How To Recognize The Different Models Of AirPods

Apple has created various models of headphones for its devices over the years: how to choose the AirPods model that best suits your needs and your purposes

iPhone owners often decide to equip themselves with a pair of AirPods: Apple’s wireless headphones, specifically designed to interact better with the smartphones designed by Steve Jobs. 

In this historical moment, there are three different models of AirPods: those of the first, second, and third generations. Each model has specific features and functions. At the same time, however, the various AirPods are aesthetically similar.

So how do you distinguish one model from another? The simplest solution is to locate the so-called model number: a code that can be found both on the headphones and inside your iPhone.

History And Models Of The AirPods

The first AirPods earphones were presented by Apple in September 2016, coinciding with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus presentation. At first glance, it was a simple wireless evolution of the previous EarPods: headphones included in the iPhone packages, equipped with a jack or lightning cable, depending on the model. 

In reality, AirPods have always been equipped with features far beyond Bluetooth. For example, by removing the earphone from the ear, it is possible to interrupt the reproduction of audio content. Added to this is the now well-known ” double tap “: a gesture that unlocks different effects according to the individual user’s settings. 

In 2019, the launch of the second generation AirPods took place, also sold for the first time with a dedicated wireless charging case. One of the most innovative functions of the model is the possibility of using the “Hey Siri” function even if the iPhone is not in the immediate vicinity. 

Finally, the AirPods 3 was released on the market in October 2022. The latest Apple earphones introduce Dolby Atmos audio, adaptive equalization, and many other features. Added to this is the certified resistance to sweat and water (IPX4) and a battery capable of guaranteeing up to 6 hours of listening per charge.

How To Recognize An AirPods Model

From an aesthetic point of view, the various AirPods models are similar. There are details and formal differences, but the predominance of white (common to all) makes it difficult to distinguish one product from another. 

The easiest way to identify an AirPods model is to look at its model number. The code can be read directly on the headphones and located on the stem’s top.

Given the compact size of the AirPods, this kind of reading could be problematic. Fortunately, however, the same model number can also be viewed through your iPhone. 

To find it, open Settings and tap on the Bluetooth item. From here, you need to enter My devices and tap on the Information icon, represented by a letter “i” inserted inside a circle. 

At this point, it will finally be possible to observe the model number of your AirPods. By comparing it with any online table, it will be possible to understand if your headphones are first, second or third generation.

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