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OSMOSE TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private company formed on December 24, 2019. It is classified as a Non-Government Organization based on its corporate identity number, and its registered address is RoC-Pune. Their registration state is Maharashtra. 

It has a paid-up capital of $10,000 and an authorized share capital of $500,000. Because of the recurring revenue and daily incentive, everyone is interested in the Osmose Affiliate program. Many individuals believe that Osmose is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Company that engages in massive frauds or scams.

It is an information technology firm that works on developing and maintaining various technologies, software, websites, mobile applications, and networking applications, among other things. Following our social media investigation, we discovered that a large number of people were expressing their neutral, positive, or negative experiences with the company. 

Our research indicates that Osmose technology appears to be safe, but significant issues place it under suspicion. Utilizing more than 80 years of experience, these field technicians, professional engineers, wood scientists, and corrosion specialists can identify and resolve structural problems that affect the resilience of your system and the health of your assets, enabling you to fulfill your promise to offer service that is safe, dependable, and reasonably priced.

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What Is Osmose Technology PVT Ltd?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd is a private limited company that operated solely in India until, due to its excellent services, it began working globally.

It is a Pune-based business founded by Shubhangi Patsar and Prashant Roundel. They both started the business as a personal venture and over time, they converted it to a private limited company. It is a network marketing company, but it also offers e-commerce, social network marketing, and online gaming.

Because of its size and population, nearly everyone in India is aware of the basics of earning money online, which has helped Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd grow into a very significant business.

Our research indicates that this technology appears to be safe, but significant issues place it under suspicion. The website’s level of risk is determined by missing corporate contact information and incomplete owner details. This Technology is an online retailer similar to Amazon and Flipkart. Its parent business, Mindskill Gaming Solution, is well-known for creating social media apps and Android games. It is profitable in both of the methods mentioned above.

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How Does Osmose Technology Operate?

Affiliates are solely compensated by Osmose Technology Private Limited using earnings from Osmose shopping websites and Osmose applications. Whether or not they are involved in level marketing, every Osmose Affiliate that registers receives a daily income without restrictions! It is standard procedure for all osmosis promoters to work in level marketing.

  • You must first register for an account to join Osmose. Additionally, you need a sponsor ID to join Osmose Technology PVT LTD directly.
  • Signing up with Osmose is free, but if you want to get paid every day, you’ll need to buy an E-Voucher from them every 120 days to cover the 33$ Osmose Affiliate Fee.
  • 32$ credit points will be credited to your Osmose Technology shopping website when you purchase their e-voucher. By using this policy, you can use those 32$ credit points to buy anything within a month.
  • To activate your account, if you cannot do so by e-voucher, click the link below.
  • Following this purchase, you will have three options as an official Osmose Technology Affiliate
  • You will choose your account and top it off as your initial action. Alternatively, view the comprehensive Osmose Technology YouTube video.
  • After that, finish the KYC by uploading the bank information.
  • Upload the files that belong to you.
  • The minimum amount to be credited to your bank account is Rs. 500. Your Osmose account will be credited to the Osmose Technology account at $0.45 daily.
  • You will continue to receive 0.45$ every day even if you cannot add a level or network to your field.
  • You can invite others to join Osmose Technology and earn Rs 1 each if you’d like to increase your revenue.

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How To Register With Osmose Technology?

You must finish the online registration if you still need to register for the Osmose Tech Login. You must complete a registration form to do this. The steps are as follows:

  • Proceed to
  • Add your sponsor’s information.
  • Put Sponsor ID here.
  • Put in your name according to the bank details.
  • Put your mobile number here.
  • After inputting the security code, submit.
  • After completing your Osmos Technology registration, your Member ID will be sent to you. Later on, you can use the Osmos Customer ID to log in.

How To Login To Osmose Technology?

You must first create an account to log into the Osmose Technology website. After registering, go to and use the instructions below to log in.

  • The following is the Osmos Technology login procedure:
  • Now, navigate to the Osmos Technology login page and select the Osmos Technology login option at
  • Open Osmos Technology cPanel Login
  • Enter the member ID you registered.
  • Log in using your password.
  • To log into Osmose, you need to have your member ID. Contact the Osmos Technology Pvt Ltd support team if you need help remembering your Member ID.

How Does Osmose Technology Pay Affiliates?

Affiliates are compensated by Osmose Technology Private Limited, an Indian company, with revenue from Osmose Shopping Websites and Osmose Applications. 

Regardless of whether they engage in level marketing, every Osmose Affiliate that registers receives a daily payment with no terms! Certain conditions stipulate that all osmose promoters must engage in level marketing.

Anyone in Osmose who wishes to increase their revenue opts for level marketing. Osmose is neither a fraud nor an MLM scam. 

Only an affiliate scheme pays you based on the affiliate you join. Its registered address is Pune, and its corporate identity number indicates that it is a private company with a paid-up capital of 10,000.

Benefits Of Osmose Technology

  • A platform for online earning.
  • By adding members, you can make money.
  • On their website, you can find necessities like health-related things.
  • You can locate the website by searching for “osmose technology Pvt ltd” on social media platforms where it is currently active.

Drawbacks With Osmose Technology

  • It costs Rs 1180 to become an Osmos Technology member.
  • It is hazardous that Osmose Technologies needs to give the contact a phone number.
  • When a website requests money from users to become members, some individuals protest and call it fraudulent.
  • Negative comments on several consumer forums.

Use Of Osmose Technology

The best part is that Osmose is an Indian company, and we are also Indian. If we utilize Indian applications daily, Indian items will be promoted, advancing India. Osmose company is going to release a lot more applications on the market. 

The Osmose company has created a good income opportunity for everyone, and many people are joining it today from all across India and earning very lovely incomes.

How To Download The Osmose Technology App?

The Osmose Company’s method requires you to download all its apps to earn daily money. You must also use the Pikflick program every day to receive cash. 

Many people ask me what the Osmose App is. I want to inform them that Osmose Technology is an Indian firm specializing in social media, e-commerce, online gaming, and online business. This information can be found in the company’s strategy pdf.

And this company has released and will continue to remove many applications. To use these programs, users must compute the system after activating their Osmose ID, installing each app, and utilizing the Pikflick app.

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How Can You Take Money Out Of Osmose Technology?

As everyone is aware, at this time, money cannot be withdrawn from Osmose. For this reason, try the solution we’ve provided you with here. As given specific tasks in Osmose, we will now be assigned chores related to money withdrawal. The work is now easier than it was before; all you need to do is forward this post to others so they may also take their money out.

Does Osmose Technology Exist?

The osmosis technique is safe. However, it is classified as questionable due to several serious issues. More owner information and more firm contact data define the website’s vulnerability. People have shown greater trust in this Technology than in the firm because it is legally registered, and no such incidence of this Technology being phony has surfaced to establish that this company is bogus.

How Do I Join Using Osmose Technology?

Assuming Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. is installed. However, you can quickly log in if registered by making an account. You require Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd. for this. Visit the website. The login option will then appear.  

Can Osmose Technology Be Trusted?

Business gives money to people only after expecting something in return, there is apprehension among the public as to whether this business is genuinely giving cash as a gift or is simply stealing from us. Similarly, people need clarification about the legitimacy of this company.

Who Is Osmose Technology’s CEO?

Shubhangi Vaibhav Patskar, Vijay Baburao Mahajan, and Prashant Ramchandra Roundel are the directors of Osmos Technology Pvt Ltd.Formerly, Osmose Tech was merely a little business, but with time, thanks to network marketing demand and their excellent services, it grew to become Osmose Technology PVT LTD.

How Does Osmose Technology Operate?

It is an information technology company that, among other things, creates and maintains software, websites, mobile applications, web-based applications, and networking applications. It offers information technology-related outsourcing services.

What Services Are Available Once You Log In To Osmose Technology PVT LTD?

When you log into Osmose Tech, you will find numerous options to make money. Although this organization offers other services, it was first created primarily for network marketing. This also covers social media marketing, gaming, and e-commerce.


On December 24, 2019, Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd was incorporated as a private company. It is classified as non-government, and the registered location is Osmose Technologies Pvt Ltd Pune. Their registration state is Maharashtra.

This post has helped you understand Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd, its operation, and its plans. You have also seen my thoughts on this company. By the way, this company may be closed now.

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