What Does 4 Fingers Up Mean? | 9 Common Explanations | Football, Tiktok & Many More

Have you seen the four fingers up sign in any pictures or videos while browsing the internet? Are you wondering what the four fingers up sign indicates? Here is a detailed explanation of the sign. Please read further.

People make different gestures with their hands to communicate. Different gestures have different meanings. In this article, let us learn the meaning of the four fingers up sign. Many people know some gestures we use daily in life, but many more are unknown.

Only some gestures have an ordinary meaning in different fields. This blog discusses what four fingers up mean in different fields. You may have come across a photo or video in which people show four fingers.

Social media platforms occupy a prominent role in the world today. People like to post and share their photos and videos on social media platforms to inform their followers about their activities. The photos and videos include the places they visit, the events they visit, etc. People also take pictures of hand gestures and post them on social media. 

Each gesture has a different meaning, and they get millions of likes. So, you may wonder why a simple picture showing a hand gesture got millions of likes. The meaning of four fingers up has multiple meanings in various fields.

People love to take pictures with close ones and show four fingers up in the picture, meaning they spend quality time with loved ones. You can see the same gesture in the football game, which is used for the last quarter of the game left. Let’s get into the details of this famous gesture. 

The Four fingers up gesture means raising the four fingers of your hand. If the fingers bend sideward, it’s for homosexual people representing they are gay, as per the Urban Dictionary.  

1. What Do Four Fingers Up Mean In Football?

Football is the most loved sport around the world. The play time for Football is 90 min. Four fingers up in Football represent the last quarter which is the fourth quarter of the game. If the umpire signals the last quarter, players gesture four fingers up to each other, implying that they have come to the important part of the game.

It means they have only 15 minutes to finish the game which is the most crucial part that decides the winner and runner. Anything can happen in the last quarter. The last 15 minutes decide the entire game.

2. What Do Four Fingers Up In TikTok Mean?

TikTok is world famous entertainment app that touched many lives. In TikTok, people make entertainment videos, post them on their accounts, and earn followers. In TikTok, if people post four fingers up in a post, they love only a single person. That person has a special place in their heart.

It also means when some find love newly, they post the four fingers up gesture on TikTok videos or photos. People who watch the post give you the same gesture with four fingers upward from the front.

When you love someone deeply, they put four fingers up posts to indicate they are in love with that person. They are open in their relationship and express their love towards each other.

3. What Do Four Fingers Up For Rap Artists Mean?

Many people use gestures differently, whereas, in rap songs, singers or rappers use different gestures. A few are unethical, and others indicate warmth and love toward friends and fans. Rap singers show their fans some gestures in their concerts or song videos. Rappers holding four fingers up has several meanings in hip-hop culture. It may indicate a tribute or warning sign that someone is in danger.

4. Celebrities Show Gestures On Public Platforms

Celebrities from various firms, whether film stars, politicians, or influencers, are active on social media. Celebrities show four fingers up to show support for health-related issues around the world.

When some broadcasting corporations conduct campaigns and upload pictures and posts of people struggling with health, wealth, and various issues, celebrities raise their four fingers, indicating their support.

When star celebrities support such issues, many people who follow them will raise their four fingers and come forward to support them. It is a gesture for a good cause.

5. Egypt People Used Four Fingers To Protest

In Egypt, long back in 2013, people protested the Egypt army to support Mohamed Morse. They used the four fingers up symbol for support of Morse. The rift between Mohamed Morse and the Egypt army is because of the Raba al-adawiya mosque. Protestors used four fingers up gestures to support Mohamed Morse against the Egypt army.

6. The Four Fingers Up Gesture Is Used As A Signal

Some signals are introduced to use in dangerous situations when it becomes impossible to speak with others. In such situations, gestures are very helpful to express what is happening to them. When you gesture with your hand by lifting four fingers and then folding your fingers over the thumb, it indicates that you are in danger and want help.

This signal was invented in 2021 to help a kid who’s been kidnapped in Kentucky; since then, this signal has been popular and used in emergencies, especially for domestic violence.

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7.Four Fingers Up For Spreading Homosexuality

The four fingers up sign is a secret gesture for homosexuals. A pose in which someone throws up four fingers indicates they are homosexuals. A famous Tiktoker shared this gesture when some group of homosexuals made that gesture by raising four fingers. Tiktoker posted that picture on his account, and it got sensational views worldwide.

8. What Do Four Fingers Up In Cricket Mean?

Cricket has been the most influential game in the world. Kids to older people love the game and follow every aspect of it. In cricket, the umpire shows four fingers up to the bowler or captain to convey that four balls are left, or four overs are left. Not only in the game, but a few people also make the gesture of four fingers up, signaling to understand the game fixture without saying anything.

9. What Do Four Fingers Up In A Family Mean?

When someone asks how many people are in your family, they give the gesture of four fingers up, indicating the number of people in the family.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Meant By The Gesture Of Four Fingers Up?

The ‘four fingers up’ gesture has many meanings, such as love towards one and only one person, symbolizing support for mental health issues, especially by celebrities.

2. What Do Four Fingers Up In Football Mean?

The ‘four fingers up’ sign in Football indicates the last quarter of the fourth quarter of the game.

3. What Do Four Fingers Up In TikTok Mean?

In TikTok, when somebody posts a picture showing their four fingers up, they want to convey that they found love or are in a relationship.


Four fingers up mean a gesture made to convey different things without mentioning them through speech. It has several meanings worldwide and is commonly used on social media platforms. In games like cricket and Football, the gesture has different meanings. Rappers show it as a tribute to somebody else. In this article, we tried to cover all the aspects of the famous gesture, ‘four fingers up.’

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