How Do IP Intercoms Work?

The Internet is not only an excellent source of information; it has fundamentally changed our lives. It not only plays a significant role in everyday working life. The Internet of Things has long since found its way into private life. In the area of ​​the house or apartment door, it is not just about security; convenience also plays a role.

Everything Under Control

When the parcel carrier completes his tour, most recipients are not at home. He must look for a suitable customer for the replacement delivery. If he doesn’t find one, the recipient must pick up the package from the parcel service or the post office—an unpleasant effort for everyone involved. IP door intercoms can solve this problem. It is linked to the Internet and notifies the householder anywhere worldwide when the doorbell rings at home.

Even better: it is possible to communicate with the visitor via smartphone or tablet. In this way, the parcel recipient can explain directly to the courier to whom he can hand over the parcel. The IP intercoms can also be operated from the holiday location. If grandma wanted to check and ring the bell, you could even let her into the apartment using the smartphone app. She can then, for example, water the flowers.

Another Building Block On The Way To The Smart Home

IT door intercom systems initially have similar properties to analog video systems. In addition to the voice, a camera provides the image from the outside. Thus, it can be determined without a doubt who is in front of the door. The advantage of the IT solution is the flexibility, which is achieved through the transfer to a mobile device.

In this way, the door becomes part of the smart home. From anywhere in the world, you can see who is ringing and open the door if necessary. This makes sense if you are on a business trip and your son or daughter has locked themselves out. The nice side effect: you save yourself the expensive locksmith bill.

The Two Modes Of Operation

But how do ringtones, speech, and camera images get onto the Internet? There are two alternatives to this. The door intercom system is wirelessly connected to a router via WLAN. The condition is that the system is within range of the router. This system is primarily installed in existing properties. The power supply is realized via a cable, such as the old bell wire or a battery.

In new buildings, an Ethernet cable is often used, which is connected to the router. It not only exchanges data and signals but also provides a power supply. The data transmission involves sensitive data that is transported via appropriately secure lines. A high volume of data is generated while processing video recordings, which many manufacturers store in a cloud. As a result, the internal device memory does not have to be excessively large, which is reflected in the lower purchase price.

Easy To Install And Operate

The installation is relatively easy. When installing a wireless IP intercom system, you only have to ensure that the distance to the router allows secure transmission of the signals. The range is generally between 50 and 100 meters, depending on the structural conditions. The router itself is already present in many households. The best known is the FRITZ! Box.

With an IP door intercom, security can be significantly increased. She guarantees you can see who’s ringing at her front door from anywhere in the world.

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