Strategic Positioning: What Is It & How To Apply It In The Business?

Faced with an increasingly competitive market, it is vital to have focus, vision, and planning. Above all, it is necessary to have good strategic positioning. Thus, your brand shows differentials that generate consumer value and stand out among competitors.

If you want your brand to be at the top, you must show why your product or service differs. After all, without this differentiation, there is no reason to choose your company, agree? 

Let’s understand what it is and why it is so important to strengthen your brand based on strategic positioning. Let’s go.

The Emergence Of The Concept 

The concept emerged in 1969 from the work Positioning: the battle for your mind by Jack Trout. For the author, marketing is about gaining mindshare, that is, having a presence in the minds of customers and consumers.

Trout published an article in the Journal of Marketing in the same year. In it, he states that investments in marketing and communication are useless when your campaigns do not reflect your strategic positioning. 

When efficient, your positioning makes the consumer remember your brand before others are available. 

What Is And What Is The Importance Of Strategic Positioning For Your Brand

What place would you like your company to occupy in the minds and hearts of your consumer? 

Your response is the first step in building your brand’s strategic positioning. 

From this, it is possible to outline your plans and objectives and understand your differentials and added values ​​. You will also be able to evaluate what solutions you deliver and how you distinguish yourself from the competition in the market segment in which you operate.

It is a continuous process which involves and supports all the marketing and communication actions of the brand. In addition to its position in the market, this definition also includes the consumer’s imagination. In this way, a competitive advantage can be established. 

Your brand can be recognized differently: elegant, innovative, technological, and sustainable. This depends on the type of product or service you offer, who your target audience is and in which segment you operate. 

All this must be evaluated to establish a good strategic positioning. It must be adjusted to your goals and plans for better results. 

Use strategies that are increasingly based on data; tracking metrics helps check whether results are achieved.

Benefits Of Strategic Positioning

Strategic positioning is part of marketing strategies to achieve a successful and prominent position in the market. See the main benefits.

Greater Connection With Your Audience

Adopting a strategic positioning and adding value to your brand makes it easier to generate identification. This establishes a strong connection with your audience. 

Customer Loyalty

If your brand occupies a prominent place in the minds of consumers, it is natural that it is the first choice. After all, it is the first thing the customer remembers when making a decision. A solid strategic positioning guarantees customer loyalty.  


The better your positioning, the more likely you are to outperform your competitors. Only then will you make your brand a reference for consumers? 

Brand Differentials

Choosing a brand is usually linked to lifestyle, habits, principles and behavior. In this way, the positioning can convey your brand’s value proposition and differentials. 

How To Strengthen The Company’s Brand?

Strengthening your company’s brand depends on a stable and consolidated strategic positioning. 

It must be aligned with your marketing and communication planning. All your social media marketing actions, campaigns, persona creation, and content production must be included.  

Also, evaluate whether your brand is effectively transmitting its value, concept and differentials. It is possible to reposition the strategy to adapt it to your value proposition. 

Examples Of Strategic Positioning

To help you define your brand’s strategic positioning, nothing better than a little inspiration, do you agree? Check out great examples. 


You cannot talk about strategic positioning without mentioning Coca-Cola. Number one in the soft drink segment has been on the market for 130 years and specializes in selling feelings. 

It is enough to recall some of its most famous campaigns, such as “Open “Happiness, “There are Reasons to Believe”, or “For All”. 


Nike has consolidated its strategic position in the international market by focusing on the cult of the brand and the athletes. It focused on everyone from professional football players to weekend runners. All of the company’s communication talks directly to the public and the pains of the consumer.

How To Create Your Positioning Strategy 

The strategic positioning of your brand must start with good planning and a lot of research. Essentially, you will need to define the space your company should occupy in the minds of consumers. You must put yourself above competitors to become an authority in the market. 

Know Your Audience

Start your planning by studying your target audience and how they see your brand. 

Analyze your habits, pains and behavior. For this, it is essential to have well-defined personas and a complete mapping of the entire purchase journey. 

Understand The Competition

Like your audience, understanding how the competition behaves and positions itself in the market is essential. 

This survey makes it possible to know the real needs of the consumer. It also lets you see your competitors’ strategies and what differentials can become a great business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reposition Yourself

Reviewing your strategies to adapt to changes in the market can be the secret to success. 

In practice, opting for repositioning contributes to rethinking the brand concept, reviewing communication, and revamping the visual identity. In some cases, you can even discover a new niche market. 

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