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The add me to search feature added by Google has taken the idea of a simple business card to the next level. Google’s new add me to search feature does just that but better! Were you ever in a situation where you met someone who might benefit your business and exchanged your business card with them? The Card must’ve indeed helped you in making your business or you as a person more known

What Is Google Add Me To Search?

Google is an American multinational company and one of the world’s most valued brands. It is well known among people of all ages for its search engine technology and web searching capabilities. It has become a household name with the famous saying “let’s google it,” meaning let’s search for it on Google.

Living in an all-online world where almost anything and everything can be done online through the internet, Google has only further proved this to be correct. It is an ever-expanding company with several applications that aid with its features, a few of them being Google translate, Gmail, Google Lens, etc. 

Through a Google account, one can access the many feature applications that Google has, for example, Google Drive, Gmail, Google meet, Google play, etc. 

And now, with the new add me to search feature, one can make a virtual business or personal expertise card that includes a few details of the individual like their name, location, about, occupation, and other details. After the required details are entered, it creates a virtual People Card for the individual with their portfolio. The best part is that it allows the cards to be displayed when a related query is searched upon their website. 

This would mean people can have others contact them based on what is displayed on their People card. A digital business card allows individuals to promote their business or themselves without explicitly needing to do so and are available to the right audience without much hassle.

With this new feature, Google intends to allow people to use their platform to show their internet presence and capabilities. One can easily find the right person for the job with a tap!

How Does Add Me To Search Work?

It is relatively simple to create a People Card! All one needs is a device with an internet connection, a Google account, and have their web and mobile activity turned on.

Add Me To Search Work: Here Are The Best Steps To Follow

  • The first step is to create a Google account. The account gives users access to their Gmail account, allowing them to access other applications like Google Drive, Translate, etc.
  • The second step after creating the Google account is to enter a query ‘add me to search on the Google website. The query leads you to the option that will allow you to create a People Card for yourself.
  • As part of the third and final step, you must add details about yourself like Name, Location, Job, and About. While columns like Gmail and phone numbers are automatic, one can optionally link other social media profiles or fill in extra details that help describe you better as a person or business. This gives your Card some body and character, which may help separate you from the crowd.
  • Hence the more details you add to it, the better the chances are that your People Card will appear as a search result for any query with your name.
  • Keep it concise, clear, and straightforward. It can help enhance your Card and make it more attractive or appealing to people.

Once satisfied with your profile and Card, you can finish the process and create your People Card. The details on the Card can permanently be changed or updated according to the user’s wish.

Why Use Add Me To Search?

This feature allows us to expand our connections with people and showcase ourselves virtually. It is beneficial to anyone that has a business or a job that serves a specific audience. It can be especially beneficial to people starting up a new business and looking for an opportunity to expose and advertise themselves to a broader audience; this can allow them to build new connections with people from all walks of life, something that would’ve been near impossible otherwise.

Who Can Use The People Card

Anyone from Business professionals, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs to people looking for personnel with particular capabilities, for hiring, communicating, or any other reason can use this Card to aid with their requirements.

In Which Regions Can The Card Be Used?

The Card has been limited to usage in countries like India, Kenya, Nigeria, and a few other places. It hasn’t been explored on usage on a global level, and its applications are for now limited to specific regions. Hence, people outside of the specified countries can’t use the Card yet.

Here Are The Guidelines To Follow:

Google has a few guidelines people must follow and keep in mind while creating and using a People Card. The guidelines include:

  • Only use accurate and authentic information that is yours alone. Any information found to be false or reported as unrelated to the individual owner can have the respective People Card removed. Google also doesn’t tolerate using vulgar or provocative language that may be potentially offensive; hence, such vocabulary should be prevented.
  • Update information regularly. Not updating the information regularly can be a sign of inactivity and may lead to not having your People Card shown up as often. One can easily edit their People Card by clicking the “edit my People Card option.”

Can I Remove Or Delete My People Card?

Yes, one can edit, delete or remove their People Card from Google at any point as long as they are logged into their Google account.

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