integration of their online and offline activities.

Real-time product inventories or click & collect are digital options to be favored.

It is also estimated that in 2021, around 40% of purchases made online will be collected in stores.

3. Conversational Commerce Is Growing Rapidly.

In the United States alone, virtual assistants, such as Alexa or Google Home, will exceed 100 million users.

The use of these “smart speakers”, as a marketing channel for brands or a purchasing channel for consumers, will develop significantly in the coming months.

At the same time, instant messaging (chatbot) will always represent a privileged channel for sales and customer relations.

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 4. Social Commerce Is Essential.

In 2021, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok will represent major channels for e-commerce.

Already present this year in marketing strategies, their commercial use continues to rise and dramatically squeezes the conversion funnel.

 5. Corporate Social Responsibility Must Be At The Heart Of Their Identity.

Following recent protests and the COVID-19 pandemic, younger generations now expect brands to demonstrate certain values, at the social, ethical, or environmental level.

In addition to fostering the buying journey, engaged brands also find it easier to recruit and retain employees.

6. The Upsurge In Fake Customer Reviews Is A Problem.

The growing problem of spam and fake online reviews is increasingly bothering consumers.

The main consumer platforms must therefore implement new reforms and guarantees to strengthen the credibility of their content.

An increasingly crucial issue, particularly for the giant’s Google and Amazon …

 7. Google My Business Takes A Closer Look At E-Commerce.

For several years now, Google has offered online reservation and food ordering services.

Google My Business is expanding its e-commerce offering to develop new ways to help local businesses and combine consumer’s online and offline experiences.

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In 2021, local merchants will be able to sell products directly through their local business profile on Google.

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