How To Make A Digital Marketing Plan

Knowing how to make a digital marketing plan is the first step for anyone wanting to promote products and services on the Internet professionally.

Currently, online marketing involves dozens of tools and strategies, and for you to be able to use all these tools efficiently, it is essential to have a very well-developed plan of action.

A widespread mistake with companies now entering the universe of digital marketing is to start creating campaigns in tools such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads without any prior planning.

By following these steps, you can draw up an initial roadmap for strategic planning in digital marketing, which will serve as a basic guideline for putting your business into practice.

Step By Step On How To Make A Digital Marketing Plan

Check the topics below for the main points to be analyzed and why you want to know how to make a digital marketing plan professionally and efficiently.

1 – Strategic Planning

My first guideline for anyone looking to make a digital marketing plan is to stay away from the website and advertising tools and fully immerse yourself in the competitor analysis and traffic monitoring tools, in case you already have them—a site.

In the training courses I teach, I always recognize that the active part, working with the various online marketing tools, is much more seductive than the planning part.

2 – Definition Of The Audience You Want To Impact

Digital marketing tools have progressed in targeting the placement of content and ads published on their platforms.

Therefore, determining the Marketing Persona, the detailed characterization of the audience you want to reach with your actions, is increasingly important in modern digital marketing.

3 – Analysis Of The Competition

It may even seem ironic, but those who can help you a lot, guiding you on how to make a digital marketing plan, are precisely your competitors. That’s right, the guys who are there disputing the consumer market!

One of the most critical steps in drawing up a digital marketing plan is precisely the analysis of the competition, not so that you can copy what they are doing but identify the paths they are following.

4 – Definition Of Marketing Channels

One of the biggest challenges for anyone interested in knowing how to make a digital marketing plan is precisely defining which channels should be prioritized and which of them to focus your efforts and resources on.

This process is based on three points we have already mentioned: the company’s objectives with its digital marketing actions, the competition analysis and the Marketing Persona.

5 – Adequacy Of The Website

A detail that often escapes people who want to know how to make a digital marketing plan is that, nowadays, the website itself plays a fundamental role in the success of your online advertising actions.

If you think about it, an ad, for example, only brings people to your website. The sale itself, the conversion is up to the website and its content.

6 – Definition Of The Digital Channels To Be Used

We currently have several options for digital channels to run our advertising actions, but companies can still use some of them to achieve their goals.

Making a digital marketing plan also involves the following:

Optimizing resources.

Always looking for those channels with the highest return.

Knowing which media would be most suitable for each case is fundamental.

7 – Access And Conversion Monitoring Plan

Once the main structure has been designed, it’s time to start thinking about monitoring access data and the results of marketing actions. How to make a digital marketing plan also means tracking results; this is fundamental.

In this step, you will have a great tool: Google Analytics, a free system offered by Google that allows you to monitor all accesses to your website and, above all, the conversion rate of each marketing action.

8 – Implementation Schedule

Having defined the main steps to make a digital marketing plan, with an action plan, well-defined objectives, a specified audience and defined marketing channels, it is time to put your digital marketing plan into practice.

Establish an execution schedule, as configuring tools and creating content is time-consuming, and this is a factor that can delay your results. Establish dates for the execution because what doesn’t have a date doesn’t happen.

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