iPhone 15, Check The Description Of The Design. Here’s How It Will Be

iPhone 15, some renderings leaked on the net showing a preview of the design of the highly anticipated Apple smartphone. Here’s what we know

Some rumors about the iPhone 15 have sprung up on the net and concern the new design.

In the leaked files, it is possible to see decidedly essential changes in the look of the next iPhone, which, although it has not yet been made official, is already monopolizing the attention of the web.

Let’s learn more about the iPhone 15 and the news that Apple could introduce.

iPhone 15, A Design That Changes The Cards On The Table

 The first feature that immediately catches your attention concerns the exclusive Dynamic Island, which, being integrated into all iPhone 15 models, will also change the look of the famous iPhone.

From the renderings published on the net, the oval-shaped cutout in the upper part of the screen appears evident, where the camera and the various sensors will be hidden. 

News that makes you breathe a sigh of relief and confirms Apple’s willingness to equip all upcoming smartphones with this technology that has already won the hearts of the general public.

The other noticeable change relates to the USB type C, which, although it is now taken for granted, has never been made official by the company.

Naturally, this detail will also “upset” the design of the iPhone 15, and not only because, after years, we have also finally arrived at this approval.

Furthermore, although not officially confirmed, the different models will have ports with other characteristics, reserving ultra-fast charging and fast data transfer only for the top of the range.

Two other main details emerge from these renderings: the first concerns the cameras.

Apple has kept the classic dual-lens setup for the standard models, while the third camera and LiDAR appear exclusive to the pro versions.

The other detail that has caught the public’s attention is the screen size, which appears to be 6.2 inches and hence slightly larger than the previous model.

What Does Not Appear In The Leaked Images?

A detail missing in the files shared on the network concerns the much-talked-about capacitive buttons, which were said to arrive on the new iPhone models. 

They will only be available on the Pro and Ultra versions, while the standard ones should still be able to count on the classic physical buttons.

However, since these images are shared on the sly network, they may contain only some details that will appear on the iPhone 15.

These are also partial renderings that could change before the official launch, which should occur by the end of 2023. 

However, if they turn out to be correct, they would confirm the technical characteristics previously shared on social networks by some leakers.

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