Tips and Tricks: How to make your Truly Wireless Earbuds Last Longer

Wireless earphones are a craze these days! They give us the freedom and convenience of listening to music without wires restricting our movements!
However, just like your other gadgets they are vulnerable to everyday wear and tear! Hence it becomes important to take proper care of them to ensure that they keep on delivering the same audio quality and performance as they did when you bought them!

Here are a few tips & trick you should keep in mind to ensure that your truly wireless earbuds last longer: 

Have a designated space for them!
You have a special place for your wireless earbuds in your life, but not in your backpack? That’s unfair!

Don’t just leave them on the floor or lying in bed. You might end up stepping or sitting on them. Moreover, thanks to their tiny size, you might end up losing one of them (or worse, both of them)! So keep them in their proper place that is the carry case!

This designated carry cum charging case, it’s compact and lightweight, but we would still not suggest you carry them in your hands while travelling. Because you might drop them! Keep them in your pocket or have a separate pocket in your backpack. So that you can find them easily with one hand while your other hand helps you stay balanced in a metro! 

Never sleep with them on!
Do you have a habit of listening to podcasts, documentaries or whale sounds while sleeping? If yes, then there are chances that you wear your earbuds to sleep! But you know how you sleep, you twist, you turn and you roll. In such a scenario wearing earbuds can not only damage your earbuds but also your ears! Your in-ear wireless earbuds might get deformed and the constant sound might damage your eardrums!

Share your music, not your earbuds!
You and your best friend can share the same kind of love for BTS or Rihana, but that does not mean that you need to share your earbuds too!
Your wireless earphones do give you the freedom from strings but we suggest you to not share your earbuds with your friends. Because your ears can be gross. All the earwax and the dust can damage your precious earbuds! Not to forget to mention that it can also cause ear infection.

Hence, avoid multiple users for the sake of maintaining personal hygiene and longevity of your gadget! 

Don’t forget to clean them!
Just like any other gadget or appliance, it is important to clean your wireless earbuds every now and then! As earphones are worn throughout the day at different places like the office, metro, gym and so on, they accumulate a lot of dirt and wax over time! Hence, it is advisable to clean them in order to remove the wax and dirt. This will enhance their life! And if by any chance, you are facing any issues with the sound quality and loudness, then cleaning the earbuds might also help with that, given there is no other technical problem with them! Clean earbuds always sound better!

Maintain a charging routine
Your bluetooth earphones run on battery, this is common knowledge! And batteries need to be charged, this is common knowledge too! But what most people don’t know is how, when and how much do you need to charge your earbuds! Hence, whenever you buy your wireless earphones, do check the amount of time they take to charge, what type of charging wire should be used and so on!

Do not overcharge or undercharge your earphones as both can have an adverse effect on their performance! The battery life might deteriorate and you definitely don’t want that!
It is suggested to have a charging routine, plug them in whenever they require and switch them off in time if they are about to die, don’t wait for the battery to be completely discharged!
This can bless your best wireless earbuds with a longer life! 

Avoid listening to loud music all the time!
We know loud music gives you the chills and helps you block out all the noise! But it can also cause damage to your earbuds and your ears, ofcourse! It can affect the sound quality of your earphones in the long run! Because loud music generally creates a buzz which might loosen up some parts and damage your earphones. 
Keep them away from moisture!
Just like all electrical appliances, earbuds should be kept away from water! While we know that some of the best earbuds in India do come with an IP rating, you should know what it means. Whether they are sweat proof or waterproof. There is a huge difference between the two and you should not confuse one with the other.
Additionally, your earbuds could be waterproof, but doesn’t mean that your carry cum charging case is as well. So be careful and avoid wearing or carrying them in situations like heavy rainfall or showering!

By following the above tips, you can definitely increase the life of your favorite earbuds and do not have to change them again and again! 

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