Influencer Marketing: Why Invest In This Marketing

Every day, influencer marketing is gaining ground in the digital market. An influencer with a loyal audience and still having excellent persuasive power is highly desirable by brands from different market niches.  

The numbers scare other advertising media and put influencer marketing in evidence. Continue reading and learn how to use influencer marketing in your social media communication strategy. 

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a simple strategy to understand, but with incredible power. It consists of the relationship between a sponsoring brand or company and independent content producers.  

These, in turn, strongly influence a specific audience with whom they relate on social media. 

The objective is to create a bridge between the brand and audience of the digital influencer and the partner. And so, accomplish other goals such as: 

  • generate value and trust for the brand; 
  • win new customers; 
  • retain existing customers; 
  • influence the purchase decision. 

All these recurring objectives are a natural consequence for the company when it does good influencer marketing.

Why Invest In Influencer Marketing?

There is a solid reason why investing in influencer marketing is a great bet.  

This strategy allows the company to convey a message that influences the purchase journey of its target audience with greater firepower. That is, using a voice admired, recognized, and trusted by the public that the brand wants to impact. 

And, as we already showed at the beginning of this text, digital influencers already occupy second place in the ranking of influence in purchasing decisions – that is, they are mighty! 

For this reason, the influencer marketing strategy has been successful in recent years and, by all indications, will continue to generate better results in the future. 

In addition to being a compelling marketing option, it is also very worthwhile in terms of cost-effectiveness. Well, the brand manages to reach a massive audience at an affordable cost and with a greater possibility of generating results. 

How To Choose The Right People For Your Influencer Marketing Strategy 

See what aspects the brand should consider when choosing an influencer. 

Fit With The Brand 

The most significant advantage of digital influencers is audience trust. So, more is needed for his audience to have an affinity with your product or service; it’s also necessary for the professional to like what you offer. 

Thus, the recommendation is genuine, honest, and sincere, bringing accurate results and loyalty to the public. 

Operating Channel 

Channels define some details in digital marketing: type of audience, age of these people, and propensity to like certain kinds of products more. 

Think, for example, that there are influencers on LinkedIn, Spotify, and Facebook, and they have completely different profiles.  

Which of these platforms is you best suited to? The answer will always depend on what you sell. 

Type Of Partnership 

No, it is not just because of the number of followers you will decide on one influencer or another. 

Understanding how the partnership can be realized in your strategy is necessary. Ask about value, shipping products, and type of publications, among others. 

The idea is to address all possible actions to achieve the brand’s objective, from paid partnerships and exchanges to co-creating content.

How To Apply Influencer Marketing In Brand Strategies 

Using influencer marketing correctly is no rocket science. But, it can be something that raises doubts when starting.  

Therefore, we have separated some practical tips to implement this strategy and use it in the best possible way. 

Set The Goals 

The first thing to do when adopting influencer marketing is to outline the strategy’s main objectives. This fundamental principle should be applied in any social media marketing strategy. 

What is the primary purpose of the campaign? Generate sales? Introduce a new product? Does capture lead for a brand? These questions need to be answered to have the primary goal pursued with the campaign.  

Once you have the main objectives outlined by the company or brand, you can move on to the next phase of the strategy. 

Find The Right Influencers  

As important as the clarity of objectives, for influencer marketing to yield results, it is vital to choose correctly who will be the brand’s voice. It is necessary to select the correct influencer or influencers to work on the strategy. 

Hiring an influencer with millions of followers will only help if those followers are very engaged. Or if the influencer’s audience is interested in something other than what the brand offers. 

It is always best to opt for influencers with an audience equal to or similar to the companies. Thus, the impact caused by the strategy is more significant, and it is much easier to achieve the goals set.  

Take Actions Together 

Is the voice that the brand needs to impact the public already in the crosshairs? So it’s time to go on the attack and get in touch with the influencer to close a partnership. 

After reaching an agreement, the next step is to plan and execute joint actions that promote the brand, company, products, and services. 

Joint actions between the brand and influencer are essential for the success of the influencer marketing strategy. After all, they are the most practical part of the strategy, where you go to the action. 

Measure Results 

After carrying out the actions with the influencer, or influencers, it is time to measure the results. 

Based on the objectives stipulated before putting influencer marketing to work, monitoring the goals and measuring the results is necessary. 

To do this, check metrics such as ROI and the conversion rate of the audience reached, among others. Based on this data, it is possible to analyze whether the partnership with the digital influencer was successful. 

And depending on the result of this analysis, the brand will know whether or not it is worth maintaining the partnership with the influencer. 

Success Stories 

A bonus of this strategy is to take the opportunity to promote successful cases that show the quality of the brand’s products. If a brand influencer promotes a development that helped him solve a real problem, the company has a case in hand to create even more influence in the market.

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