How To Create Your Own Spotify Pie Chart?

Have your friends started posting vibrant Spotify pie charts of their favorite genres? With the help of the free online tool Spotify Pie, you can see what musical genres you’ve listened to the most. 

Every month, you may “bake” your own Spotify Pie and share it with others via TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms. Create a Spotify Pie at any time of year instead of waiting for Spotify Wrapped to launch in December.

Spotify users can view their listening statistics once a year with Spotify Wrapped. Top genres, artists, songs, lyrics, and the overall amount of time you have spent listening are all included. 

Additionally, Wrapped makes a playlist with your best song of the year. However, you don’t need to wait for one long year to get your Spotify stats. Use the Spotify Pie Chart to find your Spotify Wrapped at any time. There’s no reason to wait for the annual event.

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What Is Meant By The Spotify Pie Chart?

A Spotify pie chart is a visual representation of a user’s listening habits on the Spotify music streaming platform. It typically displays the distribution of listening time or several plays across different artists, genres, or tracks in the form of a colorful circular chart divided into sections, where each section represents a category (e.g., artist, genre) and its proportionate share of the total listening activity. Users can generate Spotify pie charts using third-party services or apps that analyze their Spotify listening data.

Spotify Pie is a free online tool that helps you see what musical genres you’ve listened to the most. The website displays your favorite musicians of the month beneath the appealing chart, in addition to revealing the genres you listen to the most. 

Darren Huang, a UCLA undergraduate, designed the website, which has the catchy slogan “Bake your monthly genre pie.”

From Taylor Swift to K-pop acts, all artists are featured. The same is true for other musical genres—from indie to alternative rock, from underground hip hop to metropolis!

With the help of these pie charts, find out which musicians you enjoy listening to the most, whose songs you cherish, and what genre you prefer. Make stunning and eye-catching charts.

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How To Create A Spotify Pie Chart?

  • Select a service or app that offers Spotify data analysis and visualization features. You can link your Spotify account to Spotify Pie through any third-party app or service that integrates with Spotify’s API.
  • To create your Spotify Pie Chart, you can try using any web browser on your PC, phone, or tablet.
  • After selecting Log in, enter your Spotify password and username. Click ‘Agree’ to grant permission when asked since Spotify Pie needs access to your Spotify activities and a small amount of account data to make your pie.
  • After that, a vibrant pie chart displaying every genre you’ve listened to in the last month will now appear.
  • To view the name of a genre and your top artists within it, move your mouse cursor over (or tap) a pie slice.
  • A list of your top musicians from the previous month will also be displayed to you, arranged in descending order, with your most-listened-to artist displayed in bold at the top.
  • So, what’s for the wait? Give your Spotify Pie a try. After seeing your Spotify pie chart, you can click the Download Spotify Pie button, which is underneath the pie chart, and share it to your social network accounts, or you can quickly grab a snapshot and send it to pals by text message, Instagram Story, or TikTok.
  • You can thus create a fresh Spotify Pie each month.

How Does A Spotify Pie Chart Look Like?

Spotify Pie is a free multimedia tool with which you can use your Spotify activity to see a breakdown of your favorite music genres and performers.

Spotify Pie presents users’ Spotify data in a simple pie chart design, making it easy for users to see the genres they listen to the most. A list of your favorite musicians is included beneath the pie, along with the legends for each genre, which are represented by corresponding colors.

You can see which musicians you listen to fit into each musical genre by scrolling over each area. However, because of the small writing size, this list may be challenging to read. By selecting the corresponding color for each genre in the legend list, you may also remove them from the chart.

Which Online Tools Help Create The Spotify Pie Chart?

Several online tools can help create Spotify pie charts or provide insights into your listening habits on the platform. Here are a few popular options:


This website provides extensive music data and visualizations, such as pie charts displaying your Spotify listening history. To view your listening history, link your Spotify and accounts.

2. Stats For Spotify

This web-based tool provides comprehensive data and visual representations of your Spotify listening habits. Pie charts are among the features that allow you to see your favorite musicians, songs, and genres.

3. SpotOnTrack

Based on your Spotify data, SpotOnTrack creates a variety of charts, including pie charts, and tracks your listening habits. It offers comprehensive analytics for Spotify users.


This additional web application examines your Spotify listening history and offers insights via interactive charts, such as pie charts displaying your favorite musicians, genres, and songs.

5. Obscurify Music

Based on your listening history, Obscurify Music provides customized Spotify data and insights, such as pie charts that showcase your preferred musicians, songs, and genres.

Wrapping Up

Spotify Pie is a quick and easy method to check out or analyze your music listening habits without having to wait for your annual Spotify Wrapped. Spotify pie charts provide valuable insights into a user’s music listening habits on the platform. 

This chart is a useful tool for understanding one’s musical tastes and trends because it shows how listening time or plays are distributed across various artists, genres, or tracks. 

Users may quickly create Spotify pie charts by using third-party services or apps, which gives them the ability to examine their listening habits and find new songs they like. Spotify pie charts serve as engaging tools for users to connect with their music libraries and delve deeper into their musical journeys.

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