File ///sdcard/: How To View SD Card Files On Android

What Is File ///sdcard/?

File ///sdcard/ refers to a path that allows the user to view and access the files stored in the SD card and the device’s internal storage. Simple put, one can access all the data stored on the SD card, but the data can only be viewed and not edited.

Where Is An SD Card Used?

Android, a well-known word that quite a few people identify with, is the name given to a mobile operating system based on modified versions of a few open-source software

With technological advances as fast as ever, we see new changes and newer features being added to each Android version to release as a new version every other year. 

The Android operating system has also seen many new and innovative changes with every new release. People can avail these new features by simply updating a compatible device. This is where Android 4.0 comes into the picture. 

Android 4.0

Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich is the 9th major version of the Android operating system. This has also had many new features added to its version release, some of which are much more commonplace now; it included standard features like face recognition, lock screen music playback, and visual voicemail, to name a few. 

It also included the feature that allows one to save and move photos or data from internal device storage to where an SD card stores data, File ///sdcard/.

What Is An SD Card Used For?

Often we find ourselves in a situation where we have a lot of data and pictures that are filling up the phone storage, which can’t be deleted every time and as they increase in number over time, what this does is that it makes the phone process everything much slower. In more severe cases, it may even start crashing every now and then. 

To avoid this, every android phone has a slot where an SD card can be inserted, and this card can be of variable storage size, as per the user’s wish. One may insert an SD anywhere from a 2GB SD card to a 2TB SD card. The data stored in the SD card can be accessed using the file://sdcard/ path.

How Can We Transfer The Required Files To File ///sdcard/?

All one needs to do is follow a list of basic instructions:

They are as follows:

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Apps.
  2. Click on the option My Files.
  3. Click on the Device Storage option.
  4. Navigate inside Device Storage to all the files you would like to move to your external SD card.
  5. Click on MORE and then tap Move.
  6. Choose an SD memory card.
  7. Navigate inside the memory card where you want to move the files or folders.
  8. Click on the option Move to.
  9. Click on Paste here to paste the required files.

This can only be used for compatible devices with an external SD card option. For example, Apple devices with a Mac operating system do not have a separate external SD card option and hence cannot have this performed on them.

To perform this operation, you must have an Android smartphone (version Android 4.0 or above) and a compatible SD card for the data being stored on the device.

Why Do You Transfer Files To file://sdcard/?

Transferring data from internal storage to an external SD card or file:///sdcard/ allows us to keep track of the storage. we use and not overload our phone with data, which may make the devices slow and crash. 

Another thing it could be used for is to transfer files from internal storage to any external storage like a PC or hard disk or file hosting service online like DropBox or Google Drive. This allows us to organize our data in one place and rest assured that all of it is safely stored.

What Can All Be Transferred To File ///sdcard/?

Any data stored in your phone can be stored on the SD card. Photos, files, documents, and even Apps can be moved! 

To move Apps to file://sdcard Storage:

  1. Open your device’s settings and Click Apps or Apps and notifications.
  2. Tap and select the app you want to relocate.
  3. Click on storage.
  4. Click Change. Choose an SD card.

While this is possible with almost every app, in-built or pre-loaded apps can’t be transferred to external storage.

Setting Camera Storage Default As File ///sdcard/ 

There is also an option where you can directly change your device’s default storage location to a folder on your SD card so that all the pictures and videos saved or taken on your phone can be automatically stored on the SD card.

To set file ///sdcard/ as the default storage path:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open the App settings for the camera app or go to the app and open settings.
  3. Click on the Storage Location option.
  4. Click the SD card. 

Which SD Card Can I Use?

An SD card for secure digital is a nonvolatile flash memory card for portable devices. The SD card storage space size and speed rating vary for each type. One may be able to store normal pictures and videos in them. 

Still, without the required speed class, advanced features like HD video recording, transferring files, or the apps that use an SD card may, in turn, cause crashes, glitches, slowed performance, or other errors. Hence being aware of the type of SD card being used and knowing whether it is compatible with the stored data is essential.

Ideally, we should check for the memory size that is supported and what kind is required, particularly for the stored data. We should also check the SD card’s size and speed class, which refer to the physical size (micro SD card or microSD card) and the speed class (maximum speed or minimum speed) that is compatible with the data being stored at File ///sdcard/.

Hence, by using the File ///sdcard/ path, one can easily access the contents present in it and accordingly transfer to or from it, making storing data more accessible and safer. 

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