iPhone 16, Apple’s News For Camera And Face ID

iPhone 16, a few months after the iPhone 15, there are already rumors about the next model. Here’s what Apple’s plans are according to analysts

While the net is teeming with rumors about the iPhone 15, someone has already started thinking about the 16 with various hypotheses about design and functionality.

Of course, it is still a remote eventuality, given that Apple has never officially confirmed the rumors about the next iPhone out (maybe) next year.

Let’s find out more about the iPhone 16 and the future projects of the Cupertino company.

iPhone 16, Forecasts On The Technical Characteristics

Wanting to outline the progress made by the famous smartphone, it is possible to identify some focal points that have genuinely achieved extraordinary success.

The latest of these is Dynamic Island, introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro, which revolutionized the sector, becoming one of the most “copied” intuitions ever.

For this reason, according to analysts, the next step in the evolution of the iPhone could introduce the components for Face ID and camera inserted directly under the display. 

Ross Young, who specializes in the study of displays, said that prototypes already exist within Apple’s supply chain but that the company will not use them for future products.

The analyst also suggests that this solution will only be used for the iPhone 16 Pro (or Ultra), confirming the company’s policy of creating a large technological gap between the basic models and the top of the range. 

According to other leakers, however, already with the iPhone 15, it will be possible to see the sensors under the display, but only in the Pro versions. 

However, the leaked rumors about the next iPhone have never mentioned a panel for the Face ID integrated into the display. Still, being only partial information, this could not be excluded.

Of course, there will be a need for a highly high-performance screen that allows external light to penetrate the facial recognition sensor. It is unclear if Apple has such an innovation ready, but it could be close to its realization.

Apple’s Choice

Similar technology has existed for some time and has been used by some competitive smartphones.

However, inserting a camera and a sensor under the display may be something only some can do. So much so that some manufacturers have admitted that using such a solution leads to various problems in terms of photo quality, with an annoying haze effect always lurking.

For this reason, Apple is in no hurry to use something that has not yet reached a level of quality that can be integrated into an iPhone. 

So the choice to “stay slightly behind” compared to its competitors is also a way of not giving in to compromises that the Cupertino-based company does not deem acceptable.

Perhaps the situation could improve by working on new prototypes of displays and hi-tech glasses. Still, for the moment, the most probable hypothesis is that we will see this technology, not before 2026 and, therefore, well beyond the iPhone 15.

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