Android 15, Codename And First Features Revealed

Android 15, the code name and the first features leaked on the web. Google’s future plans for the operating system are due out at the end of next year

Version 15 of Android is still under development by the Google team, but what could be its code name would have been leaked on the net.

With the name “Vanilla Ice Cream,” the rumors officially open on the following operating system of the big G, which, although still quite distant, is already arousing the curiosity of enthusiasts.

Let’s find out more about it.

Android 15: Features And Characteristics Of The Operating System 

At the moment, the information on the name assigned to Android 15 would be contained within the operating system’s source code. It would be a matter of a few hints and quotes here and there, but it still paves the way for the next version of the software.

Of course, everything still needs to be confirmed because the official release should arrive after the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

For this reason, it is still rather difficult to guess what new features Google has in mind for its loyal users.

What is certain is that the company commonly uses dessert names (in alphabetical order) to define significant updates to its operating system.

So if Android 14, which should be officially released by the end of the year, has been renamed “Upside Down Cake,” the hypothesis that 15 could be “Vanilla Ice Cream” is not so remote.

These codenames do not affect the final version of the software and are only used by developers to identify the project they are working on.

But it is also a way for leakers to identify hidden indiscretions between the various lines of code that could anticipate some details regarding the plans of the big G.

In this specific case, it is interesting to note that if this information were confirmed, Google is already thinking widely about the future, working on two significant updates almost simultaneously.

Android 15, The Company’s Plans

As mentioned, Android 14 should arrive by the end of 2023.

If it is true that Android 15 is expected for the end of next year, it is interesting to note that Google has already drawn a timeline of future projects that could concern not only smartphones.

The company is working on new technologies concerning artificial intelligence, which, for obvious reasons, require a specific workload from the developers.

Going ahead with the planning means that there is a roadmap to be respected, which will inevitably lead to radical changes both in the operating system and in the various devices under development.

At the moment, these are only guesses. Still, it is undeniable that Google is trying to keep the attention of its users high, always guaranteeing cutting-edge technological innovations ready to “disorient” increasingly fierce competition.

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