The Social Blade Is The Tool To Analyze The Contents Of A Site

Social Blade is a site that can support influencer marketing activities by providing statistics on social network users: here’s how to use the site.

Launching digital marketing strategies by collaborating with influencers can hide pitfalls. Not properly evaluating the figures involved, not studying their audience, how they interact with web users, the messages they transmit and the contents they publish can lead to incorrect and unprofitable investments.

To meet the needs of marketers, companies and organizations, tools have been created for analyzing activity on sites and social networks. Among these is Social Blade, or SocialBlade, which can be valuable for all who want to be present on the web effectively.

Social Blade is a website that allows you to study social activity on different platforms in detail. It is an excellent support for all those who have to make decisions, who want to improve their business or who involve third parties to promote companies, products or services and achieve business objectives.

Social Blade, What It Is And What Its Features Are

  • Social Blade is a platform that can be used for free and is extremely popular with marketers and all those who want to start influencer marketing strategies. Those who want to involve creators operating on social networks, such as Instagram and YouTube, can find valuable information to understand the most suitable characters to hire.
  • The platform was launched on the web in February 2008 and has grown in popularity. Its importance was revealed when the phenomenon of influencers began to spread, and companies felt the need to protect themselves.
  • The popularity of Social Blade has also increased thanks to the battle, conducted in terms of subscribers and views, between the YouTube channels of PewDiePie and T-Series (run by the Indian record company of the same name). 
  • The two have long competed for the title of the most-watched channel. A fight that involved other YouTubers and fans attracted many’s curiosity. Social Blade, in this context, has proved to be particularly useful, thanks to the function that allows you to follow the number of subscribers live, with an update performed every two seconds.
  • Social Blade is compatible with different social platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and many others.
  • With Social Blade, you can better understand the growth of influencers on social networks and current trends. You don’t need to register to access the site’s database, but it’s recommended for more comprehensive analyses. Advanced features require a subscription that starts at $3.99/month and can go up to $99.99/month.
  • Through the use of advanced technology, it can provide analytics for any web creator. Social Blade establishes a Social Blade Rank, a profile rating aiming to measure a channel’s influence based on various metrics, such as following, followers, and engagement. To view more detailed statistics, you need to register on the website.

Social Blade: How To Use The Platform

  • Despite being completely in English, Social Blade has an intuitive and simple interface. To use the platform and analyze the profiles you are interested in, you need to go to the service’s official website. The home page has everything you need to start your searches.
  • To have a complete view of the profiles you want to study, register by indicating an email address and password and then log in. Go back to the home page to start the account analysis and consult the database.
  • There is a small search bar at the top right of the screen. Please select the social network you want to analyze in the menu next to it. Clicking on the down arrow opens the list of those compatible with the platform: indicate the desired one.
  • Next, type the name of the creator or influencer and hit enter. A screen will open which contains all the details of the indicated account: social blade rank, data on followers, views, interactions and many other aspects. 

Social Blade: How To Research The Platform

  • There is a second way to search the platform. Go to the site’s home page, indicate the name of the profile you want to analyze in the larger search bar located in the center of the screen and press enter.
  • Social Blade will return all the platforms where the profile is present among the results. Select the one of your interest to access the relative statistics. Searches can be repeated at any time without limits.

Social Blade: View Leaderboards

In the Top List area, which can be accessed from the menu on the home page, you can view all the current trends on every social network compatible with the platform. For example, it will be possible to find out the ten most followed Twitter accounts of the moment in the world.

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