WhatsApp, You Can Silence Calls From Strangers

WhatsApp is working on a new feature for Android that could limit disturbances, spam, and scam attempts: let’s find out what it is

WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool that allows you to make video calls, calls, exchange messages and multimedia content even thousands of kilometers away without incurring costs just by accessing an Internet connection.

Many individuals use it worldwide, which has led to an increasing number of notifications, sometimes unwanted, on devices. The company has decided to work on several solutions, among which one that stands out is a recent Android update.

The feature was hidden in some code and unavailable to users enrolled in the beta testing program. It will still take some time for its complete improvement and dissemination to all who use the platform, but WhatsApp’s intention is to limit the most annoying notifications.

WhatsApp, The New Feature In Development, Silences Calls From Strangers

You may receive calls from unknown numbers on the instant messaging platform. If they do not represent a problem during free time or work or study activities, they can be annoying interruptions. 

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that silences incoming calls from unsaved and unknown numbers. The latter will not become invisible but will be shown as always in the call list and notification center. This allows users to make informed decisions about whether to try to contact the call’s initiator or report and block them.

The functionality must be activated directly by the user in the Settings area according to current information and subject to future changes.

Benefits Of The New Upcoming Feature Of WhatsApp

One of the limitations of WhatsApp, often complained about by users, is that your phone number is always visible to anyone. This makes everyone a potential victim of unwanted phone calls. The new feature would decrease this kind of annoyance.

Another great advantage that derives from introducing the possibility of silencing calls received from strangers is the substantial limitation of spam. As much as WhatsApp promotes ethical usage practices of the platform, we may be contacted by advertising and promotional services, whether or not they have permission to do so. 

It is a solution to a concrete problem. Spam calls have increased in recent years, and they are often attempts to scam and steal personal information and sensitive data.

The new function is being developed for Android devices, and there is no news regarding gadgets with the iOS operating system. The timing of the release could be very long. Soon, however, it could be tested by those enrolled in the WhatsApp beta testing program.

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