Download Cracked Apps For Android & IOS is a cracked app download website from which users can download any official application in a cracked version. Applications are different types of versions that are provided to act as service tools for users. 

There are different types of applications, from fitness to news and so on. Some apps may contain paid versions, so offers you a cracked version in which you don’t have to pay anything for the app, and everything is already bought.

Without the requirement of payment to use the offers and specialties in an application, users can use to download the full paid version of any application. Now, go through the advantages and odds of this website.

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How Is Used?

The first thing any users should keep in mind is that is not legal or has any permissions from officials to allow free downloads of cracked versions of applications. So it’s up to you about how hard you want a cracked version even know it’s illegal. website is used to download any cracked version of an application, including the apps that are available in the Play Store. Let’s give an example in which you can understand the use of this website.

For example, there is a picture editing application that allows users to edit pics in different types and styles. So, in this application, if the user wants to use paid filters or transitions or different style fonts, they have to pay to use them.

In this way website can be used to download this exact application, but in a cracked version in which the pay-to-use options are all cleared and free to use like it’s all already paid.

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How To Download Apps From

Step 1: Open the website in your browser

Step 2: Search through categories or in the search bar for your required app.

Step 3: Click on the download link that is given under or beside the app.

Step 4: After the download, click to install on the downloaded app.

Step 5: After installing the app, you can use it like the standard app and use any option without paying.

Is Cracked Application Version Safe To Use?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this website is illegal and unofficial means no secure permissions or trained professionals are behind this website. This website is meant to be free, so without anything in return, the admins of the site provide anything for free.

We don’t have any guarantee over the safety of the use of this website because they are allowing users to download the cracked versions for free, so there should be something that doesn’t connect behind this free service.

Cracked versions may or may not contain malware, viruses, or software that may be a risk to your system or mobile. If that’s not an issue, you are free to use the website and apps in that. 

At the end, the safety of your data after downloading this version of apps depends on you because if you are ready to take risks and want the free unique options or paid options, then you can do it anyway.

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Top 8 Similar Alternatives To

Let’s see similar top 8 applications of

1. Apkpure.Com

This website also contains cracked version applications, which allow users to download for free. Its Moz DA is 91, its Moz rank is 6.7, its Semrush rank is 2690, and it has more than 51,099 likes on Facebook. It consists of society, spiritual, world, mobile, and entertainment categories.


A similar website, like, offers cracked applications. Its Semrush rank is 324,718, with Facebook likes 293. Games and illegal or unethical are its categories, and many more that a user needs and with absolutely free.


This app is an alternative that allows you to download paid apps for free. Its moz DA is 42, moz rank is 4.3, its Semrush rank is 682,411, with Facebook likes 77. It has so many categories that include business, business services, sports, and mobile phones.

4. Proxify. co

As Proxify is a new website right now, it does not have any ranks or likes on Facebook. Still, it also has free Android-cracked apps with internet services and information technology as its primary categories.

5. is a website that offers free cracked apps that has a Semrush rank of 147,645 and 4,458 Facebook rank. It has so many categories that include society, recreation, business, games, and many more.


The website has a Semrush rank of 194,508 with Facebook likes of 9,257. It also has society, spiritual, sports, business, and proxy avoidance categories.


The website that has Moz DA 29, MOZ rank of 4.3, and Semrush rank of 155,601 with Facebook likes 35 allows users to download Android apps for free. This website has games, information technology, and many more categories.


The best alternative for is that it has free cracked Android apps. It has DA 74, moz rank 6.2 and Semrush 270,189 with Facebook likes 6,942 with proxy avoidance, technology, games, and many more categories in apps.

Final Words, the cracked apps website, gives users many categories of Android apps and applications that are required. Without paying a single penny, anyone can download cracked apps and use them.

The cracked version of apps does not guarantee the safety of the devices because they are not permitted websites, or there is no official permission that their apps are allowed to be cracked and given for free.

There are so many websites that give cracked versions of apps for free because people need these versions as original apps are asking so much amount to be paid to use unique options in the apps.

Even though there are no official permits or safety rules to use this kind of website, many users are very keen and interested in using a cracked version. Who won’t give up if you’re getting everything free, right? So, it’s up to you and be aware of the software updates that you get regarding the websites.

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