WcoFun: 8 Best Alternatives To Watch Cartoon Online

If you are in search of the best place to watch your favorite cartoons, here is our answer. WcoFun is a renowned and fantastic anime streaming service. In this blog post, we will provide you with not only information on WcoFun and the process of downloading content from it but also the best alternatives to it.

Many children grew up watching great cartoons, which have long been believed to be a beneficial approach to helping parents and children develop a strong link and positive well-being. As they get older, a lot of people still enjoy watching cartoons and search for online sources to do so.

Apart from well-known streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, there exist several free and specialized websites dedicated to cartoons on the internet. However, where can I discover the best free cartoons online that are of good quality?

The best part, though, is that there are lots of websites available that let you watch anime or series online for free! WcoFun is one such website. Let’s talk more about it.

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About WCOFun – Watch Cartoon Online

WCOFun, also called Watch Cartoons Online, is a well-known anime streaming service that offers a vast selection of free online Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Movies, and Ova Series. You can watch dubbed or muted versions of the anime to understand it better. It improves your streaming experience over the other platforms by providing high-speed streaming and is incredibly responsive.

You can browse the most popular cartoons and anime on WCOFun. You can use a range of filters, such as most watched, just added, upcoming, A-Z, and many more, to locate the cartoons you want to watch. As the website has a flexible organizational structure, finding a particular anime or cartoon is simple.

One of the best things was having breakfast in the morning and watching cartoons before school. If your favorite Disney Channel programs aren’t available, but you still want to relive the best moments of your childhood, don’t worry. We’ve found the top anime streaming websites on the internet, like WCOFun.

How To Download Anime Online From WCOFun?

Enjoy your favorite anime and cartoons whenever you want with WcoFun, an online platform. There is something for everyone in its vast library of anime and cartoons. All you need to get started is a web browser and an Internet connection. The following instructions will help you download and utilize the website:

  • Check out the Wcofun website on your web browser.
  • After that, click the “Sign in” option.
  • Enter your username and login to your registered account.
  • Choose “My Account,” which is available on the homepage.
  • Click the drop-down menu and choose “Downloads.”
  • Click on the “Anime” option on the download page.
  • Look through the anime website and select your preferred anime to watch.
  • Next, choose “Watch Now,” and after that, click on it to start watching.

8 Best Alternatives To WCOFun To Watch Cartoon Online

  1. Gogoanime
  2. Anime Streams
  3. Anime Heaven
  4. Kimcartoon
  5. Cartoon Crazy
  6. Wcostream
  7. Chia-Anime.tv
  8. Watchcartoononline.bz

Here is a brief introduction to each of the alternative anime-streaming websites to WCOFun.


One well-known website where you can view anime movies and TV series with English subtitles is GogoAnime. In some regions, the website also offers the opportunity to watch dubbed versions of the video, giving users more options for viewing the content in their native tongue. The streaming service provides the most recent compilation of over 6000 episodes, featuring the newest productions from Japan and other countries.

2. Anime Streams

AnimeStreams is a reliable resource for high-definition anime streaming with English subtitles, including dub versions of many programs. The website was created primarily to let localized audiences from across the world experience their favorite episodes in the best possible quality. Additionally, it boasts the most extensive selection of live-action films and thousands of titles across all genres that are sure to satisfy all types of fans.

3. Anime Heaven

A well-liked and expanding website, Anime Heaven offers a wide variety of animated entertainment from around the world, including live-action films, anime, and cartoons. To ensure worldwide access, the service provides HD streaming along with multilingual subtitles. There are always new titles available on the service, with over 50 films available at any given time.

4. Kimcartoon

Kimcartoon is among the most well-liked anime and cartoon streaming services. Sadly, a few years ago, it was forced to shut down. Numerous streaming websites utilizing the Kimcartoon name emerged following its collapse, but many users have reported coming across phony websites.

It is advised that you use Kimcartoon if you are an avid fan. The same team that oversaw the previous website now manages this one under a different name. Naturally, there are other reasons why we selected Kimcartoon.

There is a vast collection of cartoons on this cartoon website. You may discover attractive cartoon TV shows and movies, stay up to date on the latest developments, and quickly search for the cartoons you need using the alphabet, popularity, status, and genre filters. There are occasionally pop-ups and advertisements on Kimcartoon, and it may take some time for the cartoons to load.

5. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Carzy gives customers access to the majority of their favorite cartoons in good quality, with over 3000 animated programs in its collection. For those searching for the top anime streaming websites, Cartoon Carzy is a fantastic place to go. To find specific categories of cartoons, such as Children, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, and so on, utilize the Genre classification or navigate to the Cartoon List or Anime Dubbed sections. Regular changes mean that you can always visit the website to stay up to date on the newest information. Owing to different servers or networks, occasionally, users may experience sluggish loading. If there’s an issue, try refreshing the page.

6. Wcostream

Wcostream, formerly WatchCartoonOnline, is a well-liked free service where users can watch cartoons online for free in HD and SD resolution. It is quick and simple to browse and locate a cartoon series or movie, thanks to the slick and user-friendly layout. In addition to offering kid cartoons, Wcostream gives anime enthusiasts a place to watch dubbed and subbed anime programs. Additionally, Wcostream has a rapid loading time. You should be able to play videos without any issues if you disable the Adblock addon on this page.

You can view cartoons and anime on Wcostream’s subdomains, such as Wcoforever, Wco.tv, Wcofun, Wcoanimedub.tv, and Wcoanimesub.tv, in addition to the original Wcostream website.

7. Chia-Anime.tv

Chia-Anime is a streaming service dedicated to giving anime lovers access to the widest selection of programs as well as original content that they can watch anytime they want. For people without access to other VPN-connected platforms, it’s a great choice because it allows you to stream content from Asia, including Japan, and watch dramas and movies with English subtitles without registering.

8. Watchcartoononline.bz

Watchcartoonoline.bz exclusively offers cartoon TV series and films. This free cartoon website features a clean, well-organized user interface with several categories. Content can be found by users based on categories such as trending, rate, kind, genre, year, status, and year. Even more impressive is that every video on Watchcartoonoline.bz includes an age category and a synopsis, making it simple for parents to select cartoons that are appropriate for their children.

There are no annoying advertisements on Watchcartoonoline.bz, and you don’t need to register to watch videos. If you prefer a seamless and organized viewing experience, Watchcartoonoline.bz is a good choice.


While WCOFun is a good anime streaming choice, you should look at legal alternatives and your internet security. A wide variety of anime and movies are available on websites like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix, which offer a fun and secure viewing experience. We hope this list helps you find the anime website you like. To give you the most relevant data possible, we will keep updating the content. 

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