How To Create A Reel On Instagram For Your Business

Reels are among the most effective content on Instagram. Using them and making eye-catching ones is very simple; just a few steps are enough: here are which ones.

Social media initially based only on images, Instagram has conquered more and more users by expanding its functionality. Thanks to the tools that allow you to structure effective advertising campaigns and publish engaging content, companies have found an excellent way to communicate with customers or potential customers on the platform.

On Instagram, you can publish different types of content, and creators, influencers, and social media managers can give vent to their creativity by creating increasingly influential posts. You can share photos or videos in the feed, make stories that remain visible only 24 hours, live shows, and create captivating reels that capture the attention of an increasingly demanding audience.

What Are The Reels Of Instagram

  • Reels is one of the latest features released by Instagram. They landed on the platform in August 2020 to allow it to remain competitive with other emerging social networks, such as TikTok, and to be able to offer users and companies new ways to communicate with the target audience. 
  • These short vertical videos have achieved enormous success and the significant appreciation of users, especially the younger ones. They can be created by adding multiple clips for up to 90 seconds.
  • The format of the reels is similar to that of the stories, but they remain visible on the profile and, if the author wishes, in the feed until they are voluntarily removed. Like with posts, you can add a caption that explains the meaning of the content, contains a call to action for those who view it, and hashtags to allow easier identification on the platform.

How To Create An Instagram Reel

  • To create a  Reel on Instagram, you must log in to the official Instagram application, available for iOS and Android devices, with your credentials. Once logged in, go to the home page and click on the [+] symbol at the top right of the screen.
  • Select ‘ Reel’ from the voices present. At this point, you will have access to the camera. If you want to load content already present in the device, you need to select the [+] symbol on the bottom of the screen and, in the gallery, locate the desired file and indicate its duration.
  • Before starting a recording, you can add audio tracks by clicking on the musical note on the left of the screen. You can choose from the most popular songs or search for the one you want through the search bar.
  • On the left, all the icons allow you to add effects, select the duration of the video, its speed, the layout and set the timer. Once all the elements are set, you can record by clicking the middle button and holding it down until a clip is finished.
  • You can record as long as you have time, adding as many clips as you deem necessary. Once the creation is complete, you can preview the content and apply further changes, thanks to a series of editing tools available to the user.

How To Modify A Reel

  • To create captivating reels, pleasant to look at and capable of entertaining users, Instagram has made a comprehensive set of editing tools available to creators and companies. You can add audio by selecting it from an extensive music gallery.
  • You can change the speed, increase it up to five times the recording speed, change the video layout, and set a stopwatch to choose the duration of each clip. When you put the timer, a countdown will be displayed before the recording starts.
  • Effects can be added to clips. Instagram offers many, some made by the platform and some created directly by users. It shows the most popular and used ones of the moment, those designed specifically for reels and those that change the appearance of the people in the recording.
  • Once the content is created, you can add audio effects, music, and voiceover, change the volume or reduce that of the camera. As in the stories, you can apply stickers, draw freehand and insert text.

How To Publish A Reel

By clicking on the arrow icon pointing downwards, you can download the content to the device. By tapping on ‘Next,’ you access the last phase that precedes publication. During publication, you can decide where to view the reel (if only in the appropriate section or even in the feed), tag the people present, invite other users to create remixes, rename the original audio making it usable by others, add the place of registration, start a fundraiser and activate the presence of subtitles.

Thanks to all the added effects and changes, the published content will be highly original. If it is good, it could go viral very quickly. Reels are popular with businesses as they manage to get good coverage.

In addition, companies can also share the created reel on Facebook, start fundraising thanks to the content and apply subtitles from the advanced options. The reel can be saved as a draft or published immediately by clicking ‘Next.’

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