Google AdWords For Small Business

Surely almost everyone has heard or read about Google AdWords in one form or another: Google AdWords is an advertising platform from Google that allows advertisements to be placed in the search engines and on websites from the partner network. Logically, the advertisements initially cost money. However, since traffic can be generated in a very targeted manner through the type and orientation of the ads, this marketing channel can be rated as very effective.

A few companies complain about only burning money with Google AdWords. Unfortunately, these are often short-term “kamikaze” campaigns launched without a strategy. In the nature of things, there is a large amount of wastage in such advertising campaigns.

Why Google AdWords Beginners Threaten To Fail

One thing is clear: anyone who is entirely new to the topic of “Google AdWords” will not be able to avoid trying out one or the other. Nevertheless, there are a few points that should be considered to keep wastage as low as possible when placing advertisements:

The Account Structure

The structure of the AdWords account should be as specific and straightforward as possible and not general! A single campaign with only one ad group and a bunch of keywords is, therefore, anything but recommended.


Relevance overlaps a bit with account structure. The more sophisticated the account structure, the more accurately the ads can target audiences. After all, the right people must click on the ads.

Choose A Wise Budget

Given the competitive situation and the CPCs for individual search queries, the AdWords budget should be chosen wisely. A budget that is too low is doomed to fail because it will not produce satisfactory results.

Use Keyword Options

In Google AdWords, there are ways to book keywords according to specific patterns. For example, “broadly match” or “exactly.” For this purpose, appropriate research should be carried out using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

Test Ad Texts

It is usually the case that the first ad text is not the most successful. That’s why it’s essential to test different ad texts. The readers should be formulated, including USP and call-to-action.

There’s Another Way …

As indicated, 99% of the time, failure isn’t because AdWords isn’t practical or is only for big companies and big budgets. Instead, medium-term success needs to master specific challenges that often drive beginners insane and resigned. It is, therefore, definitely worth delving deeper into the matter…

Big Opportunities For Small Businesses

Because running Google AdWords campaigns offers one thing: Great opportunities and opportunities for small businesses. Because: small companies with a local connection can benefit from the targeted ad placement and do not necessarily expose themselves to powerful competitors. The click prices vary greatly depending on the industry, so the costs may be meager in less competitive industries. In these cases, the drop is shallow, and the potential to try new ads and formats is enormous.

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