iRobot Roomba i7 +: Smart Vacuum Robot With Many Finesses

When it comes to vacuum robots, iRobot is one of the best-known brands in this field. The household helpers with the concise name Roomba belong to the upper price range and are very popular. There has to be quality behind this. In the following review, we take a close look at the iRobot Roomba i7 +. This model is not only a clever vacuum robot. It even comes with its own suction station—a real technology gadget.

The product arrives at the buyer in an appropriately large yet compact box. Fortunately, the accessories are secured in small containers for transport. Only the suction station is wrapped in plastic. Everything is securely in place in the large packaging and cannot be damaged. The scope of delivery is manageable. In addition to detailed operating instructions, a typical warranty card and a quick start guide, the box contains the following items:

  • A robot vacuum cleaner with mounted brush and filter
  • Suction station with a bag
  • Laser barrier with 2 AA batteries
  • Replacement Brush
  • Replacement filter
  • another dust bag

iRobot Roomba i7 +: Scope Of Delivery And First Impression Of The Vacuum Robot With The Suction Station

Once all the individual parts have been removed from their packaging, the initial set-up can start soon. In addition to the vacuum cleaner, the suction station is, of course, the centrepiece. In addition to the dust bag, there is also a charging station in this part. Visually, this is kept in simple and chic black with a matt surface. Visually, the little helper fits well in any apartment. In addition, this material is less prone to dirt, dust and scratches. The station’s housing is made entirely of high-quality plastic and has clever cable storage and management on the back. Thanks to a total of seven rubber feet, the suction station has a good and safe stand. The status LED on the front signals the standby mode.

Two Main Rubber Brushes For Clean Results

The also common feeler brush can be found on the underside. iRobot relies on a lone fighter and dispenses with a second version. However, the manufacturer has doubled the number of rolling main brushes and installed two brushes simultaneously. We have never seen this with any of our tested vacuum robots. The two main meetings are arranged right next to each other and complement each other well. They have rubber tips and are very good at absorbing the dirt waved into the middle by the feeler brush. In addition, the material is easier to care for than the usual nylon bristles, in which hair and lint tend to get caught. There is still the Roomba i7 + wheel in the front area on the underside, which can be rotated in all directions.

If the vacuum robot with the complete model number i755840 is now to start its first journey, the first thing to do is to set up the device for the first time. Like almost all modern vacuum robots, this requires the installation of an app on the smartphone. That may sound annoying at first opens up an enormous variety of setting options for the clever household helper just a few moments later. After the device is connected to the home WLAN, a name can now be assigned – done. The intuitively designed app leaves no questions unanswered. It always runs smoothly and is kept very clean.

When scanning the apartment for the first time, it is advisable to choose a day that is as bright as possible. Another ride in the twilight then consolidates the scanned map and lets the robot vacuum get used to its surroundings. In the mapping, boundaries to the individual rooms are suggested, which can then be finally set in the entire floor plan, and the rooms can be named. This could be advantageous for later navigations because schedules can be created, and individual rooms can be selected for cleaning. You can also store no-go zones on the map. For example, if the unfinished puzzle remains untouched, a line can be easily drawn in the app.

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An Intuitive App Without Disruptions

To put the iRobot Roomba i7 + into cleaning mode, the app must be started. You won’t find a remote control included in the scope of delivery. Since the smartphone is always within reach at home anyway, we don’t see this as a point of criticism. It can also be used on several floors. To do this, the button “Create map” can be found directly on the start screen. Right next to it, you can also select “Vacuum everywhere”, and the Roomba i7 + starts cleaning immediately.

By the way: The latest version of the iRobot App, including the new iRobot Genius platform, also offers a few more practical features – for example, defining separate areas per room such as the sofa or wobbly decorations as vases or the like. Based on this, individual cleaning plans and suggestions can be set. Seasonal cleaning recommendations and smart home-based cleaning procedures are also on board.

The integrated dust container can be removed from the side under the robot and emptied manually. To avoid this annoying step, however, iRobot has developed the so-called Clean Base. The clever suction station is also the charging point for the robot hoover. With the corresponding notches on the lower part, a safe and, above all, the correct stand is guaranteed. This is an important point, especially for suction. The tower-like structure is due to the integrated collection bag and the internal technology. There is also a cable guide on the back to stow the power cord in a space-saving and, above all, visually appealing way. Depending on the location, the cable can then be bestowed on the left or right from a specially recessed guide towards the socket.

To change the dust bag, all you have to do is open the cover of the suction station. With just this handle, the bag is exposed and can be changed. For three dust bags, around 20 euros are due when buying a replacement. With a volume of 30 discharges, however, a backpack should also last correspondingly long. In addition, the robot vacuum only empties when the integrated dust container is full. This process takes around 15 seconds and is accompanied by a decent volume. Similar to a noisy vacuum cleaner, the dust tank is emptied from the portable vacuum cleaner. If the main brushes on the underside are cleaned, they can be removed with a simple click mechanism and washed under running water.

In addition to operation, the most important thing is the cleaning performance. There is a big plus point here for the two counter-rotating rollers, which are always in contact with the ground. The suction power is very good for the price range, and there are no complaints whatsoever. Due to its construction, it always moves to the right since the only feeler brush is attached. His intelligent driving style certainly also benefits the cleaning performance. The iRobot vacuum robot moves its lanes in orderly lines. If he needs to clean a certain room, he drives there directly and then always finds his charging station reliably.

Virtual Laser Wall For Further Delimitation

A type of laser barrier is also included in the scope of delivery. The small, stand-alone device is operated with the two AA batteries supplied and positioned anywhere in the house. The effect of the device can be set on the back because two functions are available. If, for example, the robot vacuum should not enter a certain room despite the door being open, the so-called virtual wall barrier can be placed there in the door frame. In the second mode, it can form a border with a 1.2-meter radius and thus, for example, also be placed on the sensitive puzzle.

Conclusion On The iRobot Roomba i7 +: Many Strengths With A Few Weaknesses

We see the criticism that the iRobot Roomba i7 + unfortunately does not show a live broadcast of the current cleaning. Especially when you switch on the robot while you are out and about, you would like to find out more about the status of the cleaning process in between. Only afterwards is there a history of the completed journeys. Here then can other details such as duration and square number can be queried. However, the smart home connection of the device should be positively emphasized. The vacuum robot can be requested to clean by voice control. This works with a homebridge in the Apple HomeKit system, as well as with Alexa and Google.

Its brisk speed saves a lot of time when vacuuming, but it also makes the Roomba i7 + furious. Especially with slim furniture legs, it likes to drive towards it with full force and is only braked by the damper. The same applies to flat pieces of furniture that the vacuum cleaner would like to go under. The sensitive surface looks accordingly after a few weeks. Several small scratches already adorn the vacuum robot. However, this way of driving means that he is also very thorough in cleaning and his driving style does not affect him in any way technically.

For around 950 euros, the iRobot Roomba i7 + undoubtedly belongs to the upper class of automated household helpers. The integrated suction station is part of this justification of the purchase price. You no longer have to worry about emptying the small dust container manually, and changing the dust bag from the suction station may have to be done every two to three months. Of course, this can vary depending on the household and use, but it undoubtedly makes handling a robot vacuum easier. We can recommend the innovative helper with a clear conscience due to its impeccable cleaning performance and intuitive operation, as well as the various settings.

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