Earn Cash With Mobile Phone Apps!

Apps come in every version and every format, and the companies that take care of the development of the little helpers are constantly creating new creations. Apps fulfill very different functions.

Many vendors promise while earning a potential of an allowance of up to several hundred euros a day. What all apps have in common is that the income remains manageable with little effort. However, if you are stuck behind it, you can look forward to considerable additional income.

Earn Money With Apps In Your Free Time

The Internet continues to penetrate the spheres of everyday life. With the expansion of the broadband network, almost everyone has access from any location. This opens up countless options that were not on the agenda until recently. More and more apps have recently come onto the market that encourage participation and suggest that you pay for the effort.

That’s why we’ve made it our business to take a close look at the various forms of these apps. As in every market segment, some providers make solemn promises, but who do not keep these promises when it comes down to it. Therefore, everyone should make themselves wise about the seriousness of the respective provider beforehand.

Earn Money Online With Micro Job Apps

These apps are suitable for people who like to be on the go a lot. Although working with these types of apps is a bit complex, the earning potential is not destructive. The activity consists of taking on small jobs for the provider. This can be, for example, to check whether an advertising poster is still at the location or a supermarket has awarded the promised special offer for a product.

Depending on the effort, the remuneration is reimbursed, and those who have got used to this type of work can accumulate a considerable sum.

Increase Salary With Survey Apps

This form of extra income is prevalent. The earning potential is relatively modest at first. The market for opinion polls is growing all the time, and paid surveys are now legion. With such an app, you have to register, and a profile is created in this context. After this, the provider selects which survey is suitable for whom.

The work scope and payment are manageable so that orders can be carried out in parallel with several providers such as Market Agent, LifePoints, Mobor g, or Isay. The remuneration is usually five euros per survey.

Take Risks With Trading Apps.

With the rise of online stock exchange trading, presence on the virtual floor is becoming an alternative for many. At this point, it should be expressly pointed out that losses must also be taken into account on the stock exchange.

In addition, a certain amount of start-up capital is required, and knowledge of what is happening on the stock exchange should be extensive and well-developed. But if you can do this, you can make high profits when trading. The apps Scalable Capital, eToro, and TradeRepublic stand out for access to the virtual stock market.

Offer Services Via Sharing Apps.

Sharing apps like Uber or Airbnb should be familiar to most of our contemporaries. The first option is to offer your vehicle and services as a driver. However, in this case, the legislation must be observed. If Uber was banned on Germany’s streets until recently, a decision on reform is currently awaiting a vote in the Bundestag.

If you are traveling for some time, you can rent your living space through Airbnb for the time of your absence. We recommend discussing this with the landlord in advance. Blablacar is also well known. Anyone who travels for business or pleasure can offer a paid ride via this app.


Depending on the effort, everyone can earn extra income. If you want to generate higher sales, you have to work hard; with the trading apps, even a risk of loss must be considered. Most apps can be easily integrated into everyday life. During long train journeys, waiting times at the doctor, or the checkout in the supermarket, there are options everywhere where the respective app can be clicked on at the same time.

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