How To Create Stronger Passwords For Sports Betting Accounts

Sports betting is fast growing into a mammoth industry. Do you know that in 2021 alone, the American sports betting industry generated a whopping $2.5 billion? Regularly, punters are exploring top sites like for the best betting predictions to enhance their possibility of winning.

But here is the thing. With the increasing digitization of sports betting with the latest sporting forecasts abound on sites like, chances are you have online sports betting accounts where you regularly place your bets, make deposits, and process your winnings.

But if cybercriminals compromise your password and illicitly access your accounts, all your fortunes amassed from your betting endeavors can be wiped out in minutes.

How then do you create stronger passwords for your sports betting accounts?

1. The Longer the Better

As regards strong passwords, the longer the password characters, the stronger the sports betting account password is. This is because longer passwords lessen the chances of hackers penetrating your account when guessing or predicting a password combination. Ideally, your password should have a minimum of eight characters to be termed as strong.

It is also important to ensure that despite its length, you can always remember the password when necessary. To this effect, instead of using just a long word, you can make use of easy-to-remember sentences or phrases.

2. Mix Letters, Numbers, and Special Characters

When your sports betting account password is made up of only letters, it is more vulnerable to attacks.

You increase the formidability of such passwords when these passwords combine letters, numbers, and special characters.

This can be a mix of upper and lower case letters, letters and numbers, numbers, and symbols. This mix creates complexity, making it harder for hackers to guess and penetrate.

3. Never use personal information for your passwords

This should be a rule of thumb for everyone as regards using passwords. This personal information includes your date of birth, age, name, house address, and others.

On the part of the user, this information may be easier to remember, but hackers can be easily privy to them.

These hackers attacking your sports betting account often may not even need to know you personally to harvest this information.

But then, a glance at your social media profile can give them an idea of what to use. This makes it easier to compromise accounts wherein they are used.

Therefore, always avoid using your personal information as your password.

4. Avoid Using Common Words or Phrases

Common words are more susceptible to attacks. Names like the names of towns, countries, schools you went to, or any name related to you, such as household names or social media names, can be easily accessed and used to hack your account.

This means that your sports betting account passwords, instead of being a mix of common words, should be just a mix of letters and other characters in no order.

5. Use Unique Passwords For Each Account

It is not ideal to use just one password for all your sports betting accounts. A breach in just one account will render all others vulnerable.

Therefore make use of different passwords for different accounts. Nevertheless, ensure that they are the passwords that you can remember.

6. Avoid Sequentiality

When strengthening your password for your betting account, do not attempt to use sequential numberings or letters like “12345…” or “abcde…” and the likes.

Even when using multiple words or sentences, arranging them in a predictable, sequential way is not advisable.

Instead, scatter the characters or words in a mix. Also, ensure that it is long enough so that unauthorized people trying out different combinations will find it difficult to get.

7. Do Not Make Use Of Obvious Substitutions

In a bid to strengthen your password combination, an obvious substitution can hitherto weaken it. Let us assume your password is “formulate” and in a bid to strengthen it, you decide to substitute the “o” and “l” with a zero (0) and one (1), respectively.

This is still weak enough and can be easily predicted by the hacker. Doing this will do little to secure your account.

On the brighter side, you can do this combination with longer passwords; adding a mix of special characters and symbols will do the trick.

8. Make Use Of Password Managers

Password managers are apps that securely store your passwords and give you strong password combinations for your different accounts.

In addition, they can give you password suggestions for any form or account that requires a password. They are worth giving a try!

9. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Even though Two-Factor Authentication does not technically strengthen your passwords, it makes it harder for an unauthorized individual to access your betting account.

This is because, even if the individual is privy to your password, they will need an additional code before gaining access to the account.

These codes are set up to be sent either via text or a special authentication app to which the invading person won’t have access.


We always use passwords to secure our sports betting accounts. However, some people want to access these accounts with ill intentions.

Thankfully, this guide directs you on the steps to take to make your passwords more robust, thereby deterring intruders from achieving their aims.

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