How To Get Results Through Customer Experience?

The relationship between brands and people has completely changed from the empowerment of consumers. Knowing and understanding the person behind each consumer is paramount, as a bad experience can make them never trust your brand again.

It is necessary to make the public positively perceive your company, that is, to have adequate technology and, above all, to humanize relationships even when the interaction occurs through the digital medium. Positive experiences influence feelings, which generate new behaviors and deliver better results.

Only organizations obsessed with their customers will survive, but not at any price. Customer Experience (CX) is the intersection between the most satisfactory customer experience and the best result for the company.

Discover Five Ways To Bring Gains Through The Customer Experience:

Operational Efficiency

When redesigning customer journeys with brands, inefficiencies are most often identified that generate a worse experience for the consumer and more expenses for companies. Imagine how much an organization saves if the customer manages to solve their problem more objectively, with a smaller number of interactions.

Best Amendment

CX values ​​fluid and relevant service, no matter the touchpoint. Each customer’s problem is identified and resolved regardless of the channel, be it call center, SMS, chatbot, mobile, or social networks. An efficient service improves all KPIs the company manages and generates loyalty and recurring business.

Greater Retention

Currently, customers have a power they never had before; they are no longer loyal to brands and have become loyal to their relationship with brands. By having a better experience, the chance of a customer staying in the company is much greater with loyalty. 

More Sales

Despite the name, the customer experience begins long before a person becomes a customer, starting with their first interaction with the brand. And if this experience is adequate, the probability of becoming a customer is much greater. In addition, providing a pleasant journey to the consumer makes him come back and buy more, and even indicates the company, attracting more and more public and increasing the business’s revenue.

Best Billing

We generate positive results by charging with a better experience and in a personalized way. For example, if the person who made a purchase is not in the habit of checking SMS messages, this is not the best channel to engage them. That way, more is needed to put an automatic recording that will repeat the same information for everyone. It knows which channel and the most appropriate approaches for each one.

Why Is Team Engagement Important For The Customer Experience?

The Customer Experience (CX) encompasses the consumer’s experience with the brand at all points of contact, and a large part of this journey relies on the interference of employees.

To achieve an effective and successful CX, in addition to being concerned with the positive experience of the end consumer, it is essential to engage, for the same purpose, employees who work in some way in the customer experience. Valuing their internal journeys in all aspects generates greater productivity and involvement, raising the level of service delivered.

In the Employee Engagement process, a strategic initiative to develop engaged teams, we can internally use the same methodologies applied to map and redesign consumer journeys with the brand. And yet, create playful and interactive mechanisms that engage and provide relevant experiences for teams with direct or indirect interference in the consumer experience.

With this approach, it is possible to involve employees and identify points that must be addressed. A good example of this is the case of OCBC Bank.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company developed an internal application that centralizes the relationship with the team. It allows employees to submit leave requests, consult benefits and view internal job offers. The app also has a chatbot that takes questions from employees.

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