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Domain: 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Name

We have decided to open a new website, and first of all, we have to choose the domain name to buy. It is a much more important decision than you might imagine because a large part of our research success and our credibility as a company depends on it. So here are some tips to avoid unwise choices that can turn out to be wrong!

Domain And Site Name

The most obvious instinctive choice is to match the domain name with the site name, but surfing the net, we realize this is often different. But making these two names coincide is essential because you get several significant benefits by doing so. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a user looking for a site: the first thing he thinks about is the name, and if it appears in the URL (because we have registered the domain with the site name), finding us will already be more accessible.

Thanks to this trick, we can also avoid a loss of direct traffic. If we have registered the domain with a different name from that of the site, a competing company could come to register its part with the name of our site and therefore be able to steal all direct traffic from us (users who searched for us with the site name ). And this will result in a loss of traffic and a potential loss of customers (who will end up on the competitor’s site).

Generic Or Specific?

The most mainstream thinking is that a conventional name draws in more rush-hour gridlock. However, that has yet to be valid for a significant time. If, at the beginning of the web, looks were composed of exceptionally nonexclusive terms, throughout the long term, clients have refined this device, and presently they know how to find what they are searching for with specific words, like the name of a brand or the model of an item. 

Long Or Short?

We can choose a name up to 67 characters long for our domain, but it is good practice to use much less. However, the alternative is to use an acronym with an unknown meaning. In that case, the extended version of the name is always preferable, which at least makes us more easily traceable by search engines. However, the best solution is in the middle. The most suitable name must be just short and long. We choose an easy-to-remember name that is unique to our brand simultaneously.

Dashes And Numbers

Can dashes and numbers be used within the domain name? Yes. But let’s be careful not to abuse them because their use has pros and cons. Their use must be minimal because users need to remember to insert dashes when typing and often confuse numbers in letters with numbers in numbers, not to mention that the use of both makes mobile searches more complex. It is also a problem when dictating the site address by voice, always having to specify the existence of the hyphen or a number in digits to avoid typing errors.

On the other hand, both allow us to buy a domain similar to one already taken. If our sports brand is called “special tennis” and we realize that “specialtennis.com” has already been purchased, we can only do two things: the first is to deal with the domain owner and convince him to sell it, while the second is to use a dash and buy the domain “special-tennis.com. “


.com, .it, and .net are just some of the extensions of a domain. Often we find ourselves unable to buy a .com domain because it has already been purchased by someone else while the .it extension is available. Many extensions, such as .com or .net, have no restrictions. It is a good idea to buy the three main domains for us: com, .net, and .in, keeping .it as the primary domain and using .com and .net to redirect traffic on the field to .in. With this tactic, we will also prevent competing companies from registering a domain with our same name but with different extensions.

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