Mobile POS: What Are Its Advantages For Your Business

You should already know that the shopping experience counts a lot for the loyalty and attraction of new customers. So it’s time to get to know the mobile POS better: a modern, efficient, and advantageous option for retailers.

Several companies are already betting on this technology that contributes to achieving agile service and can become a tremendous competitive advantage. 

Therefore, read the post until the end to answer your questions about this fruit of Digital Transformation in retail!

What Is Mobile POS?

The mobile POS is a tool developed to expand the salesperson’s possibilities, allowing him to accompany the customer from beginning to end without needing to go to the cashier to pay for his purchases. In other words, Mobile POS is a complete system that ensures the sales process can be carried out from anywhere. In other words, it is a portable sales terminal.

The system must be connected via the internet with the company’s ERP system to work with all the features. This way, it is possible to access up-to-date product information, such as price, description, and stock, and send notifications about sales.

In addition, the mobile POS has integrated payment methods, accepting transactions of various types: credit cards, debit cards, and digital payments, such as PIX and approximation payments—everything to offer the best shopping experience to your audience.

Mobile POS vs. Fixed POS

For you to better understand what a mobile POS is, it would be interesting to compare it with a conventional POS, which is fixed.

Without a doubt, the big difference is in the hardware. As the name suggests, Fixed POS is operated from a fixed location. It is usually formed by a computer — where the POS system is installed —a card machine, a cash register, and a fiscal printer.

On the other hand, the mobile POS is the portable version of the system. As it is lighter, it can operate on different mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, or specific devices, such as smart POS (smart card machines).

Both systems, mobile and fixed, have as their primary function the finalization of the sale, but, to do this, they need a very efficient integration with the company’s management software.

How Does Mobile POS Work?

Having a mobile POS can be your differential in the market. With it, your sellers will be equipped to offer personalized and attentive service.

The mobile POS can access information about the store’s products as it is integrated into the company’s management system. With this, the operator can initiate a sales order or simulate a budget for the customer without the need to be at a fixed workstation to check stock availability.

In some cases, the mobile POS can also be used to control orders at tables, such as in cafeterias and restaurants, through the command feature. In this case, the server can automatically take the customers’ demands at the table and send them to the kitchen management system through the mobile POS.

Finally, when the customer wants to pay, the attendant can receive it on the same device without leaving the customer’s side. The transaction receipt can be sent via SMS or printed by the device, depending on the device used.

Being connected to the internet, the mobile POS works from anywhere in the company, including outside. With this, technology optimizes the sales process and eliminates barriers that hinder its sellers from offering excellent service.

What Are The Advantages Of Investing In This Technology?

Can you imagine the possibilities that a mobile POS would bring to your store? Its resources can be handy, especially for your sales team, helping to innovate in serving today’s increasingly demanding consumer.

This proves it is already a strong trend for the coming years. If you doubt this, a recent study concluded that, by the end of 2021, this mobile sales model would be responsible for more than 20% of payments made in retail.

Below, we list some benefits that convince you to invest in a mobile POS. Check out!

More Agility And Flexibility When Selling

Finalizing a sale has never been so fast! The mobile POS accelerates the process and ensures a more agile and flexible checkout. This is because the seller can accompany the customer throughout the process, from choosing the products to paying.

In addition, the system is complete and supports several payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, digital wallets, and contactless payment devices, all without queues and integrated with the company’s ERP.

Fewer Expenses For Your Business

Adopting a mobile POS helps reduce operating costs for your business. While the fixed model requires extra investments in acquiring equipment, physical space adequacy, and cashier training, the mobile solution is more economical.

Its operation is simple and intuitive, not requiring long training. In addition, it allows all employees to receive payments, eliminating the need for a specific employee to do so.

More Visibility For The Manager

The mobile POS lets you access real-time data, as it is connected to your financial system via the internet. All information exchange is automatic, and the manager can monitor the performance of his sales and team.

Good When It Comes To Security

If you are concerned about the security of your transactions, know that the mobile POS is good. It has access control through user hierarchy and is usually equipped with encryption technology to ensure that your customer and company data is always protected.

The Better Shopping Experience For Your Customers

Finally, as a consequence of everything we have presented, this technology is an excellent ally for retailers concerned with offering their customers the best shopping experience. After all, with the mobile POS, sellers can offer personalized service, and the customer can choose, pay and take the product more comfortably, without queues.

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