The Future Of Marketing And Artificial Intelligence

Despite the potential of Artificial Intelligence, most marketers recognize that they are not ready for this technology. According to the State of AI in B2B Marketing study, only 13% said they felt confident in their knowledge.

In line with this data are executives in the area who claim to recognize AI as the trend they are least prepared to deal with.

In this scenario, while most companies are starting to learn about solutions that involve Artificial Intelligence, more conservative organizations are in the advanced process of using the technology.

In addition to the well-known chatbots, several AI solutions are already available on the market, others at an early stage of development.

It’s about them and their possible applications to marketing and sales that I’ll talk about next.

Predictive Analytics And Lead Scoring By Artificial Intelligence

Lead scoring, relatively standard in marketing automation tools, is an activity that can be performed assertively by automated systems and will undoubtedly be carried out in the future of marketing by Artificial Intelligence.

If you don’t know how it works, it is possible to define points attribution to someone’s interactions with a company’s content in marketing automation tools.

For example, a marketing team might establish that a lead receives:

  1. 5 points for each page visited on the company’s website;
  2. 10 points for each opened email;
  3. 20 points every time you fill out a form to download rich material ( e-book, checklist, class, lecture, infographic, etc.) and that;
  4. The lead will be considered ready to be approached by the commercial team when it reaches 100 points.

The idea of ​​the score is to identify how close the lead is to the moment of purchase and engage with the brand.

Thus, when it reaches the required score, it leaves the automated process and is forwarded to the commercial team to continue the sale.

Without Artificial Intelligence processes, a company that generates 10,000 leads/month, for example, will have to evaluate case by case. Part of the work is done by the automation tool and the marketing and sales team.

With AI systems, such analyses are 100% automated and highly assertive, optimizing efforts and available resources.

In addition, you can incorporate Predictive Analytics into lead scoring.

Artificial Intelligence tools can identify features that point out precisely where the potential customer is in their Buying Journey and what is the best content for them to move more quickly through it. Fantastic, no? But we can go further!

Marketing teams can track potential consumers across multiple touchpoints and use Predictive Analytics to assess their likelihood of purchase.

Potential customers can visit a company’s booth at a trade show, access its website, attend a webinar, read an email, and interact with third-party content. No matter the channel, AI platforms will accompany the potential customer.

This technology will also be beneficial for B2B businesses, where according to a Gartner study, an average of 6.8 people are involved in each purchase decision.

For these cases, Artificial Intelligence systems can evaluate the profile of the company and its decision-makers in an integrated way to indicate marketing and sales actions.

Emails 100% Automated By Artificial Intelligence

One of the most significant difficulties in marketing automation today is creating and delivering emails that are effectively aligned to the profile of each consumer and the stage they are in their Buying Journey.

With clients like Microsoft and Oracle, Conversica is a startup based on Artificial Intelligence that delivers exciting solutions to this issue.

The company’s software communicates via email with leads generated by a brand fully automated, engaging them in a two-way conversation with personalized messages that appear to be written by real people.

According to Conversica, on average, 35% of all leads respond to messages sent through their system.

Artificial Intelligence For Telemarketing And Active Prospecting

Artificial Intelligence systems are becoming increasingly adept at studying unstructured data such as images, videos and audio.

At the forefront of such technology,  Chorus is a startup that offers solutions for telemarketing call analysis and active prospecting.

Its software transcribes and analyzes the content of conversations and provides detailed information on how to serve customers better and increase the teams’ productivity.

Thus, information obtained from honest conversations with potential customers can serve as a basis for defining and remodeling sales and prospecting processes, ensuring that teams know exactly how to conduct each approach and safely handle objections.

In addition, the insights generated by the system can also guide marketing actions and advertising campaigns to elucidate issues before they arise in the consumer’s mind.

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