Possible Ways To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active” Issue [Android & IOS]

In this busy world, many prefer communicating through text messages rather than phone calls because everybody is busy with their work schedules and does not have time to react immediately. 

We receive different types of text messages daily on our mobile phones. Some are business-related, bank messages, courier service messages, spam messages, messages from friends and family, and others. When you receive inappropriate or spammy messages, you can block that specific number to receive no more messages from that person. 

When you block the number, that person will no longer send you messages which indicate ‘message blocking is active.’ It is the same case when others block your number.

Nowadays, instant messaging is spread all over after the revolution of social media platforms, but earlier, people communicated through text messages. However, text messaging is still in progress, although social media messaging apps have conquered all over. 

People find texting is the easiest way to communicate rather than calls. Texting is more reliable and secure than any other social media messaging app. Though instant messaging apps are trending, people prefer text messaging to share personal or private information. 

If anyone is bothered or annoyed by receiving indecent or wrong text messages from someone and doesn’t want to receive any more, they will block the number of that person. 

If the number is blocked, you can no longer receive messages. We come across or hear of such situations now and then, like someday someone has blocked your number, or you have blocked somebody else’s number, or somebody has blocked your friend’s number, etc.

If your number is Blocked, you can’t send any texts to them, but they have the option to view the blocked SMS in the blocked setting. You are notified that you can’t send this text message, or the message has not been sent, or there is an error sending the message.  

Message blocking error is not only shown when the number has been blocked. There are other reasons as well. This article will show you how to fix the error message blocking active. 

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When Does ‘Message Blocking Active’ Happen?

If someone intentionally blocks your number as they are disturbed by the texts or are not interested in receiving your messages. Your number is moved from the contacts list to a blocked numbers list. If this happens, you must wait for them to unblock you; until then, you can’t be able to text them. 

 If you want to fix this issue, simply call the person, and explain. If they accept your apology, they will unblock your number. After unblocking, you can send them text messages.  

 Sometimes few people unintentionally block the user; most of the time, it’s been the main reason someone mistakenly moved your number to the blocked numbers list. When you cannot text the user, call the person as soon as possible and tell them about the Blocklist. If it happened unintentionally, they would remove your number from the Blocklist.  

Sometimes due to technical errors, messages don’t get delivered, and it shows, ‘message not delivered.’ Various reasons account for the technical issues. So, you get a ‘Message sending failed’ error every time you try to send text messages. It isn’t very pleasant to experience.

 In this blog post, we will check some of the problems to fix the issue of message blocking actively.

 As we discussed some of the reasons for the ‘message blocking active’ situation, there are also a few other reasons. Check them below. We will elaborate on the cause and explain how you can fix them. 

Check If You Have An Active Cellular Plan

 Many forget to take standard SMS plans because of high-tech and busy schedules. Kindly check if you have an active plan; recharge the mobile number immediately. 

Few others purposely add only call tariffs, not SMS, in their plans. In that case, text messages won’t be sent. These days cellular networks provide unlimited calls/100 SMS per day. And one thing, if you are trying to send text messages that won’t come under SMS tariff plans, you cannot send messages unless you have a prepaid balance on your sim card. 

Text Other Contacts And Try It

 If you face a problem with one contact, try the other and check whether the text message has been sent. If the message is sent to another contact, the problem lies with the first contact number. Check whether the number has been saved correctly or not.  

Check The Mobile Signal

Mobile signal play a pivotal role in anything. You need a proper signal if you want to call or send a text message. You cannot send a text message if you don’t have a signal. 

Restart The Mobile Phone

Sometimes mobile phones do not have the required storage space, and some settings will automatically change. In such cases, you cannot send any text messages to your friends or others. Then the error shows up. Relax, take your mobile phone, press the restart button. After restarting the phone, try sending the text message again.  

Clear The Cache In The Smartphone

Clear the cache files in the message history if you use a smartphone or an Android device. If you don’t know how to do it, follow the steps below.

  • Take your smartphone.
  • Go to settings. 
  • Scroll down to the option Apps. 
  • Then look for App Management. 
  • Open Messages.
  • Clear the cache and close it.  
  • Then try to send the messages.   

Use An Official Text Message App

Many users keep third-party apps as their default SMS apps a few times. You should regularly update those apps. If you fail to update them, messages get blocked and won’t be sent. 

Keep the official message app as the default messaging app. If you use other-party apps to text message, Kindly update to the latest version. Sometimes old versions block sending messages. 

Disable Message Blocking

 Sometimes outgoing/incoming messages are involuntarily blocked in your settings profile, which is your mobile phone’s fault. Go to your profile and activate messages, then try it. 

Check Whether You Blocked The Number

Most of the time, we accidentally block the numbers. Though you want to save or delete the number, it often leads the number to the block list. In such cases, remove the number from the Blocklist and try to send the text message. If you keep the number on the Blocklist, a message-blocking error will appear when sending the text.  

  • So, go to contact settings and find a blocklist.  
  • Remove the number from the Blocklist to which you want to send a text message. 
  • After that, come back to the main menu.
  • And try to send a text message.  

Check The Date And Time

We often forget to update the date and time on our phones. Though in the latest smartphones, time updates automatically, in old mobile phones, time is set up manually. If you set the wrong time and date, the text messages won’t be sent to the user.  

  • Open the settings. 
  • Select the date and time.  
  • Choose network-provided time or automatically detect the date and time and select the exact time and date.  
  • Go back to the menu. 
  • Try to send the text again. 

Reset Your Network Settings

Sometimes your smartphone is vulnerable to malware, and some unspecified errors may occur. Then your phone networking is not stable. The only option left is to reset your network settings. Then your settings will be changed to the manufacturer’s default network settings. Now, restart the mobile and try it. 

Issues With T Mobile

Message-blocking error is very frequent in T-Mobile. If message blocking is active in T mobile, kindly contact customer care and seek it out if you want to continue to text.

 Premium Messages

 As discussed, premium messages can only be sent with a mobile balance. You cannot send them with monthly packages. If you are a postpaid user, you can be charged as per the price, but if you are a prepaid user, you cannot send messages unless you carry an SMS balance. If you face an error sending messages though you gave premium text message service, check both your and the recipient’s mobiles thoroughly, and fix the issue.  

International SMS  

International messaging does not come under basic plans. We need to purchase the plans to send the text message outside our country.  

Most importantly, we must provide the correct country code to send an international text. Your message gets blocked if you don’t enter the code properly. 

Sim Swap

 Swap your sim if your network doesn’t have the proper signal to send text messages. These days every mobile has two working sims. Sometimes they won’t work properly. Then, take the ejector tool and swap the sims and try again. 

Factory Reset

If you still face the message blocking active issue even after trying all the above-said methods, then finally try the factory data reset option. Then, everything will be a new and fresh copy. 

  • Install the sims properly. 
  • Setup the profile properly and  
  • Repeat the process. 


Message blocking active error is a common error featured in mobiles for a long time. It can be fixed easily on our own. In this article, we have covered every aspect of fixing the message blocking active error.  

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